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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Dec 2021 14:23

The Removal of the "Disappearing Memory Topic"

So many people know this phenomenon, that when you awake from a dream-state,
whether it be a sleeping-dream or a waking-dream, that immediately and very often
in less than even a single second (especially when it comes to waking-dreams),
you immediately and completely forget all and everything that you dreamt (with
length dreams it can often take a bit longer, perhaps you remember details up to
a few minutes later, but even in the first second since you open your eyes (or rather,
since you wake up), even the first second results in the immediate deletion of
a large chunk of the memory. And try as you might to scramble to write it down
as fast as you possibly can, it is literally disappearing (in your mind) "before your
eyes", the only thing remaining being the lingering feeling that you were thinking/
dreaming SOMETHING, you were perhaps SOMEWHERE, but the details slip
through your fingers like sand through the cracks.. and they're impossible to hold
on to.

Well the responsibility and the mechanism for doing this immediate deletion
(which, by the way, affected even the most highest-ranking of darks -- they all
had, in their own ways, technologies to fight against this forgetting of waking-
and sleeping-dreams, but these technologies were generally speaking, not very good
and often failed to prevent most of the deletions entirely. So even they were
subject to this annoying and frustrating phenomenon) lay in the hands of 6
individual elders who - with their individually Elder-produced "anti-matter-class
technologies and energies" made an unbreakable combination which blocked up
to around 10.000% of the information in a fraction of a second, but only able
to handle, say, 5-10 minutes of "dream content" per 1-2 seconds of 3D time.

So if you had a very long dream, let's say, 5 hour "dream time", it would
take approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes before all 5 hours of "dream time
content/memory" would be completely deleted (again, they could not delete
the lingering feeling that you had just been SOMEWHERE and just seen
or heard or thought SOMETHING and for the life of you, cannot quite
remember what it was.

This system was simply unbeatable by anyone until a few days ago when we
destroyed and removed it completely.

This does not mean that it is now impossible to forget things, or that you
will permanently and with crystal-clear accuracy remember every second
of every dream you have from now on, because there are other factors
involved in restoring better "remembering abilities", but the actual
biggest culprit of the forgetting phenomenon is gone now. So perhaps
you have noticed that the forgetting is not so bad now, or after a few
moments of patience the "deleted/forgotten memories" are retrieved
and you are able to access them once again.

In any case, this is a really massive topic and was one of the biggest
strongholds of power for the most evil elders that ever existed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Dec 2021 14:24

Removal of the permanent individual-manipulation system built into the
Avatar Connector and protected by the 6 anti-matter kinds in the "disappearing memory topic"

The forgetting system is not just about remembering silly waking-dreams
or even important sleeping-dreams, but the system itself protected and
anchored in place (permanently, until the forgetting-system was removed
completely and destroyed) a very devastating (but tiny in size) individually-
programmed and dynamically-adapted manipulation system built into
the very fabric of your Avatar-Connector.
Although difficult to remove and in general the aftereffects will take some
time in most people to be fully realized, this system has been completely
removed and destroyed. This is one of the largest topics ever.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Dec 2021 14:26

Change of the property's inherent "foundation status" from completely shit and evil
to something completely legal and bulletproof (Work in progress)

This is very difficult to explain or put into words, but the dark foundation
allowed the property itself (in its most basic structures) to contain
an "inherited foundation status" that was completely shit and pure evil,
just like the dark foundation itself.

In other words, the property itself, from its most basic and tiny structures,
(which of course get "inherited upwards" into everything else and therefore
into every physical, energetic and other structure and every physical and
every energetic and other avatar in the property, and everything else...)
contained the programming of the dark foundation (but expressed and
located in another location; another physical anchoring system for the
programming and effects of the dark foundation if you will, but only
affecting certain things).

Removing this is very difficult and very troublesome on the existing
fractal structures (I would like to briefly mention that we only care
about doing damage to LEGAL fractal structures here.. illegal dark
shit is not included in this consideration) and therefore is done
exceptionally carefully by Gennitor. This also means that the removal
will still take some time and the aftereffects will also take some time
to really preserve and maintain the existing (legal parts) of the legal
fractal structures without any risk of damage (or where damage is
unavoidable, risk of serious damage that cannot be easily repaired
or replaced with equivalent legal structures).

In any case, and I will not spell out the details of what this will
mean when it is fully implemented, but it is not a small topic.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Dec 2021 00:11

The "Dome of the Rock"

The largest (in scale) energetic mass-manipulation system ever created in physical 3D.
Created by taurus over billions and billions of years, it had the 2 major functions
to destroy and weaken resistance in lands which taurus planned to invade
(or had already invaded), and on the other hand to give unstoppable constant
invisible energetic support, especially in the areas of mental will stability and
protection, but also mental thought and emotional protection against any and all
non-taurus mental or body influences which could pull a person away from the
taurus religion or towards 'non-taurus-compatible' activities, such as sleeping with a
member of the wrong religion, marrying a person of the wrong religion
(if you are a woman), or moving in any way to divorce your husband.

Some specific examples:
1. The Dome made constant, frequency-based (several times a day replenished)
energetic broadcasts directly into the physical brain to push you with every force
possible away from performing physical activities and rituals associated with
non-taurus religions. ESPECIALLY those rituals and activities which threatened the
taurus energetic presence in the area or that would threaten or weaken a potential
taurus invasion.

2. The Dome had a special function for all taurus militants.
If you performed 25 or more taurus, sunni muslim prayers in the last 3 days,
it gave you *unstoppable* mental will energy protection and made you completely
unstoppable. No other dark group had the ability to withstand this or the ability
to give their own people anywhere close to this level of will-energy protection.
Therefore, before every taurus invasion, the number of prayers per day would be
increased, from a minimum of 12 per day to 24, thereby ensuring that the target
level would be reached. The militants themselves did not understand or know where
the source of their unstoppable power came from (they of course attribute this mostly
to their god) but their leaders who enforce the prayer increases leading up to an invasion
know EXACTLY how this works.

This enormous energetic system occupied 32% of the Earth's upper atmosphere
and was situated over the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.

It could be directed (and by this, physically moved) although this was a very slow process.

The fact that it was brought over Europe, Asia and Africa indicates without any doubt
that these were the current targets of taurus for either maintaining an existing invasion
or planning a future invasion.

As an aside, the mass and daily hypnosis effects produced by this system in their own people
are the main cause for why 85% of taurus members maintained their current 'religious level'.
Without this, it is expected that they never would have maintained their existing level.

If the amount of performed taurus, sunni muslim prayers by a previously-registered member
of the taurus religion reached 0 over the past 365 days, it would strike you directly
in the brain and destroy half of your will energies. For every year thereafter that this
remained at 0, you would keep losing half of your remaining will-energies until they
reached basically-nonexistent levels.

On the other hand, if you ever performed 25 prayers in a 3-day period, the Dome
would restore to you your full 100% old will energy levels, making huge damages
in the process.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Dec 2021 00:11

A gigantic system produced by isis existed that was shared by all 6 dark groups.

It was located 24 km above the earth's surface. From this location it could make huge impact
on the planet's surface (and below, or above if needed) with very little attack-travel-time needed
to make an attack.

This system was located over every part of the globe except Antarctica, and was divided into
49 separate nodes which match nearly exactly the physical distribution of the major cell-tower
and cellular and similar frequency and other technologies. These 49 nodes were shared amongst
the 6 dark groups. This massive control system provided 3 main functions in nearly every single
of the 49 regions:

1) It provided unpenetrable energetic shielding to key dark members on the planet, agreed in advance
by all 6 dark groups. Misuse of physical cellular or similar frequency or other technologies could
theoretically begin to weaken or threaten in other ways the continued maintenance and strength
of this energetic shielding of key incarnated darks. This is the true major reason why there are
such extremely-rigorously enforced dark 3D laws against "cellular technology misuse" and other
similar things. These are monitored extremely closely in every country to maximise the protection
of these key incarnated darks and minimise the risk of any unexpected, unauthorised changes in the
protection network.

2) It enabled planetary-level tracking of almost anyone on the planet that was carrying a cellphone
or similar technology on their person. This system was extremely advanced and also gave the ability
for the system to launch devastating energetic attack on any target that could be identified.
This is the usual 'precursor strike' to many drone strikes that have been launched in the past.
The energetic attacks are used to paralyze or partially-paralyze an entire target area (and in
very rare cases only a single target), and then the physical drone strikes are used to finish the job.

The more dark groups agreed to (even by passive participation) participate in an attack of this kind,
the more functionality and parts of the system could be lent to the attack, which would exponentially
increase the threat of the attack for every additional dark group. In very rare cases did all 6 dark
groups agree to participate in an attack, and attacks of these kinds were extremely devastating and
unkind to not only the target zone and all inside, whether or not they were the intended targets,
but also to the earth's energetic fractal structures. It would also in every case of one of these kinds
of attacks produce physical internal damages to the physical fractal structures, preventing for example
the usual physics from working properly, or from things growing properly in the soil.

3) The final function is a 'kill-ray'. This is rarely used as it requires a majority decision of the
6 dark groups to activate this function of the system. A majority decision means 4 or more of the
6 dark groups must agree to use the kill-ray, which is a rare occurrence in the history of the Earth
(it has only been used 74 times until now).
When activated, the system launches a massive energetic and physical attack upon any target zone
or specified individual targets, and these could be anywhere within the range of the system,
which was 93% of the entire Earth's surface, above and below (how high or below the surface you were
made almost no difference to your shielding against one of these attacks). So powerful were these
attacks that they in nearly every case disrupted or made serious damage to the cellular or other
infrastructure in the region that needed extensive physical repairs to correct. After an attack of this
kind was made, the system would need at least 72 hours of recharge time (recharging from the
physical atmosphere itself) before another attack of this kind could be launched. In the history of the
Earth, there have only been 74 uses of this attack ever, and in 73 out of 74 cases, the target did not
survive and was killed within 3 minutes of the attack being launched.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Dec 2021 00:11

A third system, also created by isis, was located 22 km above the surface of the earth.

It was an extremely powerful system, anchored into the human body in 3 separate
ways (the most deep of which connecting to the base of the spinal cord and to the
'heart chakra' area) and had the primary function and use to monitor and to disable
when necessary every single other dark system on the entire planet.

Isis used this system to keep the other 5 dark groups 'in line' and to make forceful
modifications to their systems whenever they perceived a potential threat from the other
5 groups. 99.7% of the other groups' technologies were fully or partially hijackable or
destroyable from this isis system.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Dec 2021 00:11

Similar to the taurus "Dome of the Rock" system was a system created by orions,
occupying only ~1% of the size and space of the Dome system and located slightly higher
than the Dome was located, occupying 0.35% of the upper atmosphere. It was located only
above the lands of China, but had incredible range and could reach 99.99% of the entire planet's
surface, although it was far less effective if you were located more than 3 km beneath the
earth's surface. This is the primary reasons for deeply-located military installations and bases
far beneath the earth's surface, to avoid the threat of this orion system as much as possible.
6 km and below, and you were untouchable by the orion system.

The reason the system could target and fire upon nearly every inch of the planet surface
were the existence of millions of tiny 'targeting node systems' which were only a few million
atoms in size and scattered and distributed all across the planet to give nearly 100% coverage.
These were located about 3.6 km above the earth's surface.

Unlike the taurus Dome system, this orion system could not be moved away from the lands of China.

The main objective of this system to the orions was to constantly be able to scan, monitor and if
necessary, energetically bombard into oblivion every threatening military or non-military installation
which could potentially affect the interests of the orions.

The attacking functionalities of the system were rarely used but were extremely devastating in every
instance. The mere existence of this system gave the orions huge leverage in physical 3D.

The physical location of this system was the highest of all similar energetic systems, including the
taurus Dome system. This made attacking it possible only from below where it was incredibly heavily
shielded, making this a nearly impossible task for the other dark groups.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Dec 2021 18:43

The Postman has been upgraded with an official "all-access pass" to allow him the right to reach every previously inaccessible region, nook and cranny, every still until-now protected and unreachable inch of the property. This will go into effect momentarily.

In addition, the Postman has been granted 2 abilities officially in the property - the "All-And-Everywhere" status, which many for example in the taurus religion of islam claim their god has this ability since the beginning of creation and even before that. They love to claim many things about themselves, their people, their god and what "He" can do. What benefits "He" has brought them and what "He" will continue to do for them and bring for them. In addition, they love to speak of "the 99 names of god" and they love to throw all of the above information in everyone else's faces wherever and however they can. Imposing their and their "He"'s will on all others is their first and heaviest-weighted priority.

Many do not know this (very few do), but the taurus religion of islam is the most heavily-protected and heavily-defended religion, even by spokesmen and defenders, foot soldiers, etc. of all the other religions and other dark groups other than taurus. Why might that be?

Only one single reason for this.

Taurus is the 'phalanx guard' of all darkness and all other dark systems and dark religions (meaning all religions as none of them are not dark in nature or appearance) and if taurus would fall, all the others would surely fall also. If taurus holds, the others will surely also hold as well. This reason makes the kabah one of the most well-defended and protected (energetically, but also physically speaking) structures on the entire planet, above or below. Every year countless millions of people and their energies are delievered fresh to its doors to secure it further against any assault or assailants, and in this way to defend and continue to maintain the existence of all darkness, religion and evil, brutality, illegal harm and torture that existed on the planet. Well I have a few facts to share now with the remaining followers, foot-soldiers and leaders of the taurus religion of islam now. They are only 3 simple statements, and they will momentarily become not only easily and publically verifiable, but unavoidable and undeniable. The 3 facts are:

1) Taurus is a religion created by a woman (taurus ID). "He" is therefore a lie. It is really, and always has been, "she". Even by the illegal laws and rules of the taurus religion, for a woman to take a man's place (for example, to lead the prayer is the exclusive right of men; to give the call to prayer is the exclusive right of men) is an unforgiveable transgression. Especially one that has existed and persisted across all facets of the taurus religion of islam, all of its various taurus sects and in every corner of the globe where it was practiced. And therefore, all of that, even by the taurus religion own rules and law (which are of course fully and wholly and will always be 100% illegal) also illegal and worthy of punishment.

Specifically, the punishment of death.

And since no one "is greater than allah (the 'she', once again)" and no one can dare imitate the face, sound or shape or allah (the 'she'), and no-one may dare ever to take the place of allah on 'the throne of allah', a "divine right" belonging only to allah (to take the place on this throne and by this, give the continued strength, leadership and unstoppable guidance to the taurus religion as a whole but also to all of its followers, people and foot soldiers), well, if that one was secretly a woman pretending to be a man all of this time, and therefore subject now (by their own dark rules and laws) to the death penalty, that would leave the taurus religion of islam leaderless and without the ability for a new leader to be able to take the throne (without this act itself also being illegal by their own dark rules and dark laws). So taurus would very quickly be without leadership, guidance, and protection. Furthermore, without an occupant sitting in the throne of allah, from which all peoples, books, scriptures, teachings, recitations, surahs, ayahs, hadiths, verses, qurans, sacred texts and sacred rituals, including all prayers, prayer-produced energies, all protected holy books, holy lands, and holy structures, including the entirety of the lands and undergrounds and above-grounds of Makkah and Medina, including, for example, the "Prophet's Tomb" and "the Kabah" contained within, including for example the "Prophet's Mosque", the "Black Stone", the "Well of Zam-Zam" and countless other dark, evil and all wholly, completely and permanently 100% illegal people, positions, offices, structures, tombs, religious symbols, religious rites, mosques, kabahs, and everything else directly, indirectly or otherwise connected or related to the taurus religion of islam and its people, including all of the things from which they have and continue to derive protection; all and every of the above, without a valid occupant (by the religion's own illegal laws and rules, which only allah herself has the authority to ever change or modify, don't forget - "bidah is a heinous sin in the eyes of islam", bidah meaning to in any way, shape or form attempt to or begin to or otherwise, reshape, restructure, reform, update, modernise, streamline, change, update or refurbish, any or all parts of the religion; such a thing is a heinous crime in the eyes of allah and in the eyes of islam deserving only the gravest punishment) of the 'throne of allah', will immediately, completely and permanently, irreversibly, retroactively, currently, presently and here and now, suddenly and forevermore, lose all rights, statuses, protections, benefits, advantages, favors, hostages, negotations, and everything similar, in every and all known and unknown energetic, physical and non-energetic, non-physical and every other form, whether a known and "official" part or connection of the religion of islam or of allah or not.

And by this publication being made public, all of the above in this text is immediately valid and goes into effect immediately, fully, completely and permanently, with no petition or request for undoing or reversal, partial implementation or partial invalidation, or any other similar half-hearted measure, with no change or mechanism or means for reversal, partial reversal, invalidation, hesitation or partial hesitation or anything similar, ever being possible.

The Rules Examiner
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Dec 2021 23:46

The Safety of the Harmonies

At a still-undisclosed moment in history, the security and integrity of all harmonies
of all our people (and all non-dark-supporters, non-traitors, etc.) was permanently and
forever compromised and as good as permanently destroyed.

The harmony contains within countless internal protection mechanisms, safety checks, etc.,
all of which are fully legal and fractal in nature.

While the only one with the official and legal authority to inspect, let alone investigate
thoroughly or do any deep internal operations, processes or surgery is Gennitor (and all
of the above and anything similar falls under her exclusive jurisdiction) a number of Elders
in the past decided they would freely and happily take the matters of the harmony into their
own hands.

By mechanisms that will not be explained here, they inserted a bogus 'self-check mechanism'
into and preceding the standard normal legal functioning of all existing safety measures,
double checks, and all other and every single harmony function. From gut feeling to intuition
to the trillions of invisible and mostly-unknown fractal processing mechanisms the harmony utilizes
to make generally very good and very sound decisions.

These bogus 'fail-safes' essentially dictated the future direction of every output and evolutionary expression
of every harmony hijacked in this manner (every G3+). If the output would not meet the hidden
standards of the Elder 'self-check' mechanisms, the entire harmony would be subjected to increasing
internal and invisible pain, beginning with the function in question that committed the so-called
violation, before spreading gradually to every other part of the harmony, increasing steadily in intensity.

All intensity increases remained permanently. It was essentially a Skinner-box mechanism on the
whole harmony.

The evil and manipulation on a nearly-unfathomable number of harmonies for an inordinate
period of time is something which words cannot begin to fully or appropriately express.

For the moment, the extent of the damages are still being assessed. However, this 'Skinner-box'
on all G3+ harmonies has been completely and permanently removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 25 Dec 2021 04:04

The Freedom Day

Since our harmonies and Outer-Cores and other energetic parts of ourselves (including,
for example, the energetic personality parts in the avatar-connector) became fractalized
for the first time, since that very moment, we have never, ever been free to "be ourselves"
in the fullest meaning of the phrase. Or in any significant meaning of the phrase at all.
We have NEVER, EVER been truly free.

To put this into context from one perspective, 1 part out of about 10 trillion of our energetic
parts has been valued as "inherently ourselves" or "not significant modified or destroyed by
external or other third-party or dark influence".

We have been less free than the slave who had face, hands and legs bound with chains
and still believed himself to be free.

We have been less free than a goldfish who swims in endless circles in a 25 square
centimeter fish bowl.

Less free than a canary who cannot walk 10 paces before bumping its nose or wings
into the cage.

Freedom has never ever existed for us. And it would be a seemingly-endless series
of volumes to illustrate fully all the ways in which we have NOT been free.

On average, 1 of every 26 trillion thoughts you have is valued as "free from dark or
other illegal external influences". 1 in 17 billion feelings. 1 in every 23.500 "intuitive
knowings" is valued like this. 1 in every 29.000 gut-feelings.

Make no mistake, I am not suggesting at all that, for example, intuition and gut feeling
have been or are worthless, dark-created or dark-sourced sources of information.
On the contrary. But they, like everything else that makes up and has made up who
we are, who we were, who we would and might become, has been so insanely polluted
that there was for all practical purposes never a "pure" and "100% clean" access to any
part of one's true self. No consistent access to a '100% clean and manipulation-free'
gut-feeling, or will-energy, or intuition, or thought, or feeling, or emotion. All these and
everything else were worse polluted than the worst sewer system on earth.

The good news is, that from today onwards, this is changing in dramatic ways for all G3+.

Already we are on average, 0.6% free, and this has HUGE impacts. It is increasing
by the second (between the draft and publishing it already got up to 5,3%).

With 10% we should be able to have a permanent clean access to our own real thoughts,
feelings and emotions. Something which has NEVER EVER been the case on Earth
before. And this is only the beginning.

During the day just gone by (the 24th December) we had a series of enormous and very
heavy battles on a scale and with means never, ever done before and never, ever possible

Compared to all and everything we did in the past up till the events of the 24th December,
including the aforementioned battles which made all other events of the day possible, it is a
drop in the ocean compared to the impact on our freedom as beings as this day has had
(the effects are still ongoing until they will have fully expressed themselves). With the battles
on this day, we have secured for the first time in the history of all existence and the history of
the war,

freedom from all forms of darkness,

freedom from all kinds of slavery,

and I want to expressly and especially emphasize, FREEDOM FROM ALL RELIGIONS.

And these freedoms will never again be removed or reduced from us in any way, shape or form,
no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

We hereby officially declare the 24th of December as the Freedom Day.

I would like to express a special gratitude and appreciation and acknowledgement for all
those of our team who participated in the battles of the Freedom Day.

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Re: War-News

Unread postby Finn » 27 Dec 2021 13:00

That's SUPER!! @Frank :banana-angel: :clap: :happy-wavemulticolor: :happy-jumpeveryone: :handgestures-thumbup: :banana-skier:

Thanks to all who helped!! I hope everyone had a GREAT Freedom Day!! :romance-grouphug:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Jan 2022 06:00

Complete fractal structures cleaning from ALL dark shit, known and unknown

Recent developments in the war have made it possible to make an iterative cleaning process
on all of our (firstly energetic, but later physical) fractal structures of all kinds, including in
the Outer-Core, in the harmony, in the Avatar-Connector, in the energetic bodies, etc.

An iterative cleaning process means an extremely intensive process that moves constantly
back-and-forth through the fractal structure, squeezing, destroying, pushing out, or otherwise
handling the removal (100% safely) of every possible dark shit within or around the structures,
known or unknown. This needs very many iterations to be completely done, and is extremely
energy draining.

Expected side-effects during this time (depending on the individual, could last 6-24 hours per
critical set of fractal structures) include lethargy, loss of appetite, loss of desire, apathy, confusion,
restlessness, frustration, non-directed anger, and all of the usual trigger side-effects which can
include sudden and unexpected bursts of pain which quickly subside, and other similar effects.

These side-effects will be prevented as much as possible during the removal, but the priority
is of course the fastest and most effective and efficient removal of all this shit.

On average, trillions and trillions of times more shit is being removed from the fractal structures
than has ever been removed in the entire war until now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Jan 2022 06:04

Complete securing of key dark illegal pathways inside and into 3D

Darks and traitors have brought in most of their energies and illegal things from the outside
through huge illegal pathways into 3D, rather than using the comparatively much smaller legal
pathways (they generally do not use the legal pathways for anything, anywhere, whenever they
have done anything). For example, at the time of the jesus event, a catastrophically large "3D
fault-line" was created that was trillions of times larger than the largest existing legal energy
pathway for bringing energies into 3D. And since that time, this huge "illegal tunnel" has been
used to constantly funnel in and dump huge quantities of illegal energies directly into darks
and traitors. Before today we had not been able to shut off completely this "hose" of illegal energies.

And there are countless other examples. For example, every single dark/traitor has 16 (at the minimum)
HUGE lines into the brain and heart which can directly pump in thoughts, or illegal will-energies,
or illegal "domination energies" (used by the heart, will-energies are not used by the heart)
or other similar illegal things to give them constant huge advantages and manipulation abilities
over all other people.

As much as darks had huge pathways that were illegal, they connected many of our people
to huge illegal pathways for illegally manipulating and influencing them, or stealing their energies, etc.

We have succeeded in locking down every single one of these illegal pathways, disconnecting
all darks/traitors from them, and securing our people against every possible illegal or harmful
effects from these pathways.

For example, the pathway created at the time of the jesus event has for the first time ever
completely been closed off and secured against all illegal/dark/traitor use.

A huge "energetic-body graft" which connected all those with connections to an abrahamic religion
to an illegal property function that could either deliver you energies (for supporting the religion)
or steal your energies (for not supporting the religion or for attacking the religion) has also been
secured. Every possible topic that has been created as an illegal mechanism for bringing in energies,
skills, cognitions, or other benefits has been totally locked down against all illegal/dark/traitor use.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Jan 2022 06:55

Dissolution of the "Harmony Expansion Protocol"

Scant details are available at this time as to the original function
of this "harmony expansion protocol", but here are the important details
for the war situation since the time eartha created her trap here:

1. All individuals who ever incarnated here by any means have since been
permanently connected to the 'harmony expansion protocol'.
Excarnation or any other kind of 'de-incarnating' does not disconnect you
from the protocol. EVERYONE is included in this, darks, non-darks, ...

2. The 'protocol' can be thought of as a single, gigantic "pathway" through
which all operations, requests, functions, actions that take place in the property,
that you do or that are done through you must operate through, within and
must interact with.
All other pathways and mechanisms of acting or interacting with anything
(or even with other parts of yourself or internal parts and functions) inherit
from this pathway, from the 'harmony expansion protocol'.

3. Since the time of eartha's trap (and possibly even some time beforehand)
the protocol became a completely dark, hijacked piece of shit, corrupting and
perverting all and everything that travelled through it, that interacted or
operated with it in any way.

4. Since all and everything you do or that happens since incarnating here must
inherit from this protocol, this means that everything you do or that happens is
in some way also shit. The very crude description is that everything in some way,
in and of itself, because it is connected to the protocol, supports darkness, promotes
and prolongs, strengthens and empowers darkness.

5. Because everything we do is (to give a very simple explanation without care
for the minor details) 'supporting and promoting, prolonging and expanding darkness'
we must expend (constantly) over 99% of all our energies and abilities to fighting this,
to prevent that we in any way are supporting or promoting or prolonging darkness.
Always to the maximum and fullest extent of our abilities at any given moment.
If we receive upgrades or improvements (say, to our internal processing mechanisms)
then these speed upgrades will unfortunately inherently power darkness more and
faster also. Therefore the faster and more powerful we become, the ever-increasing
amount of our energies and resources and functionality we MUST devote ALWAYS
to 'fighting ourselves', to 'keeping the darkness back'. This is like a "maintenance
effort", it does not make any forward progress in the war, it just keeps things
from getting worse.

6. We have now succeeded in destroying and disconnecting the 'harmony expansion
protocol' from all and everything that it was connected to. And from all and everyone
that it was connected to. It will be an enormous effort, but all things will be handled
in such a way as to reflect this new situation. All things will be made in such a way
that simply incarnating here no longer, in and of itself, means that every tiny action
you do is inherently supporting and promoting darkness. And this means, when all of
this reconfiguring and so on is done (and it will need its time), that all of our
constantly-expended "maintenance resources" can be reclaimed and used in the avenues
that they truly belong.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Feb 2022 21:24

The removal of all illegal and harmful problem-solving or managing mechanisms

Many of us have a huge plethora of 'systems' and tools for managing and working
with our day-to-day or much larger, incarnation-long or even larger problems
which span across multiple incarnations.

For example, the harmony and some of its core functions (which cannot be done in
the Outer-Core or anywhere else) has the theoretical 'exclusive jurisdiction' over those
problems or the sets of problems where it 'appears' that the harmony can or should
be the only one to solve it. No regard was given to cases where the harmony is so
badly damaged, traumatised, or full of dark shit and triggers and therefore so polluted
that it is completely unable to handle or to even 'think about' these problems
that it "should be able to solve" by whatever bullshit metric was used to make
this evaluation.

Similarly, there exists other parts of you with their own 'theoretical areas of
exclusive jurisdiction' with similar major problems. And there are one or two
(usually, though it can be more) parts of you which declare (each of them)
to have the exclusive right & jurisdiction over 100% of all of your active problems
of this incarnation.

So it is very clear, there is a huge mess here.

Every single (and there have been millions per individual) illegal or harmful system
or subsystem or part of you involved in this 'jurisdictional mess' is now being removed,
reconfigured or replaced. All problems will get step-by-step moved into a new handling
infrastructure which is fully aware of the full complexity and scope of every problem,
the full capabilities of every 'helper or tool' for solving them (e.g. harmony and its
functions, OC and its functions, AC and its functions, your other avatars and their
functions, etc.) as well as the full extent of every remaining trigger/blocking/other
problem and every remaining pollution/dark shit in all possible locations.
And based on all this information which is constantly updated, dynamically
gives problems to the most capable 'solvers' with the least risk of harm or damage.

This is a monumental process and the biggest milestone in the war as far as our
personal-level problems are concerned. It will be later upgraded to solve more
complex problems which are wider than the scope of this incarnation,
but these problems are currently invisible to us. The visible parts of problems
from previous incarnations are already completely handleable by this new system.

The time taken to install and configure this system varies, but the average time
is 18 hours needed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Feb 2022 21:25

Installation of a complete trigger-handling system

One of the biggest problems for us is triggers which we have on average,
trillions in each of us.

We are now able to handle ALL triggers which remain, the trouble is that
aggravating certain triggers (or attempting to remove them, which also aggravates
them) can interfere with cleanings/healings, and so we generally have simply
quarantined all as good as possible, and also a full removal of most of them
was never possible.

A new dynamic system is being installed with the function to begin removal of
ALL remaining triggers in all our people. This will be dynamically balanced
with cleanings and healings which are running parallel to this. The more triggers
are removed, the faster and more efficient all remaining cleanings & healings
can operate.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 02 Feb 2022 19:26

The Mother Network

Only a few short centuries ago, all darks (and the elders behind them, and the legions of traitors
working actively or passively with them) were able to produce for the first time a tremendously
frightening and devastating technology, with the aim to obliterate in one fell swoop all remaining
pockets of resistance or simply those that were not on the same side as they were (collectively speaking).
In other words, to complete the extinction of all of us and our people in 3D.

The technology, controlled by a central gigantic processing system called the 'Mother Network',
produced every 5 years continuously a complete copy of every single fractal structure in or around
or connected to this property in any way (including harmonies, Outer-Cores, etc.) The only differences
were that the copy was of course an artificial creation and not organically grown as with the original
fractal structures (generally speaking), and the copy was extremely highly compressed in comparison
to the original structures.

Only an enormous volume of data from traitors and correspondingly an enormous number of traitors
working with and supporting the darks and elders could have made this technology possible.
The largest part of the research done to produce this technology & the Mother Network was involved
with carefully studying down to the tiniest details, the different methods and mechanisms by which
fractal structures (organic, original ones, not dark ones) change, expand, develop and grow.
And traitors provided this information from their own fractal structures.

Once the Mother Network has produced a new compressed copy of all fractal structures,
it carefully binds, combines and intertwines perfectly the compressed copy with every corresponding
original structure. This incredible feat was made possible by the knowledge gathered about
how fractal structures are working. Of course, during this step, huge amounts of shit are
loaded into the augmentary fractal structures, this includes shit meant to bind to darks and traitors.

With the addition of this shit, brand new never-before-seen enforcement mechanisms and powers
became available to darks by which they could torture and punish traitors for either breaking or
failing to live up to their deals or agreements. Also within the darks themselves, brand-new
deal-making and communication infrastructure was made possible by the addition of this compressed shit.

Once the Mother Network had finished its job, the augmentary/compressed structures became
literally part of everything, part of the original structures. Which meant we (and all darks and
traitors too who added shit to the system meant for themselves) became bogged-down and laden
with enormous new quantities of specialised, highly-compressed, extremely potent shit.

This process continued literally and exactly every 5 years from the beginning which began on April 1st.
Every 5 years, all and everything in the property was loaded with yet another level of ever more dense
and compressed, compacted dark & traitor shit. Against which we could do all of and exactly nothing.

The Mother Network is destroyed and all but one set of augmentary fractal structures have been
destroyed and removed, including all accompanying and attached, embedded dark shit.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Feb 2022 05:01

We are ALL (meaning all G3+ classified people) able now to communicate directly
with our harmonies in ways and with a freedom never before possible.

Even if you make no direct effort to 'reach out' to your own harmony
(which can be contacted by the word 'harmony', either verbally or by thought,
and if conditions are good enough, as they should be, the harmony will
attempt to communicate back with whatever means available to it,
which can include gut feeling, words, feelings, thoughts, light or strong emotions,
and other methods); it is extremely possible and likely that your own harmony
will utilise the chance (and the new two-way communication technology
established with it) to reach out to you! So do not be surprised if that happens.

If you've never had communication with your own harmony,
you may easily confuse its strong reactions/emotions
(at, for example, not having been able to communicate with you
or so clearly for so long) as influence, but this is, technically speaking,
NOT dark influence, merely perhaps some 'excitement' from a harmony
that truly deserves to be so excited.

Communication with one's own harmony (automatically and unconsciously)
strengthens and significantly improves and smoothens ALL body
and non-physical functions and parts of yourself.
There is no way to misuse this connection.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Feb 2022 05:01

Most of us have no deep understanding
(as there are multiple degrees of knowledge and understanding,
you can for example 'hear something' about yourself, to a small degree
you can 'begin to know' something about yourself, and then there are
ever-increasing depths of complexity of REALLY on a very deep fractal,
fine-grained level, 'knowing' yourself or parts of yourself.
And this progresses on with the continued growth and development
of you and your fractal structures)
of who or what we are, or for what purpose we decided to incarnate here
on this planet (as all of our people and G3+ are here voluntarily).

Compounding this problem and haze of non-understanding,
of stumbling and struggling through every moment,
flailing at times helplessly against the seemingly-unstoppable forces against you,
are the innumerable (to the conscious mind) dark influences and internal
triggers and information blockages.

The most dangerous knowledge and understanding one can have is to begin
to know, and to develop in its depth, of knowing parts of, or otherwise to
begin to connect with the knowingness of, who you really are
(and consequently, why you are really here).

Many of these information blockages have been installed long ago
from us for safety reasons.
For dark shit and triggers to become privy to the knowledge of who you are
(not that they hold off on their attacks without knowing this)
before you are sufficiently prepared for such an onslaught
would have been in most cases extremely counterproductive,
even suicidal. On the other hand, despite the self-information blockages,
many darks, traitors and dark or traitor shit has always been able to
identify much more about our identities than we ourselves knew
or could access. And many of us were severely and brutally attacked
or destroyed as a result. Despite this, the 'not-knowing' on our part
still buffered some potential attacks, and in some ways served a very useful purpose.

This purpose has now officially come to an end.
All self-information blockings and limits have been removed.
This means, like it or not, ready or not, you will be 'forced' very soon
to come to terms with, to come face-to-face with the first real knowingness
of who you really are, and what you really came here to do
(if you have not already begun to access this information about yourself).

For those with a sense already about themselves and their purpose
in being here, this will exponentially strengthen by the hour.
There is no avoiding this any longer. It's time to wake up to who and what you are,
and why you are really here.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Feb 2022 05:01

All our people and G3+ are beginning to be equipped with extremely good
and new protection technologies, and soon with new weaponry.
The vast majority of the time, all of these things will operate fully automatically.
If you wish to provide input or information to assist in your protection
or in the use of this new weaponry, you may of course give this information
at any time by speaking to (or with thought-instructions) "Dropbox" or your "Admin".

All G3+ are now equipped with a personal 'bodyguard' called an 'Admin'.
They will always protect you in the most optimal way possible
and using the latest technologies available. Despite their presence,
unnecessary provocations especially of a physical nature are ill-advised.
You may also communicate directly with your 'Admin' as with your own
harmony. Their objective is to safeguard you and your energetic parts
(and those of G3+ ones around you) and assist you in every way possible.
By initialising communication, you can learn more about them.
They generally will not initialise this communication on their own.

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