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Re: War-News

Unread postby Polina » 31 Jan 2020 20:49

Lots of great news, lots of progress :happy-wavemulticolor: Waiting impatiently for the day of final victory for all of us to celebrate :obscene-drinkingcheers: Priceless you are Protoi Alliance :romance-grouphug: :romance-heartsthree:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 05 Feb 2020 03:13

Btw. I forgot to give a short warning.
Mega battle, maybe final battle, is running since a few hours...
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Finn » 06 Feb 2020 08:02

Frank wrote:Btw. I forgot to give a short warning.
Mega battle, maybe final battle, is running since a few hours...

I hope the Protoi win & defeat these nasty horrible darks for good!!! :violence-uzi: DARKS :violence-sniperprone:

Also, I have been really sick the last 2 to3 weeks and terribly sick the last 3 days & I had to go to the hospital today and I'm in bad shape right now. Seeing that there are such big battles going on I can't help but think at least some of my sudden health problems could possibly be side effects to all of these big battles.

It will be SOOO GREAT when the Protoi WIN all these battles and the darks are finished! :handgestures-thumbup:

YAY PROTOI!! PROTOI WIN WIN WIN!!! :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl: :banana-blonde: :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl: :banana-angel: :happy-cheerleaderkid: :banana-angel: :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl: :banana-skier: :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Tealxi » 07 Feb 2020 16:46

GO GO GO GO GO :happy-wavemulticolor: :happy-wavemulticolor:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Feb 2020 04:58

The Original Controlling/Filter Layers Inside the 3D Atoms

In the 3D atoms (talking now about purely physical 3D, not talking about any
energetical components or sublayers of 3D which are energetical in nature)
existed trillions of dark controlling/filtering layers, divided into 62
main/major layers.
These layers were created over time since the beginning of
the experiment from eartha, and we have never (until a short time ago) made any
steps in removing these dark layers from the 3D atoms of this property.
In short, any atom which had any kind of 3D status or property was affected by this.

The layers worked on various hierarchy systems but the chief overriding
principle was that the lowest, deepest layers had the overriding priority over
most other layers.

These layers allowed darks to (when working in conjunction with other darks by
making deals so that their stuff would be allowed through all the appropriate
layers) use manipulation systems that would otherwise be impossible to effect in
3D; or otherwise (when deals were broken or never made in the first place)
simply used to block other darks' shit from passing through the atoms.

The first three layers were controlled primarily by isis and lsa1.

One of the nastiest things about the existence of these layers is that as long
as the bottom-most layer was in place (controlled and installed by isis) none of
our purely 3D technologies were able to have any direct impact on the atoms.
We could induce to a certain degree side-effects and workarounds to effect some
forms of cleanings and healings on the 3D body, but many forms of shit were
embedded deep into these layers and were therefore impossible to remove without
the layers being removed first.

As of 18 hours ago, we finished removing the last of these layers from the atoms of 3D.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby MikeyMo » 20 Feb 2020 06:02

:greetings-wavingyellow: I'm normally asleep at this time, but glad I stayed awake to see this post before turning in. Fantastic news! :happy-sunshine: Now it's :sleeping-blue: for me
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 25 Feb 2020 00:56

The cleanings are now reaching what is called the "3D Personal Space", which is an area around the individual
that is supposed to be designated as a private processing space, an extension of the "3D-Outer-Core" or brain-mind.
However it is so full with manufactured shit that the brain-mind is not able to do any processing here at all,
making it essentially useless for day-to-day situations. This space follows us around with its shit, and we are now
able to start cleaning it. What are the effects? No idea..
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 25 Feb 2020 15:20

effects of the 3D personal space cleaning

free will

without the dark shit blocking our personal space and development it will be able to firstly experience real „free will“ , which results in when you are properly communicating with your 3D oc and the personal-space aswell as with the body. Dark shit put there is causing alot of interference and problems , blocking alot of things and influencing you in a way you never really do what you wanna do. and if you do what you want to do it has already something programmed in it to cause problems or similar.

More fractal exposure

because of the big amount of shit in the space this is aswell blocking alot of exposure from the fractal environment we´re living in. With that this blocks development of the individual , prevents healings from darkness (that´s why darks use alot of shit in their personal space for example) and all what comes with that.

Better thinking, processing of the environment and yourself


skillsets and co getting functional

we´re capable of alot of things but we cant really execute anything with all the blocking parts in the space. No big details to that for now.

Better healings and cleanings in general

less dark stuff in the way = better execution of healings and cleanings. Quite simple.


with a functional personal space there comes alot of functions which could be used to clean ourselves and prevent new „dark infection“. Kinda like a natural protection.

Better cognition

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Re: War-News

Unread postby Oni » 25 Feb 2020 16:28

I get that this also cleaned the ‘feeling center’ - my experience is that the space in front of me was full of blocking shit and now with the cleaned / in cleaning I feel a huge openness around me that previously was experienced as a tight tension / pressure. I get this is also an ‘information intake center’ where we process our senses - including a new one which I get as just ‘sense’ which is our feeling of the world that has been blocked for some time.

When I put cognition on this ‘space’, I see it as blue / white swirling energy with an area in the center for the feelings themselves. It seems in a way a processing center which will result in much cleaner, truer senses.

This has an interesting tie to emotions as well as our senses tie directly back to them - so it seems this should stabilize emotions quite a bit too.

I find this space in front of me now to be ‘safe’ in a certain way. Whereas before I was defaulted to ‘the mind’ / thinking / thoughts, now I can put my focus and attention in front of me. It feels quieter, slower, thicker than normal brain space as the protection of that space is enveloping and quite strong.

There’s also unique properties to this unblocking when it comes to person to person interactions. It both serves as protection from the normal dark shit from darks (although this hadn’t been a problem for some time). More importantly and interesting, it also now fosters a special 3d connection between L’s that was not possible before. Effects of this are unclear for now but I experience this as a pure ‘feeling’. It’s almost as if this space has a door that can swing open / close - and now for the first time having it open will again foster more senses / feelings / emotions that are clean and were not possible before.

This all also seems to support a stronger and cleaner connection to admin as for the first time I’m getting direct feedback and can actually hear the audio response from it.

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