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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Oct 2019 23:25

More topics of importance:
1. There are three "layers of confidence" in the human psyche. The first one
comes from the 'ape' or brain-mind, and occurs when the 'ape' perceives no
problems - this one is very rare.
The second occurs in the Outer-Core and occurs when the OC sees a solution to a
problem, or sees a problem which has been solved in the past, or similar.
The third occurs in the harmony, when the harmony has a good idea on how to
approach a situation. These can be either in the form of feelings, if they occur
in the body, or emotions, if they come from the OC. And many times it is
possible to experience the confidence (as emotion or feeling) without knowing
why it exists.
For each of these confidence layers, a dark mechanism existed to limit the
amount of confidence that could be experienced.
This is in removal. The side-effects are still in removal along with the smaller
sub-systems, although the main system has already been disabled.

2. There exists for the ape-brain or brain-mind, a dark system which is
continually taking dark ideas, such as "you are not worthy of living", "you will
never achieve anything of any significance", "you have no worth", "others will
always be worth more than you", and so on; and translating them into literal
ape-brain inputs, where they are converted into literal word-thoughts for the
ape-brain to receive.
This system is in cleaning now, although the main mechanism has already been

3. There is something called 'information-energy', this is an artificial hybrid
that is created by hijacking energies that were intended to create 3D effects,
and then making them into these 'hybrid particles'. They have no existing
classification in the current mind-models. They are ONLY damaging and have been
used to create what were until now, permanent damages in the human body. Today
we removed the main source of these hybrid particles and we slowly start to
remove them from the body.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Oct 2019 01:31

4 topics which are in cleaning:

1. There is a "communication location" inside the brain,
this is a location where 'random information' can come inside (the location is
not specified where this comes from), and essentially what will come inside is
information that is designed to slowly delete other information in the brain and
slowly destroy the brain from the inside.
This is, essentially, a slow brain-destroying virus.
If you have a deal with a certain dark group, you are immune from this virus.
Otherwise, you will slowly experience its effects, and the duration and
effectiveness is also different from person to person.

2. There is a "communication location" inside the groin,
and there is also a 'slow working virus' that is attempting to destroy the groin
from the inside over time.
There is no immunity from this, but not everyone is infected with this, unlike
the brain-virus.

3. There is a 'hole' in the consciousness-field.
Inside this hole are many passive connections, which are receiving, every day,
very much 'painful information'. This must be continually processed by the
consciousness-field, which takes a very long time - the CF is not designed to
process this kind of information.
As a result, the functions and efficiency of the CF are greatly slowed and
limited by this processing.

4. There is a hole in the emotion-processing center of the Outer-Core.
This hole is essentially a backdoor for a certain entity to continually copy
certain emotions in the OC, which have a particular status. This constant
copying overloads the emotional processing of the OC and makes it extremely
difficult to cope with the overload of emotions.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Oct 2019 00:21

5 Cleaning Topics

1. There is an interface layer between 3D and "parallel 3D".
Parallel 3D is an alternate reality with very few connections to incarnated
people (most people are not aware of it at all). In this space, which is created
entirely from crashed-being-parts, energies are destroyed regularly. There are
also many links from here to 3D events and rituals.
We are now cleaning this "parallel 3D" and the related interface layer.

2. There is a layer between the mind and a "pseudo-mind" (which is not a mind at all).
This pseudo-mind is hijacking many functions of the mind which would
normally trigger OC or harmony functions, but are instead bypassed or disabled
entirely, with the answers filled in by this pseudo-mind.
With enough time and patience, it is possible to bypass the pseudo-mind. But we
are cleaning it now.

3. There is a layer inbetween the OC and the physical body.
This layer is making a lot of partial and false-synchronizations.
These synchronizations are made by many crashed-being-parts which are arranged
into this system. The OC has no way to tell the difference, if the
synchronization is working properly or not. With time (when this shit is
removed), the OC will be able to reestablish all its synchronizations to the
body and a lot of functions will begin to work. We are cleaning this shit now.

4. In 3D, there is something called an "energetic signature", or "energetic status".
This is not observable with the human eye, and can only be detected by those
with an extra sense (that we do not know about). This status can be detected
with remarkable accuracy, it is a mechanism which the darks use to identify
their own group, although the signal is of course often spoofed. We are cleaning
this now.

5. In 3D there is also something called a "physical status".
The energetic status from above is stored in the physical body, but this
physical status is not stored in the body. Rather, it is stored in the
Outer-Core. It is essentially a separate incarnation from the OC which is
expressed in 3D. Naturally, this is 100% illegal. We are cleaning this shit now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Oct 2019 23:25

4 more topics in cleaning:

1. There is something in 3D called a "time progress value".
This is measuring how far along one of multiple possible dark 'paths' you have
achieved/completed. This has many possibilities, although 'life paths' no longer
exist. Despite them not existing, this 'time progress value' exerts a very
strong influence and pressure upon the personality and personality field.
This is in cleaning now.

2. In 3D is something called a "Freedom value".
This is tracking, with many complicated metrics, how 'free' you are overall in
the dark ambient. It is tracking things such as how much money you have, what
sort of contacts you have, and what sort of changes you could theoretically
make, based on many statistical analyses of you and many models. If this value
gets too high, you attract dark attacks of many various kinds (in business, in
emotional, or even in physical).
We are cleaning out this shit now.

3. In 3D is something called a "personality tracker".
This is tracking your personality and applying many statistical calculations
from your personality to all others that you know (that are closest to you) and
that you are most likely to influence, through your actions or your words. If
your personality is of a certain kind, then you naturally attract far more
We are cleaning this shit now.

4. There is something in 3D called an "influence score".
This is calculated by many things, but if you don't have deals with darks or
similar, your score is not going to be very high. This score allows you access
to temporary energy benefits, and also access to certain entities in times of
trouble. If you get into a jam, they will be there for you, but only if you have
deals / have a high enough 'influence score' in advance. It is a dark protection
mechanism. It is in removal now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Oct 2019 02:16

More shit we are cleaning now:

There is a transmitter in the brain. This is constantly working, scanning and
analyzing the thoughts, and picking the most damaging ones, the ones that have
the greatest propensity to make pains and damages and awaken the greatest number
and volume of triggers in the physical body, and sending these thoughts directly
into the physical body, transmitting them there. Therefore, painful and damaging
thoughts have a two-fold, magnified effect upon you and your body: the damage of
the thoughts themselves, and the pain (which can be physical pain and damages in
some cases) that they inflict upon the body.
If the thoughts are not present, the transmitter does nothing. We are cleaning
this shit now.

There is a transmitter in the groin. This is constantly taking the sexual
signals from the Outer-Core, and reinterpreting them such that they would be
them interpreted by the body as pain, and then sending these malformed
pain-signals into the rest of the body. We are cleaning this shit now.

There is a transmitter in the mind. This is constantly taking thoughts from
the OC and harmony, and simply blocking them. The mind is aware that there is
something there, but it has no access to the blocked information. It can take
very many attempts to finally bypass the blocking. We are cleaning this shit now.

There is a 'hidden effect' upon the consciousness field.
This is not produced by any visible cause, but the end result is that the
consciousness field appears to keep reverting to previous 'checkpoints',
previous states of your evolution. The actual evolutionary progress is not lost,
but it seems that these past 'checkpoints' have far more influence and impact on
the CF than the new experiences and events. We are cleaning this shit now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 17 Oct 2019 23:31

5 more cleanings:

1. There is an interface layer in the consciousness-field. It is intercepting
most of the ideas which are coming from the harmony, and changing this
information into something which the consciousness-field is no longer able to
perceive. In this way, it is blocking a large proportion of the harmony's
ability to express itself. This is in cleaning now.

2. There is an interface-layer in the Outer-Core. This is blocking all of the
"helpful energies" which the Outer-Core is trying to send to the body
continually. The body is very much deprived from certain energies, as a result,
the body reacts to this depletion in various strange ways, such as random bouts
of tiredness; random bouts of depression; random bouts of mania, and random
allergic reactions. This shit is in cleaning now.

3. There is an interface-layer in the body. This is blocking all or most of the
beneficial effects from the 3D ambient. The 3D ambient can give the body useful
things and energies, but these are mostly blocked by this interface layer. As a
result, the body does not benefit a great deal from being exposed to various
fractal ambients. (The ambient in general is also full of dark shit, the
beneficial things described here do not include this).
The interface layer described above is in cleaning now.

4. There is an interface-layer in the body. This is blocking most beneficial
ideas from the ape-brain. The ape-brain rarely has beneficial ideas, but it gets
these occasionally as a result of interaction with the ambient. The way the ape-
brain is getting these ideas and functioning, is totally different to the mind
and the Outer-Core. This shit which is blocking most of these "understandings"
of the ape-brain is in removal now.

5. There is an interface-layer in the brain. This is blocking some of the
signals from the brain to the body. As a result, sometimes the brain signals the
body to do one thing, and the body receives a different (hijacked) signal from
somewhere else. This can result in strange behaviors. This shit is in removal now.

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