The Love Trap

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The Love Trap

Unread postby Frank » 01 Nov 2015 15:13

In the past couple of days I have been surfing a bit in some Austrian esoteric forum. It is the biggest eso forum in German language.

The discussion was about "god"....
I wrote my thoughts and as expected they :angry-cussingblack: me... :lol:

Many people wrote there about love. And this discussion showed me again some things about love which I will share.

YES, love is the greatest thing ever!!! :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating:


It also made me aware of how much darks misuse love against lightful beings!

Their main strategy is very simple: All is love!

Every time someone wants to stand up against some dark shit they say:
"No, love and peace is the right way!"
And people say, "yes" and continue to undergo the dark shit.
This situation goes on again and again until the lightful being can't take it anymore.
And in this moment a "hand from god" shows up to them for help (I exaggerate a bit here...).
But this help is not unconditional, so it's not help in love.
It will have a price, a very small price at the beginning.
But in the moment you agree to this, they have you on the hook.
The circle of dark created problems and "help" will get bigger and bigger.
And the prices for this "love" (-> conditional help) grows bigger and bigger too.
And this continues until it is so big, that the lightful being can not get him/herself out of the problem if he/she stays on the light path.
So the being starts to move on dark paths, still thinking of him/herself as lightful, still fighting for light.
But now in the moment in which the being put the first foot on the dark path, they increase the "dark circle".
In this moment the lightful being is on a straight path into darkness!

Outside of 3D, outside of the healing fractal structures, we did not find a single being until now, who was able to return to light path, once he/she set the first foot on a dark path!

Here on the "bad planet" we have an average probability of 42% that someone goes back onto light path!

Darks tricked with this trap about 1,6 x 10 high 21 of lightful beings into darkness. And that's only the known ones...

And they still use this trick! Esp. here in 3D, in religions, in spiritual philosophies in media and so on.
The term "false light" is common known, but if I look in our world, I see everywhere "false love" just created to enslave good people... :angry-banghead:

Re: The Love Trap

Unread postby Kitty » 08 Feb 2017 00:58

I see a 3D "love" between a man and a woman also false.
I hope I am wrong...All relationships here are made just to feed the darks by any meaning, to make us suffer+torture us beyond any sane limits so to say. Then they make this illsuional "love" by commercials to trap people in that trap like "buy a dimanond ring for engagement to show real love" :roll:

People say "I love you" when they even don't know what love is. Ok I too - don't know what real love is. I'm unable to love anyone because I'm surrounded only by dark people. Yet I feel too much compassion inside me for people or things or even nature,..Weird. Or is it even compassion the correct word?

When I see doing harm to anyone or when someone suffers, my inside (let's say heart poetically) breaks down and hurts.

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