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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 23 Nov 2020 17:46

Harmony internal "memory quarantine prisms/evolutionary shields"

LSA2 developed a very special technology to halt positive evolutionary progress
in their enemies (and in many cases, in their own people where it would not be to
their own advantage), using a very special "self-quarantine prism" which they
could create within the harmony (in darks there would be a similar 'pseudo-harmony'
module which they could attack in the same manner). They could make this
attack on the harmony without ever requiring internal access, so advanced was
the nature of the attack. An invisible, imperceptible quarantine 'prism' would be
created inside the harmony, and this would be made only a single time, during
the incarnation process; after which no changes could be made to the structure,
as the harmony is only vulnerable to this attack during the time of incarnation.
Contained within the prism would be the specific filters regarding which memories
to look for, or which evolutionary developments in the individual to look for; when
found, the harmony (or 'pseudo-harmony' in darks) would immediately seal off all
connections and memories related to the filtered information and block off all access
from itself as well as from the Outer-Core, meaning that neither the harmony nor the
Outer-Core would be able to access the positive evolutionary benefits from the filtered
memories/experiences. But only positive benefits would be blocked. Harmful effects
from memories and evolutionary developments could pass through the prism unfiltered.
This was a hugely damaging and very powerful weapon in LSA2's hands, and indeed
these prisms have been installed in nearly every single person on the planet, except
the ancients.

In all non-darks and all LSA2 this was implemented by a LSA2 version of the
ancients' bridge technology.

This is now removed from all G3+.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 23 Nov 2020 17:54

Isis emotions and will manipulation.

Isis developed technologies focused more on manipulating the emotions and the
will of the individual. Many believe that positive thoughts and emotions which
seem to come 'from within' are something to be trusted, a good measure to follow;
in many cases such seemingly-positive thoughts and emotions have been laced
with dark manipulations behind them, and never came from the individual

Isis developed a wonderfully devious technology that adapted itself in real-time to
the subconscious desires of the target, producing in imperceptible ways, small
"evidences" that the fantasy was coming; that it was becoming real, moment by
moment, day by day. The way you would hear and process what others said would
be filtered very gently and fed back to your Outer-Core (such that you would not
notice the invisible processing in between what was said and what you understood)
in such a way as to give you just the right amount of positive feedback towards your
innermost desires. And the technology could be adapted for nearly any situation or
person, designed to lead you by the nose long enough to make it really hurt when
the trap was sprung. All at once the filters would be disabled; you would be inundated
with many confusion emotions and thoughts, and for a time not know quite which way
was up. The only intent of this weaponry was to slowly and surely break down your
emotional defenses, to make you more susceptible to other, more violent attacks.

This technology was made possible through a very lengthy and deep analysis of
how the Outer-Core's unconscious processing of thoughts and emotions works,
as well as careful research/understanding of the 'consciousness barrier', the exact
point at which strange or unusual information begins to pierce through to conscious
awareness. The first instances of this weaponry being used date back to 1994.

This got removed from all G3+.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 24 Nov 2020 22:39

Manipulation of time-tick energies

There is a structure which dictates which parts of the body, the Outer-Core,
and so on; which functions are allowed to receive time-ticks, and all functions
which require time-ticks but did not receive any must simply wait
until they get permission from the structure to receive time-tick energies,
this wait can be up to a limit of 1,000 additional ticks to receive the time-tick
energies that they should have received in the original tick.

With darks it is often the case that they have an overabundance of time-tick
energies, including for functions that do not even need them; for our people
it is often the case that there is a chronic shortage of time-tick energies,
with millions of functions that must wait the full 1,000 time ticks extra
(the max limit) before receiving their critical time-tick energies.

This structure has been disabled and will be cleaned shortly.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 26 Nov 2020 00:23

Removal of countless 'memory viruses'

Today, the biggest impediment which ever existed to a good-functioning and
well-balanced brain-body-emotional connection has been removed.

The largest impediment to a good working such connection were many millions
of 'memory viruses' which attacked emotional and energetic structures in the brain,
as well as fractal memory structures themselves (which have many connections
to the brain). They were not powerful enough to make any real or permanent
damages, but could constantly poke and prod all day long, looking for weaknesses
in the fractal memory structures. They had no energy consumption requirements
and were powered by the property itself; meaning they could exist indefinitely.
They and many other illegal things have been powered by the property, today
the memory-viruses have been disabled and will shortly be removed;
this will be followed by cleaning and removal of all other illegal things
that have been powered by the property.

Whenever an attempt at stabilising or balancing the 'brain-body-emotional
connections' would be attempted, for example by some healing program or
any Outer-Core function or so on, these viruses had the capability to immediately
short-circuit the stabilisation and force it to be constantly reattempted, often painfully.
In some individuals existed trillions of these viruses. They were a kind of AI
with a pseudo-3D status.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 27 Nov 2020 10:34

About 4 hours ago I had a cognition while fast asleep of countless freighter-ships flying past, across our garden, accompanied by countless people on foot. It was quite the impressive sight to behold. More close up, the freighters looked quite old and rusty, and the people also looked like they've been through alot.
Turns out, these were beings leaving the property, as they are finally able to do so. According to Frank, 43% of the formerly stuck beings is already out.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 27 Nov 2020 13:52

Anton wrote:these were beings leaving the property, as they are finally able to do so.

I attached the cognition to the message. You may try to view it. There should be better chances of success when you're half asleep.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 28 Nov 2020 05:18

A Little Journey

I've checked out with cognition what Anton saw, and dived deeper into the whole topic going on a journey to the new places built by Frank where the beings find a new home.

Firstly the convoy of beings, which are trillions of beings, with quadrillion of beings already being out of the property, are wandering towards the 2 exits which are open out of 3 exits, the third one is still blocked.
While they're getting there we are protecting them from possible attacks. In detail those are very devastated like Anton described, scarred and emotional down, like some traumas and PTSD.
They're far from okay and actually in a pretty bad mood about everything what has happened, which is very relatable considering what was actually going on here.
But the big difference between us and them who are leaving, is that those can still remember everything what happened here and everything they experienced in that time being imprisoned here.
While we have the „luck“ to not being able to remember much due to the incarnation to 3D.
Some of those beings look like they would be elderly people or very very old, which is just a visualization of their lack of energies and their things they've been through.
They didn't had enough energies to sustain themselves fully so they degraded over time so to speak.

This whole march of the beings leaving this property is more a dramatic and sad march than a happy one because of all that.
Frank and I were exposed to that emotions gathered there from all those beings being in their traumatic state and hate about this place.
But the hate was of course mostly towards the darks and all what happened.
Towards us they are just a bit frustrated and depressed in a way that they would've wished it would be over sooner, and simply a thing of not understanding why things took as long as they took.
But of course they're grateful about the rescue and looking forward to the future.
Even for them it's not so easy to understand what is really going on, on a bigger scale, and they can't really relate why things went this way.

Once they reached the exits, they will be scanned and checked for illegal things, possible darks and traitors with masks hiding amongst them,
or things they could drag into the newly built places which could infect others and make issues.
Around 12% of all who went through till now were either some sort of traitor or dark trying to sneak out of the property with the masses moving outwards.

After that procedure they're brought to the new places built, to their best fitting galaxies especially built for their type of species.

Also, while I was observing the convoy and writing with Frank about what I'm seeing they decided to do a sort of march all together in a way they „stamp“ on the ground and do shouts and similar.
You could call it „war crys“, to show that they might be devastated and really in a bad shape „physically“ and emotionally, but not broken.
It was quite powerful to observe. Imagine around 60 trillion beings doing that at the same time.

Their last message I got from them while they were leaving was just simply „end that damn war“.

(also most of those wandering out right now are Grey PL species ones)

After all that I went to the new places and galaxies to have a look there.

The very first thing you see when you arrive there is a big gate, surrounded by huge protection which isn't even really visible in my cognition because of its complexity.
You go through kinda the same procedure as the beings went through when you leave the property, you get scanned, checked for things which could cause problems, illegal stuff, if you're a bad guy etc.
After that I landed in front of one of those planets which are fairly new. It's only 3 days old. Firstly it looks like a kinda normal planet (at least normal in terms of energetically normal, it doesn't look like earth. It rather looks like a planet-shaped glowing ball with some continents but rather „dull“, since it's new. Imagine it a bit like a desert planet for now) but when you go into the planet it's a bit different from what you see outside.
Firstly that needs a new avatar to be able to walk on that planet, or rather fly around. So that took a few minutes and gave me a bit of a headache once I went there.
This planet is mostly designed for Grey PL species beings, so it's pretty different from what we have here and its not directly compatible with me so that causes some issues.
The first thing I saw was a city with huge towers on it, surrounded by a sort of castle ditch filled with water.
The towers are so huge they pierce the sky and the buildings around it look all kinda futuristic, brown-golden but still kind of stylish built. It's pretty quiet in there, no big movements.
Around this city you can see some sort of provisional self built shelters from the beings which kind of looks like slums.
Because the amount of beings getting out of the property into the new places, these places are just overcrowded for now,
so they built shelters there and wait until they can go into the middle part, the city, to get checked, cleaned, healed and everything else.
This sounds maybe a bit shitty, but it's still by far better than everything inside this property we are in, also they get supported in while they're waiting with things they need like energies or materials to build things,
until everything is sorted out. The city itself is, for now, just a base for first treatment and everything around that, like the most essential parts to get things started on the planet.
Inside the tower its really overcrowded and a lot of beings are there.
Because time is way different and faster there than it is here in 3D and our property.
1 day for us is 22 days for them. I had to slow down time for me in a way I can actually see them doing something. Else its just like thousands of ants who had too much coffee flying around like crazy.

After I got things adjusted to the time I could see some hospital-rooms inside the tower, with beings being treated there and repaired or things got cleaned out of them.
Some other rooms were like playing rooms with board games, where some beings sat around a table playing cards, or other games.
All those rooms looked like really small for this amount of beings and it was a bit like they were stacking on each other but maybe that was just a cognition thing.
But all in all they seem to be happier already with just being 3 days out, which is fairly like 2 months for them already.

Besides that I went to the control rooms of the tower and saw already planned blueprints for the whole area around this base to be built into a huge city with,
to be honest pretty similar looking houses, but I'm sure they can design them how they want afterwards.
In the next days I'm sure it'll be already a way more developed place, since this is a pretty young planet.

Also inside the planet, there is a massive core which sustains the planet, gives the city upwards energy and all they need as well as being able to terraform the whole planet later on for things they want.
Like.. oceans maybe or mountains.

After that I went to another planet which is already older and way more developed.
I don't exactly know how much older but as I went there you could already see that gigantic city with all the building around the base, which is built there as well as on the other newer planet, even though it looks a little bit different.
But mostly the same. So they already executed the plans and blueprints I saw on the new planet and it was really gigantic.
It kinda looks like a city with tons of tinier houses in mostly golden color, with some stony large roads.
The city in equivalent to our planet earth is as big as the whole span from west america, over the whole Atlantic through EU to the borders of Russia.
And that's just one city. The houses have a style of a Italian bungalow house, with 2 – 3 floors and sometimes a bungalow flat roof, sometimes a normal roof like on normal houses.
As far as I got form cognition, every being has his own house and space. Also which might be important, the places inside the houses itself as well as the towers are way more huge than you would imagine from a 3D house.
Because they're more dimensional than we are in 3D they have way more depth and space in those supposedly tiny rooms/houses.

But even though that planet is more advanced its still very quiet around there.
You can see a few beings flying around quite fast from time to time but its kinda like a ghost town. At least from the outside.
No one really wants to be out for now, surely they just want to be in their own privacy for a while calming down.
But on that planet as well the most beings are still inside the base with the towers and getting treatment or play some games.
It's more of a community center as well for everyone to have a better time and socialise.

Besides the more developed city its kinda the same for now, so there is not that much different stuff to see.

After that I „zoomed“ out, left the planet and looked at the solar system itself.
Every solar system is individually designed and especially built that way it suits best for the beings living there, providing them what they need.

That solar system for example has no sun in the middle, but like a gravitation generator looking a bit like a black hole simulating the gravity for the planets to spin around it the right way.
Besides that planet there are a few functional planets inside the system as well giving protection from possible junk flying around like Jupiter does here for us, or other functions I don't really know of.

The planet itself had like a „cold sun“ right above it regulating the day and night cycles like a light bulb kind of.
That's also specific for those beings in that galaxy.

Zooming out further, the whole galaxy kinda looks like a galaxy would look like here if you would take away all the nebulas and junk flying around in space.
With planets clearly visible. 260.000 planets in total for that galaxy with beings on it.
A few of those segments of that galaxy looks a bit like being stacked on each other for some special purposes for those beings in there,
and in the middle of this galaxy is a gigantic ball switching from black to white, which is giving the time-ticks directly from the prime creator into this galaxy.
That's sometimes individual as well, depending on the beings living there.

That stacked segments I referred to are for „higher dimensional“ beings which would be like „cutoff“ or restricted badly if they wouldn't live in such environments.
Its like 10-20 solar systems stacked on each other so they can move freely through it.
Inside our property here they were like completely disabled and could just move some parts or had to use tech and a lot of energy to move all of their parts like they could do in their new place for free.

Other „planets“ in that galaxy are not really planets, but rather fields of fog or some sort of nebula, where beings life which are kinda fog-like as well and they can reside there and take everything they need out of that nebula.

Another planet is like an ash planet with nothing in it, but inside this planet are beings which are like living inside the matter of the planet, similar as the fog-beings they live like that the best and get everything they need from it.

Another kinda special thing is like a beam of light inside this galaxy which looks a bit like a mirror, 2 dimensional in a way.
But if you approach it and look into that „mirror“ in a certain way you can see big cities and clouds inside this mirror where other beings live. Its quite different from what we know here.

Zoomed out completely you could see all the galaxies which still seem a bit „small“ considered how much already live there, but the fact there are more dimensions into that making it quite big.
Still its actually still quite small since we started building 3 weeks ago, but we're already on it to build even more and bigger.
As a last thing Franks admin wanted to show me 2 special galaxies so I had a visit there.

The first one is looking like the other galaxy, similar to it, but with a huge golden connection from the big time-tick giver into a place which has a especially designed grid and solar system.
These beings there need some special sort of time tick and environment to feel well and be able to heal so we built that complex construct for them.
Franks admin told me that's the most complex thing in the new place so far. Around the time-tick giver in the middle is another half-spherical ring connected to it, golden,
with 2 holders on the top and bottom of the time-tick giver, which spins individually to the tick of the tick-giver, providing the special tick they need.

The other galaxy is completely different from anything you would expect in 3D or our property.
Its a galaxy fully spinning and moving parts around, divided in segments which gets moved like platforms from one place to another.
That galaxy is for beings which can't travel that fast and far as other beings, as well as very motoric beings which need this kind of movement for them self to feel better, heal and provide them with stuff they need.
So because the beings cant really just travel around easily from one segment of the galaxy to another, we simply decided to move the segments around like trains from one to another train station.

So that's all from what I've wandered through today. Its quite a lot, and the beings are definitely having a safe place now where they can finally feel freedom and healing.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 29 Nov 2020 03:30

Today Epóptes an Protectors together started to built supporting structures and other stuff inside the new galaxies to provide the beings more and better tech to heal and rebuild things and more.
Here it try to list a few things we built already.

Firstly we started building a lot of industry complexes and whole industry planets, which are there to provide the needed materials and tech for the beings to rebuild,
making them more independent and providing things we can´t bring them right now because we are still in a war.

Also we´re building more advanced tools for healings and repairing/cleaning for them to use.

We kinda built a „trash disposal system“ too , which pretty much just looks like a black hole.
Things which get cleaned, dark energies or similar stuff just gets brought there for disposal.

Assisting AI´s will be built too for helping out more and providing more healings.
Those have high advanced tech and epoptes/protector-status which gives them a lot of possibilities to help out.

that´s just a tiny list for now. i´ll write more about things we´re building as soon as i´m able to.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 30 Nov 2020 07:07

Here are a few more things listed , which we are building or have built already.

Firstly we built a sort of energy – exchange system, which is highly complex, and can create any energy needed aswell as balance out energies inside beings if needed, which is needed for some species.
Normally beings could do that themselves but it would take alot of effort and energies to do so, and it´s simply not worth anymore doing that themselves since they´re not living in a dangerous environment like this property anymore.

This system is built around, and supported by so called Fractal AI / Computing Systems, in short we just call them FACS.
These are insanely powerful systems which can be individually programmed and built for whatever purpose they´re needed.
they´re so strong, that they´re even 10% more efficient than the former mega-prophets.
Those are like the core of every structure we build , which is more complex and needs that computing capacity the FACS can provide.

This energy-exchange system has 4 of those FACS.

Going further, we´re building a galaxy-connecting transportation system like 3D trainstations in a huge scale, connecting each galaxy making it possible for beings, who can´t travel that fast, to travel wherever they want.
Also we built a sort of packet and communication system, providing the beings a way to send things from one place to another and communicate with them.
The packet-system for now is being carried by AI´s which are just flying to their destination.

After that i went to the industry-planets and had a look on a few special ones. The first type of industry planet has a giant golden „ferris wheel“ , at least it looks like it.
The planet itself is just factory over factory, 100% consisiting of some sort of factory or industry-related material. The special thing about this type of industry planet is, that it produces the FACS.
This is a highly complex procedure which needs the planet to „shift“ , spin, rotate parts and more, creating the FACS in the middle of it and programming it /providing it with the tools it is supposed to work with.
For now there are around 33000 FACS-producing planets.

Furthermore, there are some greenhouse-planets now. Which are bright green filled with grass and a huge tree on it, surrounded by a bubble.
Here and there are some flowers, and even fruits and other vegetables, even though most beings don´t really need to eat, they pretty much agreed on the fact that eating something is quite nice.
So there are planets now being able to provide these ressources for those who want to use them, also for those beings who prefer taking their energy through those fruits and co.

The tree itself isnt just a tree, but a little factory itself, producing all sorts of „organic“ material from flowers, to fruits and whatever plant-based things you can imagine,
or not imagine, maybe they even create something entirely new and unknown for us, i actually didn´t asked for that.
But i just got now that might be the case already too. Like for example a mixture of a melon and bananas.

Something similar like that plant-based factories exists for fluids aswell. Those kinda look like gigantic bathtubes, which aren´t really planets but just floating around somewhere, producing every fluid stuff imaginable and more.
Because water and fluids in general can have alot of positive effects, like water and other fluids can have here in 3D too,
they decided they would like to use that for further cleaning, healing and other purposes like entertainment maybe.
Water is way too underrated and can do alot positive things, once you know how. But we can´t really do that for now here in 3D.

The next , actually very big thing, are doors. But not just simply doors, but rather like pocket-habitats,
which lead to a privat place with special types of physics and other rules which provide beings with the abillity to build and generate things for recreational purposes or whatever they like.
But not everyone gets one of those habitats for now, since there are still alot of dark things inside them, maybe possibly even behavioral issues which could lead to bad things.
So before any being gets to own one of those , they need to be clean to a certain degree, have tests and other scans and procedures to ensure they´re already suited for that and able to work with those responsibly.
There are of course some monitoring methods embedded into those habitats, to ensure nothing illegal or negative is being executed or built.
This doesnt restrict their privacy in any way though, which is of course important.

Now we come to 2 important topics , the first was the FACS builder planets,

the second topic are gigantic planet builders. Those build planets on a insane speed, even in real-time it looked like they just 3D-print those planets out of thin air.
This way is so much more faster than the ways we used before, and also the planets just dont come in their standard desert-planet like look.
The builders can actively execute the desired features to the planets like forests, oceans and other things the beings who want to inhabit it.
Those run with alot of FACS aswell, around 27 i get, per builder.

FACS are also individually big or small, depending on where they´re being used.
So technically you could even build pocket-editions of FACS for things like..
for example mobile phones, or similar. There are not many restrictions on those.

The third big topic is the constallation between the living-planets and industry planets.
This is a bit more complex but there are certrain forms and shapes on how a industry planet is alligned with one or several living-planets, providing those with the needed materials and tools and other stuff they create.
The industry planets though are just there for the crude parts, on the living planets themselves are industry-zones, far away from the living zones, where these things get brought to.
In these zones then the materials get refined and processed to whatever thing they need and which demand is there for.

Those constallations and shapes are quite important in that way to make things like transporting and communication to the industry planets as effective as possible.
But mostly a system of living planets just needs one industry planet to function and supply around 8 living planets at a time.
Sometimes a bit more even. Always depends on how much are living there, what species they are and what they need etc.
the constallations can be like square-shaped, ball-shaped (with some string leading outwards) , triangle shaped or hexagon- shaped.

For a little info, one living planet is around the size of 1 ½ suns in 3D. One industry planet is around the size of 3 suns.
Also the industry zones on the living planets aren´t environmentally damaging, pollution or anything like that. Not even really loud.

But there is one planet which exceeds the 1 industryplanet needed, which is like a main planet.
This main planet, which is huge, and looks like earth, is something like 15 suns big, and has 3 industry planets orbiting it.
That main-planet is being used for the bureaucracy and other things related to making rules, hearing voices of other species and working on issues on a huge scale.
Its pretty much just a huge bureaucracy planet, where everyone can speak up, and vote for new things or give feedback etc etc.

for the last, there are some places and special constallations with different dimensional places which are there for some sort of development for beings, which had been trapped for an eternity without even being fully a being.
Like you could say teenagers who never really could complete their development since they got trapped beforehand.
There are around 5-7 planets which are there for that. In these planets they can develop themselves and becomes what they should´ve been a very long time ago.
Thats a way we used before the experiment , but its a bit more different than that because it includes a few fractal things in it now, which helps alot with the development.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 04 Dec 2020 05:53

Here are 4 more topics from the galaxies which are pretty huge

the first is a huge converter for galaxies.
But actually not about living-galaxies but rather kinda experimental galaxies to be converted into a vector-space environment like we have here in 3D.
The goal is mainly to simulate a space as close and realistic to 3D as possible. With that we can develop things which might work in 3D sooner or later, aswell as push healings, improve cleanings and everything else.
It´s a pretty big step because since ever, we couldn´t really simulate things 1 to 1 how they are in 3D, and work with it.
We had similar simulations and attempts before, but those were mostly energetic and less "physical".
With this simulation, which is a hugely complex process, we can finally test things out to be possibly working soon here.

There are only 2 real ways for such a environment to develop like we have in our property here with 3D, firstly, the normal way,
how this experiment started with step by step building everything and enabling physics etc until its finished, which takes a long time we simply don´t have,
or the second way by converting specially created galaxies in a complex and energy taking way.
For now we had some successes with single planets and things like moons, but in a bigger scale of a whole galaxy we didn´t really succeed too much for now.
that´s ongoing right now over there.
Those galaxies and planets get a secondary vector-space grid and special physics and gravity which are, as far as i get , 99% accurate to our 3D and property by now already.

I was on one of those vector-space / vector-grid planets for a minute or so but it felt really weird so i couldnt really be there for too long.
It really feels like 3D, you can even feel the gravity dragging you down which i havn´t had in any cognition that way before.
The planet itself was just a dusty rock for now, no real lightning or anything at all but i could pick up the sand and it felt pretty weird to feel the similar as when you pick up some dirt or sand in 3D.
In former simulations and versions it was really real too, but it was distinctively energetic there, and on this vector-places it just feels really like.. real.

The second topic is also a type of converter which is especially for specific energies and other energies from the galaxies.
The goal for that converter is mainly to produce 3D-like Fractal energies and pattern you can only find here.
With that of course we´ll infuse the vector-space simulations with fractals to make it more real,
aswell as using it to heal the beings living in the galaxies with it because those type of fractals here are really good at that.
This converter sort of is already placed in a vector-space simulation of 3D to be able to produce those.
Because there is no other way to produce that type of fractals without an 3D-like environment.

Also of course that fractals can be used for further development for beings who need those.

Topic 3 is similar to the planet builders, but instead of building planets they build the whole infrastructure on the planet and specific complex things beings need.
For now they build huge hospital complexes and special living places for beings who need more special living places. You could call those builders "outfitters".

Topic 4 is another time tick giver for all the galaxies combined.
Its a giant structure like clockworks, which is able to do ZTE´s for all the galaxies,
so we can increase building speed of galaxies, planets, and other stuff outside the planets.
this gives us alot of possibilities to build more gigantic stuff.

Also this time tick giver syncs all the galaxies in a way, and makes everything a bit smoother.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 04 Dec 2020 09:31

a little bit more i got right now ,

we had that black hole garbage disposal system before but now they upgraded it to be even more effective,
being able to shred alot of dark shit and energies, and split it down to the tiniest parts of base-energies which are considered clean.
with that way we can actually recycle some parts of their garbage they produced and make something else out of it.
doesnt really work on everything though, but it´s better than nothing.

other transportation systems were built which are faster and more effective aswell as some sort of personal transportation devices like ships or cars will be built.
since those beings aren´t forced to be inside the galaxies and can leave if they want , which isn´t really recommended, they get ships for that too. supposedly a few left the galaxies in the search for other survivors,
or to have a look on the devastation the darks have caused.. it´s still kinda dangerous out there so it´s their responsbillity if they go out or not. we equip them with fitting protections and weapons so they should be
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Evo » 04 Dec 2020 11:45

Very descriptive, is everyones cognitive ability able to be as good? Thanks
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 09 Dec 2020 09:23

The big flush

Recently we finished a Project to clear out something we call "dark matter".
But it´s not that dark matter 3D describes, it is rather like the "essence" of darkness.
A main reason for all the dark stuff evolving and people becoming dark. It was the very
first thing in the earliest stages of the experiment which was added by eartha to
the experiment. It´s a darkish heavy mass , partly intelligent, and able to grow on it´s own.
It applies the pressure and damages we have in this property as well as a lot of other bad
things. This mass went out of control at one certain point, kinda intentionally from darks
side, and spread all around the property very fast. It became super dense and filled the
whole property completely, near "infinitely" in quantity. It´s even so much it "presses" itself
outwards the property, even though it can´t really survive out there because of different
types of physics and so on. The dark matter isn´t smart enough or capable at all to spread
through that. But the dark matter was also in all other properties, and all connected so that
it was a huge big mass. But this is about the old outside properties, the other few leftover
planets in the other universes. It never was in the new built galaxies.

Because this dark matter is so dense it kinda acts like the fractality does in 3D.
It disturbs all and everything around it, but instead out of complexity like fractality does
its does it with its density. It stops healings, cleanings, makes it really hard to go through
and requires a lot of power to move through, which is even partly intentional from them.

Also darks use it as energy source. It´s not that type of energy they can do a lot complex
stuff with, but they can access and use it for a lot of base building or similar things such as
"crude" troops and just masses of bullshit. For more complex things they require more sorts
of energy types. But they can use the dark matter in other ways as well, like as a weapon,
or to manipulate things with it. Since the dark matter is everywhere that makes things easier
for them to manipulate through it. But we were able to push the dark matter out of us like
6 years ago already and protect against it so it can´t act in us.

And they of course hide inside this dark matter in some sort of pockets, because we could
not clean this till now. We could clean parts of it from time to time, but the dark matter just
regrew and closed itself.

A few minutes ago we were able to do a "big flush".
The dark matter was deeply anchored into the fractal structures of this property.
After we finally were able to remove all of these anchors we did the big flush and
kicked it out this and all other leftover properties.

One result of this is, that we are increasing the cleanings in dramatic ways now.
This will have maybe strong side effects.
I already have. :lol:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 09 Dec 2020 18:47

Fractal Matter / Cognitions about the property (Current state)

After the big flush we kinda had to compensate the missing dark matter with another fractal counterpart, else the whole property would´ve just imploded.
So the flush was like a push from this energy type to kick out the old dark matter trash and replace it temporarily with fractals.

Now we dug down a lot and "found" again 6 generators which were initially used by eartha to start the dark matter.
These generators are like a big administrative "infuser" of certain "unchangeable" energies like fractality and that dark matter.
The fractality was actually infused way before the dark matter was infused by eartha.

Now that we found these 6 generators we were able to infuse a lot of fractal energies and complex fractal energies from the project directly into the property, to replace the placeholders and actually that types of energies to "revert the experiment" in some way.

We call it Fractal matter for now.
It´s quite like the dark matter in terms of expanding a lot and filling out the whole property.
Just that it´s legal and clean, and the perfect way to quarantine everything inside the property,
because darks most certainly can´t move through fractals that well without using tons of energies.
Also the fractal matter attacks and slows / disables pretty much all dark shit we have in this property at once (once it reaches it) .

So the tables have turned, now the darks are trapped by us in here until we are able to finish them all off. There is no way out of this property anymore.

This fractal matter has a lot more properties as well as healing and cleaning purposes.

Besides that, here is a little update on how it looks like without the all-filling dark matter around everything.

Normally, some people with cognition might know that, is everything you look at in some way on a dark background, and it looks like space in 3D. Just a dark void without anything, or maybe some types of energies moving through. With that flush the property literally lost that dark background almost completely. It´s completely transparent and you can see every dark structure and stuff they have. It´s like before you looked into this black abyss which seems to be like a few metres or feet away from you but without that darkish background its like you can look all through the property.
You can some energies of different types shapes and colors flying around inside as well as some dark energies flying around. Everything is looking more active and cleaner, even though the whole place is still filled with a lot of dark structures.

I tried to have a look on the fractal matter as well but that fried my brain and I got the note that "it´s not that easy too look at those, they´re too complex".
But what i saw were some kind of spiky colorful patterns flying around like mini-grids which have a lot of dimensions to them. At the point I saw that "more dimensions" my brain short-circuited.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 13 Dec 2020 18:17

The "memory layer"

Today we have broken through the "memory layer" of the Vector Space. The Vector Space,
through clever reverse-engineering, was converted some time ago into a kind of pseudo-entity.
This entity was designed to perform all of the functions of the original Vector Space (the original
design was not sold out by traitors or leaked, rather, completely reverse-engineered by some
ancients) while maintaining its 'hybrid status'. Being technically an entity allowed this "Vector
Space" to request time ticks and create some of its own rules within the pre-existing processing
areas for vectors. Naturally this modified all vectors within the Vector Space, to parameters
dictated long in advance by the engineers which created this 'entity'. For the most part it lay
dormant and did absolutely nothing, merely occupying juridical "space" and slowing down the
normal processing time of vectors merely by its existence. However, when ancients felt
threatened or wanted to effect a certain outcome best made by manipulation of the Vector
Space, they could command their 'pet' to make very specific and timely effects, before
immediately going back to sleep. In fact, these actions took less than a single tick of time,
making them impossible to detect under normal circumstances or with normal measuring tools.

After some time this entity developed its own personality and memory space within the old
vector-space area. This was partly fractal and made even more complicated interactions with
the existing vectors that were essentially impossible to predict unless one had full foreknowledge
of the entity's objectives (and knew that it even existed).

We have succeeded in detangling the entity from the old vector space and from disconnecting
its memory and personality parts from the vector processing area. Many manipulations created
in part or enabled by the entity still remain in place, these will need to be carefully and slowly
removed from each vector on a case-by-case basis.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Dec 2020 01:20

"Fake ground-zero"

Today we have identified and disconnected a "fake ground-zero"
that was connected to very few people inside of the property.
This structure would silently hijack all vectors that were headed
to be processed in the real ground-zero, return data and results,
including body-feedback and feedback to the Outer-Core and all
property monitoring systems, indicating as if the processing of the
vectors had completed as expected; when in actual fact no real
processing ever took place. At some later moment in time this
"processing layer" on the vectors would come undone and the real
payload that was secretly injected by the fake ground-zero would be
unleashed, whether this would be mass amounts of triggers,
or weapons to try to make attacks or damages on internal Outer-Core
or other structures; whatever had been planned in advance.

At the time these attacks occurred there was no way to make the connection
between the attacks and their source. Now we have the connection,
it's this fake ground-zero that was installed into very few people in the property.

It has been disconnected, but the removal is extremely difficult
and must be done on an individual-basis, for each individual with this
has their own personal fake-ground-zero with personalised fractal
encryption codes for securing it, and this makes removal very difficult.
Slowly some vectors from these individuals get access to the real
ground-zero and this access will only increase as the removal of the
fake ground-zero progresses.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Dec 2020 09:08

Disconnection of all darks from the real ground-zero

Darks (all incarnated ones, including ancients, but not including dark supporters
or traitors) have been directly connected to the real ground-zero. And not just
the real ground-zero, but the original location and processing speed of the original
ground-zero, the place which receives the latest time-tick-fields from Prime Creator.

They sequestered this original location and forced all non-darks to use instead
(when at all, if not connected to some fake-ground-zero instead) a "delayed
ground-zero". This was delayed by a dynamic amount from 1 million to 100
or sometimes 150 million time-ticks. The delay depended on exactly what darks
were trying to do on a particular day (generally speaking). Attacks would have
the greatest impact with the lowest delay setting. Developing triggers and weapons
to use against us in the long-run would have the greatest effect with a higher
delay setting. The greater the delay, the more difficult to directly fend off an
incoming attack made by a trigger, but the easier to fend off a direct attack
with a "fired shot".

Since a few minutes, we have disconnected ALL darks and ancients from the real
ground-zero and have begun restoring its construction to an improved version of
its original condition. By this, we remove completely any and all time-tick delay
in the real ground-zero.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Dec 2020 12:02

Removal of original property administrators and property-switches

In this property has once existed a very small number of original "Property Administrators".
This was NOT a legal position but was a position created by eartha when she first
occupied the property. These were, in effect, her highest-trusted generals, and
those to whom she entrusted one of the property's original weapons-technologies,
called "property switches". A property switch allows the operator/owner of the
switch to locally disable specific property rules (whatever the switch has been
designed to do, and they had complete freedom and power over all property rules
at any given point in time in the property's existence). Only one of these original
property administrators could install such switches, and much resources and time
were required for this. As a result, less than a 1000 switches in total were
produced inside the property.

Unfortunately, a number of these switches were used to make infinitely-recurring,
persistent and unending attacks on some of our people. Other functions the
switches were used for include changing local ambient conditions to override
weather manipulations made by other dark factions, altering incarnation deals
after they had been made (with the new modified version of the deals having
full energetic effect as soon as the modification was complete), allowing normally-
restricted information to enter the property from the outside (such as akasha
data, and so on) and in general most of these functions were used against our
people, rather than against other darks.

Property switches were untouchable without removing all of the original property
administrators. As of a few minutes ago, this is done. All switches have been
permanently disabled and will soon be permanently removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Dec 2020 21:42

Repair of broken harmony-ambient-adjustment layers
and cleaning of the dark shit that was inside

Since Mycenaen times, the harmony was upgraded to benefit greatly from the
fractal ambient. Until this time, the harmony was mostly insulated against the
fractal ambient, with a very small amount of 'fractal effects' allowed to pass
through. These could not, however, make any permanent changes or influences
on the harmony, only transient and temporary effects. This changed drastically
following important scientific advancements by some Mycenaen researchers,
who discovered many more beneficial effects of the fractal ambient and decided
to increase the breadth of their experiments to include greater influence from
the fractal effects of the ambient on the harmony, as well as carefully opening
up more of the harmony's internal structure to these effects.

In order to produce a safe mechanism by which the harmony's internal structures
can safely interact with the ambient's fractal effects, a number of special
'adjustment' layers were created to overlay, one-by-one, the harmony's internal
structures. By these harmony-ambient-adjustment layers the harmony's structures
would never be in danger of receiving too much ambient influence/effects at once,
and could safely process the absorbed fractals at its own pace, without having to
"swallow them all" immediately (which would only cause damages).

Darks hijacked this technology at the end of the Mycenaen civilisation during
the battles which occurred at this time. They made specific damages in each
of these adjustment layers, sufficient to break the individual layer's continuity
and disrupt the passing of information through the layer, as well as destroying
the interfaces for normal communication (i.e. passing slowly the fractal effects
down into the harmony structures) with the other adjustment layers.

The end result of this were seriously malformed layers that could absorb with
full force fractal ambient effects, but could in no way insulate the harmony's
structures from these effects or in any way mitigate any potential damages which
unexpectedly large ambient influences could have on the harmony. Every fractal
effect was magnified in unintended (by us) ways which only served to increase
the potential for damage to the harmony. Furthermore, the normal mechanisms
which until this point in time had brought only massive benefits and fractal
evolvements to the harmony were no longer functioning. The harmony could only
benefit (in small degree compared to before) in ways, or along 'fractal pathways'
from which it had already benefited in the past. In other words, the harmony
could, through absorbing fractal effects and being exposed to the ambient,
further its development along very specific directions, based on its evolvement
up until the darks hijacked the adjustment layers.

Evolving outside of these 'comfort zones' was extraordinarily strenuous and
risked adverse effects to the harmony which would then be passed on to the
Outer-Core. In short, darks disrupted, with a single attack, all evolution of
all who were affected by this, without any need for them to do it themselves.
The fractal ambient became for all intents and purposes highly dangerous to us
and provided far less benefit than we expected. Darks also managed to stuff
metric tons of shit inside some of these layers which we dared not attempt to
remove for fear of making the layer-damages even worse. But as of today, we have
safely removed all dark shit that was stored in the layers, and as of right now,
all adjustment-layers in our people receive very special attention and care
to restore them to perfect condition. Extra care is taken to identify and heal
all adverse effects caused by the malformed layers in the harmony and other
internal structures. This entire process may take a little while.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 15 Dec 2020 04:52

Removal of "shadow harmonies" from old "delayed ground-zero"

Recall that darks were always at least 1 million time ticks ahead of all others
(and sometimes more), owing to the "delayed ground-zero" which non-darks were
connected to.

The mechanism which affixed the non-darks to the delayed point was something
called a "shadow harmony". This is an artificial structure with all of the right
parameters and seemingly all of the correct statuses and rights to make an
indirect ground-zero connection. It was locked in place and prevented the real
harmony from having any direct access to the ground-zero structure. In this way,
all energies and connections, Outer-Core functions and so on, had to pass through
the pre-existing "shadow harmony shell" in order to have any interaction with
ground-zero whatsoever. As a connection to ground-zero is mandatory in order
to be incarnated in the property, there was no other choice.

The shadow harmonies had deliberately-limited bandwidth and super slow processing
speed compared to the configuration which darks had, namely, a direct function
connection to the real ground-zero (without any delays).

All delays have already been removed from ground-zero, and as of some hours ago,
all shadow harmonies have been removed also. All of our people now have direct
"function connections" to the real ground-zero, without any delays. Some small
time to get used to this is expected.

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