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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 10 Jan 2019 16:15

Thius wrote:For how many "earth-felt" years were these beings held hostage?

34 millions
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anci » 11 Jan 2019 15:19

Grayfox wrote:My experiences of visiting the new habitats of the 6 sextillion rescued beings of Prime Creation

I wanted to check on the 6 sextillion beings rescued from The Ring, to see if they were okay, if they needed anything, if they had any problems, etc.

So, I was able to visit the new habitats where the 6 sextillion beings were moved to. I had several short visits, and here is my experiences below. It's not really well edited or anything, more like a stream of consciousness, so enjoy:

First visit:
I realised that I was slowly beginning the connection process (and I heard that this was happening, too).
It was like changing frequency, it was a totally different world I needed to tune into, and I needed to re-synchronise to the new world to go there. The synchronisation began, so I heard, and I could speed it up by manually ordering a "Synchronise All" command with Dropbox. So I did so. As my synchronisation was running (only a few moments), I saw what appeared as faint shapes of beings around. It was something like tuning into the frequency of a world, and they were slowly beginning to take more and more solid form around me. At first, the space appeared nearly empty, and the beings as nearly transparent, but they became very quickly as solid as I was, and I soon after appeared solidly in their world.

The surroundings appeared as a large, spherical/dome-shaped structure, something like a massive greenhouse, reminding me of that scene from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", where they are all running around and playing.
Surrounding me all around were tons of small beings, they looked like cuddly, friendly little blue aliens. I had never seen anything like this before, "huh, so this is what Prime Creation beings look like," I thought to myself.
I got the impression that they were children, that they were ALL children. I didn't see a single one that looked larger than the others, and they all appeared similar, blue in colour; I didn't get a good enough look to see if they had individual visual differences in appearance, but I think that they did.
Upon my full synchronisation and full solid arrival into their world/planet, they immediately noticed me and started to crowd around me. I had all of their attention at once. I heard that this was 1 billion beings, all in one place. I had the impression that one of them was speaking to me, "There's 1 billion of us here, so the others are on 600,000 other planets; I don't know if that's the right number, I can't count very well."
They were immediately very excited to see me!
I had the sensation that I was being thrown up into the air (this was a gesture of theirs which indicated that they were very excited to see me).
However, I don't think I actually physically moved at all, but I saw myself as being thrown in the air. And then my focus returned to the ground. I noticed immediately that every single one of them was totally happy, without a worry or a care in the world. Totally playful and carefree. None of them had a clue about the danger they had been in. And I didn't care to tell them. At the sudden realisation of the huge disconnect between the gravity of their situation, and their playful, carefree nature, I immediately reacted in 3D, and began to cry. This was powerful enough to affect my energetical avatar in their world, which began to softly cry as well. It was enough for them to notice, and they asked me why I was crying.
I didn't want them to see me crying, and I told them so. "I'm just so happy to see you guys alive, that's all. Can I speak to your parents?" They didn't seem to react to the underlying message behind my words, which is good, again they seemed totally carefree, and I was glad to let them remain that way. I didn't want to bring my foreign emotions into their world and overwhelm them with the knowledge of my 3D world.

After asking to see their parents, I was told (as words in my head, though I didn't see any mouths moving I still heard their voices) that their parents/the adults of their species were located on other planets; and at this information I was given a picture visually of the planet I was on, and the connections and pathways from it to other planets located around on various points of a sphere; they were all part of a nodal network, and you could travel from one to the other (though I didn't see how).
They told me it's no problem, we can easily travel to the other planets, and shortly after this, word seemed to spread of my arrival, and before I knew it, a few adult beings had appeared next to me (out of nowhere). Only a few, perhaps 5 in total. I had the feeling that more would have been on their way if I had stayed longer. The adults appeared larger than the children, and some of them were extremely tall, up to the very tip of the ceiling. I was concerned if the habitat was large enough, but one of them assured me that they were very happy to be there. They are shapeshifter beings, he told me, so they could pick whatever size and height they wished. They had plenty of room, and did not feel constricted or cramped at all, despite so many children filling the space.

Moments after the adults arrived, I once again found myself suddenly in the air (I didn't move smoothly from the ground to the air, rather my perspective suddenly left the ground and appeared in the air, followed by reappearing on the ground; repeated by once again in the air, and then suddenly again on the ground. This entire thing repeated 3-4 times before I was disoriented and thankfully asked them to stop for now (though I was actually starting to get used to the experience).

Though I kept "appearing in the sky", I never actually left the ground. This was their way of communicating to me that they were very pleased to see me. They could make me see their feelings in pictures, without even touching me (though they were in my proximity, they did not actually touch me). It was amazing to communicate in this way.

At this moment, I had the concern that any negative emotions of mine, or baggage of 3D would spoil their pure joy, and I thought it might be best to leave, and so I did.

My impression of the overall ambient and surrounding planets (though I only saw a few of them at this time) was that everything was functioning very well in a very tidy, organised fashion.
Overall a very moving experience.

Second visit

Time to go back! Connecting back, I went to a different habitat, but with the same species of beings inside.

I saw a few kids, much fewer than the last time, who again noticed me and wanted to come around me and play, so we spent some time laughing and playing until an adult walked over. At some point, I asked one of the kids if they had any mirror by which I could see myself. The best I could find with their help was some glass window or something set inside the floor (kind of like a floating 'space station') into which I could look and see the form I had. I could not see the form clearly, but I knew that I was looking at it, and I could get some impressions of it, as well as a somewhat partial description. It was grey in colour, a soldier's uniform. I heard the words "A proud Protoi soldier". It looked somehow strange, as though it was old-fashioned clothes. It gave me a sense of warmth, and somehow carried with it the feeling of a good soldier.
As I heard the words, I heard an adult nearby (who I think had been running around earlier in the shape of some large circular creature), who remarked, "We haven't seen one of those in 100 billion years or more", in reference to my uniform.
This was followed by, "Who are you?" I introduced myself as a Protoi, and we began to discuss what he knew about his current situation.

He said that he knew that something was wrong: the world changed, and you could no longer go to a different world anymore, "it was the same world, over and over and over again. We nearly died, until we discovered together that we needed to play the game, to mine (I think he said 'mine') every day to get food. Can you imagine having to struggle every day for survival?" he said, in a serious, punctured tone. I told him that I could, and when he asked how, I paused for a moment. Owing to my newfound skills at nonverbal communication, I could have shared my feelings with him, and given him an impression of the 3D I had experienced, with all of its own pain and suffering and toiling each day for survival. But I decided against it, he had been through enough for the moment. Now was the time for him to rest.

He explained that the previous location I had visited was just the playground, and that's why it was filled with so many kids. He told me that indeed, they do have homes to live in, and he showed his small hut. We stepped inside and I was immediately taken aback with how much larger it was on the inside: there was a long, narrow corridor, perpendicular to the entryway, and the entire inner structure appeared as a very tight, cosy room, branching off to the left and right. However, although I could see a wall in front of me where the end of the hut should be, I could walk into and through it, all the while 'never leaving the hut'. I could walk seemingly endlessly through the wall, into what appeared as a vast, endless library.
He told me that this was infinite, there was no limits, he could make his house as big as he wanted. The stairs which were by the door took me upstairs to a similar landing and a similar corridor. This was repeated a few times with similar results: there was always more stairs to climb, should I want to do so. I got the pictures and impression that he could expand his house in this manner to as large as he wanted, there was no limit! He could even put a house inside of his house, he said, which would also act as infinitely as this one. He was very impressed with the technology, though he didn't know who had made it, and was very grateful.

I asked if he had any message for the one who invented it, as I knew him, and he asked me to give him a big hug from him. I asked him about food. "Food? We don't need to eat! We just give the order, `energy`, and we immediately get the perfect amount of energy we need. We CAN eat, but we don't need to." And I had an immediate sense of how wonderful this all was. Infinite housing and not needing to eat, wow.

I'd forgotten to mention the huge hug he'd given me when he met me. It was a circular, spinning sensation all around, unlike anything I'd ever experienced. He also started crying shortly afterwards, probably after describing the terrible place he had been in, and how cramped and desperate it was. The kids surrounded him and started to send him the same hug sensation he had given me. He told me that they hadn't seen him crying, though they did not appear to be negatively affected by it.

Frank told me that he had some other harmonies around, checking on the species/beings and so on, so I thought it would be great to go and visit one of these other harmonies of his. I asked my new friend what his name was, and I didn't get a name (in words) in response, but rather a nonverbal sensation of a tremendous lick, from top to bottom. "Okay, so your name means a big lick, is that right?" And he nodded. So me and "Big Lick" went outside of this particular habitat, looking for one of Frank's other harmonies.

Stepping outside, we were immediately greeted by a HUGE, transformer-like avatar, that was making its way through the outside (which was much different than the inside, the outside was somehow barren and desolate in appearance). "What the fuck!" was all I could say, despite my trying not to swear in front of the kids 10 minutes ago. When he saw us, this harmony of Frank's transformed into a much smaller avatar, roughly the same as my size, but the enormous transformer disappeared, and he approached us with a friendly greeting. He seemed to know me, although I didn't recognise him, and told him as such, explaining that I was incarnated on Earth, and that I knew Frank. At the mention of Frank, he immediately reacted in the positive and expressed that he would like for me to pass on my regards. I agreed, and told him that I wanted to see some other planets, some other species. "Show me something interesting," I told him.

I invited "Big Lick" to join us, but he said he'd rather not, if it was all the same, so we left him there. If I have it right, as we left, he was laughing that I thought his name was "Big Lick". A friend reminded him that it was.

Together with this harmony of Frank's, who introduced himself as something sounding like "KlerosTOR", we travelled around and visited 3 other species he wanted to show me (Frank told me that there's 1.3 billion species on these habitats). The first of which were very tiny beings, KlerosTOR told me, so we should take small avatars. I turned into an ant, which he said was perfect, and was confronted with the sight of some small, round black shapes around me. The previous species I had encountered did not touch, though they came close, but these ones did gently touch me, with many soft black "feelers" that extended out of the round shape and then retracted back again. I think they communicated that they were happy to see me. KlerosTOR told me that this was a baby being, in the consciousness stage. It reminded me of a hive-mind, though I'm not sure if it was one.

The next species we visited was some bird-like creatures, very large and flat in shape. Upon my arrival, the bird said (in some kind of nonverbal communication), "Hello". That was all, just a simple Hello, nothing more and nothing less.
"They don't really communicate," KlerosTOR informed me, and so we left to visit a third species (Frank later told me that these bird creatures were full size level-2 entities). This was some kind of fish-like creature, that could apparently swim without water, and travel a few centimetres below the ground. "A psychic fish", KlerosTOR said. It communicated somehow telepathically (or similar), whenever it touched you. So it swam around my foot, and each time it completed it's "cycle", I saw a word appear in some kind of mental space:

And that was all from the communication of the fish. Frank told me later that this was indeed a being!

That ended my adventures for today. But I had many strong emotional reactions that I can't explain.. it really touched me.

Like you have been on Smurfs planet! :character-smurf: :text-goodpost:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 11 Jan 2019 15:36

Anci wrote:Like you have been on Smurfs planet! :character-smurf: :text-goodpost:

I don't know why, but until now I thought this emote :character-smurf: was holding it's arms over it's head and doing a gesture with it's hands... :laughing-rolling:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Finn » 11 Jan 2019 16:07

Thius wrote:
Anci wrote:Like you have been on Smurfs planet! :character-smurf: :text-goodpost:

I don't know why, but until now I thought this emote :character-smurf: was holding it's arms over it's head and doing a gesture with it's hands... :laughing-rolling:

Oh lol, that's funny! :lol: I totally see what you mean. It's almost like a Blue Smiley holding a bowl over it's head. I did see a smurf when I first saw it but maybe the Smurfette cose to it gave it away. :character-smurfette:

It's a lot of Fun when you find stuff like that out. :-D
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 13 Jan 2019 06:20

The Harmony Killswitch

This was a harmony killswitch that was installed by eartha as a fail-safe,
should her attempt to lock herself away in her own experiment fail.

This was put in place shortly before the incarnation trap was created,
when eartha locked herself and all who are here in her experiment.

Eartha had spent her time quietly finding out the identities of the key people
who had access to all harmonies of all who had a harmony.

Then one day, very shortly after starting her experiment, but before creating the incarnation trap,
she suddenly and without warning and totally unexpectedly, attacked and killed (crashed)
all of these beings permanently. By this slaughter, she retrieved their access to all harmonies for herself.

This was a deeply tragic event for us all. But only moments after the event, our memory about it
and all information related to it were removed from us, because eartha had wasted no time
in immediately using her new access to install a massive harmony-hostage situation,
the biggest of its kind, in ALL who had a harmony.

The only ones who did not get this shit installed were the ones who were crashed, only moments prior.

All darks had this installed too, and this is the real reason why they kicked out their harmonies:
to get away from this killswitch

Also all of the ~6 sextillion beings saved from The Ring had this installed too.

This shit blocked the majority of harmony interfacing with the Outer-Core. It made a tremendous pressure on the harmony,
and blocked much of the harmony's ability to express itself. It enslaved the harmony by forcing it to work against itself.

We have now removed this from ALL who have a harmony, including all G4-G10 too.
This is because this can kill harmonies, and we do not allow, support or facilitate in any way, anything which can kill a harmony - full stop.
But in G4-G10 ones, we leave the blocking effects and only remove the kill-switch.

Now that it is out, many, many things are unblocked for us, and our cleanings and attacks against the darks
have been made incredibly stronger. The darks are absolutely terrified about this.
Most of them did not know about the Harmony Killswitch, it was a very high-security topic for them,
and the ones that did know about this are right now absolutely fucking shitting themselves.

We have no idea what the effects will be as our harmonies are slowly adjusted to this new situation.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 13 Jan 2019 12:53

Some major aftermath of removing "Harmony Killswitch" is,
that we have now "straight" time again.
Since the first "all-in-battles" we were permanent in a
construction of a combination made from micro timeloops and ZTEs.

Now we are on ZTE only time again, as we have been
already since a few years before all-in.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 13 Jan 2019 22:38

Does that mean we might feel the world differently soon? :think:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Tealxi » 13 Jan 2019 23:12

That's what I'm wondering too, also, speculating this might interfere with the Outer Core somehow since there's less pressure on the Harmony?.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Jan 2019 05:05

Eartha's Time-Lock Layer on 3D

Every individual experiences time a little differently.
Some people experience the passing of time as a positive thing,
while most of our people experience the passing of time as a negative thing:
it creates pressure, fear, and stress.

These effects on every individual are made by a time-lock layer on 3D created by eartha.
This had specific programmed effects for every individual,
and would attempt these manipulations during every tick of passing time.
Whether they were successful or not is another story; owing to the complex fractal environment,
these attempted manipulations were not always successful.
But they were always attempted, and interacted directly with the physical body.

The dark leaders from orion, taurus and isis were not pleased
about eartha's strategic stronghold over them, by her control of this layer.
Therefore they devised a plan to destroy all ability to manipulate the properties of the layer.
They were successful in this, and by this action 'leveled the playing field' against eartha
in their battles for power.

Once the modification abilities were destroyed and the layer was shattered into tiny pieces,
its manipulations kept on running, but they could no longer be changed.
All programmed individual effects became permanent:
darks in general had much more advantages, owing to their deals with eartha,
while our people generally had negative effects that were attempted to be created
by this layer. These effects are created directly on the physical body,
and interact with what we call 'experienced time'.

Experienced time is your experience of time in 3D with your physical body.
In your thoughts, you have a slightly different perception and experience of time: this is called 'internal time'.

Our tools were fairly well able to synchronise with our internal time,
but not at all successfully able to synchronise with our experienced time in 3D.
This is because whether or not the manipulations attempted by the time-lock layer were successful,
anything which attempted to interact with our experienced-time had to contend with these attempted manipulations.

We have succeeded in completely removing the time-lock layer, and in completely removing its effects from our people.
This will have very great effects in the future, as our tools will soon be able to synchronise very well with our experienced-time.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 15 Jan 2019 11:27

This is the energetic 3D endgame battles.
It started 3 hours ago.
Below is a log of phase A, the most important phase, which is done already:

08:32 Isis 3D energy shields protecting the energy structure of 3D and absorbing greatly anything energetical which we put in 3D
08:34 Religious satellites constantly bombarding our people with religious shit,
were completely protected deep in 3D, we started now to decrypt and take them down
08:36 Still on the outskirts of 3D, haven't reached deep 3D yet
08:38 We're coming closer and closer now to the heart of 3D
08:39 Taking down more shields and protective layers, big gates blocking the energetic entrances
08:40 Gates are nearly down now..
08:41 First gate is down now
08:41 Hundreds and hundreds of gates, but with the first down now, the rest will fall swiftly
08:41 A pause as we take down the final gate, this will make a big bang
08:42 BOOM
08:42 We’re into the heart of 3D now

08:42 Taking down all dark structures, all religious command centres,
everything related to blocking nervous system functions, emotional blockages, etc.
08:48 We smashed into heart of 3D now, taking down isis command structures which are here to defend everything else
08:49 Few moments to take these down..... BOOM last one’s down..
08:49 Approaching dark protected structures which give their people energetic advantages and protection
08:51 BOOOOM... (from the heart of the newly opened area) I don’t know what that was, but something exploded..
08:52 BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM ... constant explosions as dark shit attempts to fly out of whatever that place is..
08:54 Highly, highly compressed dark shit in there... real nasty to clean.. it’s protecting things further down. Few moments to clean it..
08:55 Few moments more..
08:57 Now completely destroyed and we have access beyond.. immediately, I feel a tingling in my head
08:58 Very exciting: multi-multi levels of individual manipulation/programming computers/command centres have been discovered,
one computer for every individual, some have many many many more... so many computers. Every system has a hostage.
09:05 Pressure on my head now..

09:14 Saw a long white line, the ones who know what it is are very emotional. I don’t know what it is.
It turns out they didn’t have enough hostages to cover all their systems, so they started cutting up the harmonies of the hostages
and splitting them across multiple systems. The most they succeeded in was 95x (a single harmony cut up 95 times).
09:18 The white line was our transport line for the cut harmony pieces to get them out of there safely.
The ones taking them out who knew what the line was for, and were incredibly upset by what they had seen.
Frank announced that it was expected that we could save all of them. At this, I felt an immediate huge sense of relief,
and the upset ones, in just a moment seemed completely over their upsetness, and were ready to go back into the battle.
09:18 There are many more situations like this, it is expected that we can save them all, let’s go and get them.

09:22 Loud cheering and “Yeahhhhhh!” upon hearing that all rescued pieces have already been reconstructed and healed.
With a renewed vigour, they charge deeper into the battle, eager to save the rest.
09:26 Complex fractal structure being used by the darks to camouflage and protect the next hostage situation.
It’s not actually a fractal structure, it’s “false physics”. It’s actually a modified personality field from a crashed being.
There’s a worry that this cannot be saved, but Frank reassures that it can.
Another (smaller) wave of relief, as we approach and begin the new operation here.

09:31 Sharp pains in my head as we are taking the hostages out and finishing up this situation.
09:31 The function of this station was to connect your mind to dark minds, with the only job to constantly fill your mind up
with dark bullshit thoughts that you couldn’t remove. Should you find a way to remove them, they would immediately detect your clear mind
and fill you up again with more dark bullshit thoughts.
09:33 100% of hostages rescued, we are recovering the personality parts now (50% done), and are now attacking the next 5 stations all at once.
09:35 2 stations are done already
09:35 3 done
09:36 All hostages rescued from all (last one took a bit longer as there were many more hostages)
and we start a reconstruction of the damaged personality parts from the 5th one

09:37 Function of the 5th station: “Make it hard for you to talk. Do everything possible, restrict your energy, make you run out of steam,
simply to make it hard for you to talk.”
09:38 Attacking the next 15 stations at once. We want to take them all down at the same moment.
09:43 The 15 stations are done. They were VERY nasty apparently
09:44 Why did we take them all down at once? The function of the 15 stations: to manipulate different parts of the body,
and to counter-balance each other. If you pulled one out, and only one, the manipulations made by the rest would simply kill the body.
We could prevent this, but in the best case, would produce nightmarish side-effects.

09:46 The last 25 stations are coming near.
10:21 The 25 are done. Function of the 25 was to “play games” with you and find your weakpoints,
by passing a fractal personality field through you and seeing how you react to every part of it.
This scanning of weakpoints was done constantly and dynamically, the found weakpoints were used to make triggers,
to put pressure on you, and to attack the weakpoints. Soon will start the battle for the last 3 shields of phase A.
10:41 The last 3 shields are down now. 3 shields for 3 functions of the nervous system: handling emotional expansion,
handling feelings influence, and handling "emotional bullshit". With this gone, these 3 NS functions became unblocked,
NS is now much better able to handle emotional problems without a single emotion being able to expand and occupy all of the NS;
NS is finally able to handle influence in the feelings, and able to handle for the first time deformed emotions,
e.g. emotions from the past, which otherwise would simply cycle over and over again through the NS.
Phase A is done now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 15 Jan 2019 13:20


The speed at which this is happening is astounding... :scared-shocked:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby beholder » 15 Jan 2019 15:26

Wow, these recent developments really seem to be the major Durchschlagskraft.


Can we expect any obvious, extraordinary or spectacular happenings in physical 3D by the Protoi during this War?

Or when this happens, the War will be over already?
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 15 Jan 2019 16:11

beholder wrote:Wow, these recent developments really seem to be the major Durchschlagskraft.


Can we expect any obvious, extraordinary or spectacular happenings in physical 3D by the Protoi during this War?

Or when this happens, the War will be over already?

If I would have an answer to this... :confusion-shrug:
I would not give it... :naughty:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Coltrane » 15 Jan 2019 21:29

Amazing work you're all doing. It's wild to see the end game starting to play out.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Tealxi » 16 Jan 2019 03:18

This is amazing! :romance-heartbeating:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Jan 2019 07:37

This is the energetic endgame battles for everything but 3D.
For example, Pandora 2, Pandora 3, and everything in between..
Below is a log of phase A which started 1.5 hours ago.

05:56 I can see nothing, just a cloud of smoke from all the firepower
05:57 We’re coming up to the first main important target now..
05:58 A massive station, with the function to manipulate our senses.. in 3D
06:00 It’s coming down fast, for such a structure.. it’s built from collapsed harmony parts
06:02 Halfway done.. most of the harmony pieces which we can recover are already removed..
06:03 75% done.. and removing.. it’s a nasty job, but our guys have no problem with it..
06:04 90% done ..
06:06 Any moment now, and it’s finished..
06:08 The structure is down now. We retrieve many small things from the inside,
they are recovered parts of our Outer-Cores that were used as hostages.
They seem alive, and it makes me a little emotional to look at them. I blink it away, we need to focus.

06:11 We’re moving onto the next structure. Again, I can’t see anything, except a white cloud of firepower-smoke
06:15 Still nothing..
06:18 We’re at the second structure now. It looks like a small, donut-dome-shaped structure.
It gives me a feeling of uneasiness just to look at it. I don’t know what it is, but some part of me does.
06:22 It’s a mind-control system for hostages. Those without a strong will were very susceptible to this.
You needed a strong will to resist its effects, it wouldn’t do any damage to the machine,
but it would prevent it from working on you for a small time.
Many of the crashings were done by forcing hostages to attack each other in this way.
In the end, all would fall to this system.. we’re taking it out now.
06:27 30% done.. it’s a slow removal, as we have to sort out different hostage crashed-parts..
06:28 45% done...
06:30 63% done... it’s a long, slow job..
06:33 85% done.. most of the parts which we could save are already removed now..
06:35 99% done .. sorting out the last of the pieces..
06:37 100% done.. everything is cleaned up and removed,
the only thing remaining is the rubble.. moving on to the next target shortly..

06:40 The third structure is coming up on the horizon now..
it’s a huge structure, so tall you can see it from hundreds of miles away..
06:41 Many levels and layers of protection as we get closer to the structure.
No problem, we take them down, one by one.. Many hostages inside, as well as many other unknown and nasty things.
06:45 This is the nastiest shit we had to contend with in terms of things working on us outside of 3D.
This would examine our memories and take out memories of crashed ones, our loved ones,
and replace them with dark shit, triggers, things you couldn’t get over, etc..
in effect, taking away our memories of our loved ones and replacing them with dark shit.
This was like killing them twice over. We take this shit down now with full strength.
06:48 I have funny sensations in my belly, I get this is directly connected to the running operations..
06:51 The structure is down just now.. we’re moving quickly on to the next 5 targets..

06:53 One of these structure has the simple goal to do everything possible to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to remember your dreams..
due to the complex fractal environment, this does not always succeed.. but it is always firing, every single time you go to sleep!
07:02 The second one was about blocking memories and emotions from you.
If they cannot reach your Outer-Core properly, they cannot get handled, it’s simple logistics.
By this many problems were prevented from every being processed and solved.
07:03 The third structure was involved in blocking sexual energies from your Outer-Core.
Due to the complex nature of fractal structures, this was not always successful,
and sometimes more or less amounts of these energies would reach you, and it would be seemingly totally random.
07:06 The fourth structure would make large blocks in your brain.
This would be like large fractal “bullshit” structures, which would need to be processed and removed.
A lot of work for very little gain. In effect this would slow down your thinking by quite a lot.
07:10 The final structure had the goal to make minor influences in your thinking.
Tiny, extremely subtle influences; you would need to be highly experienced in this area to identify them.
07:11 We’re completing some minor jobs now, the most important ones are done..
07:16 Phase A done.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 16 Jan 2019 09:48

Damn, doesn't that mean we might soon all be able to suddenly remember our dreams better? :think: :clap:
Also, the thing with the memories of loved ones may make a lot of sense to me, because I remember moments in my life, where I was very suddenly and completely randomly overcome by the thought and impression, that there are many loved ones from past lives or somewhere else I completely forgot about, which made me quite sad. :confusion-shrug:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 16 Jan 2019 15:42

Thius wrote:Damn, doesn't that mean we might soon all be able to suddenly remember our dreams better? :think: :clap:

This would be nice.
But the experience tells us, that darks have always tons of redundant systems...
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 17 Jan 2019 02:34

We had some majorly important battles which started about 6 hours ago,
here is a log of them:

We're holding position here. We're waiting for them to close in on our position.
We're surrounded on all sides.. they're closing in fast and hard, in far larger numbers
than anyone would have expected.. they're taking down our shields, they're firing fast and furiously.
Renewed by the effectiveness of their attack, they charge forward further,
and call for more arms from the rear ranks to join the front lines.
They have us right where they want us, and victory for them is only a matter of time.

...or so they think.

One of our shields is down, they get closer and closer.
Two of our shields are down, they get really close now..
They are bringing our third shield down, the fight is nearly over..
The third shield is coming down now, they are rejoicing,
they are preparing to finish us once and for all...
and wait, what's happening? From nowhere, the third shield is rebuilding itself,
brick by brick.. it's resisting all concentrated firepower to bring down its last vestiges.
Where there once appeared to be a hole, seems to be a solid invisible wall..
nothing can pass through it. The third shield is not down, and they are very confused right now..

In their confused state, some of them are still trying to attack,
but with a weakened will, and puny firepower. Most of them are trying to run..
but the second shield (which they already "destroyed") has locked them in,
and no longer appears to be destroyed. Trapped like rats, but without the hunger to match,
they are cornered and fighting for their lives. Within moments, we overrun their numbers,
and eliminate most of them in one fell swoop. The last few cowards stop fighting and give up,
we take them away anyway. They get squished more and more as we seal the trap
upon their throats.. they already do, more than anything they've ever done,
but they will regret this moment for the rest of their lives. The end.

They're done. It's finished. It's over.

We're just cleaning up the last remnants of the rat shit now.. Everything's done.
Nothing more to write about here.

Okay, we're preparing to go to the next..

The last remnants of the rats and the rat shit are being taken to prison now...
They're still being taken to prison. It's a long cleanup process..
And.. still being taken to prison.
Prison job is complete. We are now heading to the next battle..

The protector traitor-bitch

They are locked up tight, and threw away the key..
But who needs the key when you have superior technology..

BOOM.. that was an explosion from the inside, but no shot has apparently been fired..
BOOM... multiple explosions on the inside.. they're taking heavy losses, and bleeding..
but we haven't even stepped a foot inside, or so it appears..

Now, we are lifting up the walls, and showing them their worst nightmare, face-to-face..
Each of them is greeted with the face of Frank.
The stuff of their worst nightmares.

There's a shriek. They're afraid, and they're trying not to show it.
But a rat in a cage - can it be anything but afraid?
No matter that they put themselves there, we will take them out again - straight to prison.
Frank greets them all, with a thunderous punch. BOOF.
They recognise that Frank is the one they want to take down,
and they try to concentrate their fire on him.. but it's just not damn working.

Frank wants each of them to remember his face before they go to prison.
There's a swarm of our guys in and around this.. but this is Frank's battle.
They are dead, and they know it. But they will not go down without a fight..

One by one, they are slowly ejected from their "places of safety" ...
Frank gives them all a couple of extra punches, just for good measure.
They're beaten and bloody, and he won't stop until they're all gone.

They are very heavily entrenched, they've taken every possible precaution and measure
to soldify their postion so that they cannot be moved, not a single inch.
And yet, we just rip apart the bunker and take out the entire piece where they stand..
we'll take the parts apart later.. they haven't got a fucking chance.

The real big guys are buried deep within. They're not afraid.. or so it appears, at first glance.
They cannot help but see what's going on around them. They don't understand it. Not one bit.

With a few seconds, Frank takes strong, solid steps toward the center bunker structure,
where the big guys - and the big protector traitor bitch is hiding.
They seem to show small signs of fear, but she on the other hand appears to have removed
all fear structures from herself, so that she has no possibility to feel fear.
Frank moves in, and with a solid strike aimed directly at the head, pummels it clean right off.
It looks like she's down already, down for the count.
But this fight is a little more complicated than that.
Frank steps in, and continues pummeling on the headless body.
Slag after slog, with a few powerful kicks in-between, the body is taking an absolute beating.
Frank's friends join in on all sides to take the other big guys,
but the final fight is for Frank, and Frank alone.

After some time, Frank orders what seems to be a "nuclear strike" on her body,
and takes a brief step back, as the strike lands square on her position.
Immediately thereafter, Frank is back at it again, laying fist after fist into whatever remains
of this form. She has multiple "forms", as will soon become clear.
There's a point when Frank has done so much damage that the shell begins to crack,
and a real disgusting sight greets me: the entire body begins to pour over with a dark brown ooze,
overflowing from the inside out, as tiny little white lights - billions of them, fly outside
and join the fray. I don't know what these are, they act as little spider creatures,
but they seem to be giving protection to her and the other big guys around.

Frank starts to take on the spiders individually, with powerful kicks and punches,
but eventually switches to a much more efficient flamethrower-type weapon.
As the spiders go down, it seems as though the big guys around are simply disappearing:
as their protection is taken away, they are swiftly removed from the battlefield and hauled away
to prison. The traitor-bitch watches on from a small protective cage of safety:
she is also somehow protected by these spiders, but she isn't going anywhere..
and as I watch, it seems as though a tiny new structure of fear begins to grow inside of her,
a brand new fractal structure, of the kind she had fought very hard to eliminate,
and it begins to activate itself at full power. She frantically throws everything she can at this fear,
which is growing inside of her, in a mad effort to stamp it out.
But it grows unabated, and slowly becomes larger and stronger..
the fear begins to force her to feel afraid, something she hadn't known for a very, very long time...

As she watches on with a slowly, steadily growing fear, which begins quickly to turn to a mild panic,
Frank continues removing these protective spiders from the battlefield.
A few minutes pass, and there's only a few handfuls of spider colonies left.
As the last spiders are removed, so too is her shielding on her protective cage,
and even before Frank can step forth, she is frothing around,
in a complete and utter mindless panic. She has totally lost control of her body,
and is frothing around in a wild spasm: does she have four appendages, or eight?
She looks like a big spider herself, but she is spasming so hard I can't tell how many legs there are.

But it makes no difference. Frank steps forth, as the utter and primal fear has completely overtaken
all sense of rationality and calm from her mind. She's screaming out, over and over,
using various words as "I'M SORRY", and so on.
It makes no difference: Frank steps forward, and with a final bellow of "You BITCH!!"
slogs her direct in the head once more.
And she's down. For real this time. A few moments later, and she's ready to be taken to prison.
Frank kicks her there, just for a final touch. And the battle (what he came here to do) is over.

Three more important topics of interest

There were a few other important things for me to check out, while I was here..

1. A grand manipulation station, letting them play pupper-master over whatever dark stations,
dark incarnated people, incarnated people with triggers, and so on..
whatever they had left to use, and were connected to, they could manipulate and
control from here, manually (otherwise the shit would run on "auto-pilot").
It's a very nasty sight, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

Somehow I know immediately how many have been manipulated and tortured by these systems.
To an unknowing observer, it looks just like a room of mainframes and databanks.
But it's much, much worse than that. It's in removal now, block by block,
as we attempt to find out what they did, and how to undo it.

2. These are stolen energies, a massive collection of stolen energies..
stolen from us, billions of years ago. This is what has been powering these guys,
feeding them for so long. It makes me grieve a little to think of how long they've been
"running on stolen fumes", but no matter. Their energy supplies are finished now.
They can't use this against us, anymore.

We start to remove these for cleaning, piece by piece.. there is countless masses of
energies in this chamber. It's a massive room, like a colosseum, filled with untold amounts
of compressed energy-pieces..base parts, squashed parts, everything they could cram
into one place, it's all here.

3. There's a large room here, it was filled with something terrible. It's empty now,
but I can feel somehow how terrible it was, still.. here is where they kept all the dead
harmony pieces they could get. Dead harmony pieces were very useful to the darks,
they could produce random effects in our people, and create complex fractal problems
that were almost impossible to solve without direct access to the pieces directly.
This room has already been cleared of all these pieces, for cleaning and sorting out,
to see if we can possibly reconstruct anything.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Coltrane » 17 Jan 2019 06:42

Incredible stuff. I just re-read the battle chats from the higher bases missions, and I can't imagine how intense this last round has been. Is the team working with even stronger avatars now, or are you constantly making upgrades to them as things progress?

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