Here will get all topics collected somehow belonging to the physics and chemistry of our 3D planet. This means, that topics about other areas / dimensions / levels will not be here.
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Unread postby Frank » 03 Jun 2020 23:21

You find the first information about grounds in this War-News post.

Here the text from War-News:

This topic has a lot of details, I'll try to
keep it as simple as possible. Many details are
anyway blocked to publish.

To fresh up pls read these threads first:
1. Reality Calculation Space (RCS renamed to: CS)
2. How Reality Works

We are talking here about the cubes. To be precise, about the one cube in the center (see diagram).
Our physical 3D reality is located in this center cube. Each of the other cubes can
contain an own reality, which has nothing in common with our 3D reality. We call
these parallel realities. In fact, we have already built a few, but until now it
was not possible to connect them to the center cube (our 3D reality), because
of trillions of triggers of dark shit. And with the construction of the new grounds,
they may be outdated anyway.

So this here is about grounds, not about parallel realities in the neighboring cubes.
That leaves the question "what is a ground?".

For months now I have been writing in internal communications that we are attacking
the 3D result space. And I called this (our physical reality) ground zero. To understand
"ground" we need to create a simple mind model. As you should know, we call our
3D reality an "information reality" (IR). But one question was purposely left open
until now. How is the 3D reality made by the information? The answer is, that all of
the information is creating vectors. So all what you find in the above 2 links
(layers 0 to layer 4, CS / calculation space, the wave, the plane, cube creator... etc.)
is creating only one part of the vectors in our reality. The other part of the vectors in our reality
is created by the rules. These two parts form the vectors for our reality through their interacting
and mixing together in the layers of the cube. The layers of the cube are located around
the result space and their purpose is to arrange the vectors in the needed order.
We also call the result space "the vector space". And now we also introduce the term
"vector reality", as it is possible to have info realities which are not working with vectors.

Now we need a simple mind model about what a vector is:
Think about some object, for example a ball.
So you apply one force to the right (a vector) on the ball. The ball moves right.
Then you apply a force forward (a 2nd vector) on the ball. The ball moves forward.
And then you apply both forces (vectors) at the same time. The ball will roll forward
and right in a diagonal line. This diagonal line is the result vector.

This is how 3D reality works. All the created vectors (141 in total) are injected into the result
space through injectors, which are placed on the hull of the result space / vector space.
Inside the result space, the vectors connect or meet at exactly 3 locations or points:

18 vectors meet at one point and create a single result vector for MOLECULES
(defining all their properties, interactions, etc.)
37 vectors meet at another point and create a single result vector for ATOMS
(defining all their properties, interactions, etc.)
The remaining 86 vectors meet at a third point and create a single result vector,
which is responsible for the rest of the physics.

The 3 result vectors (atoms, molecules, rest of the physics) interact with each other and
with other result vectors in other neighboring cubes of our 3D reality. The information
which is stored for each single cube manipulates the vectors before they are injected
by the injectors. Our quantum physics knows the 3 properties of mass, charge and
spin. Each of these is exactly one vector for one injector. The property value defines
the injection. A simple example is mass: the mass value defines the length of the
injected vector. The more mass, the longer the vector. Other vectors are not so
simple, but I hope this is a simple enough mind model.

So we have these 3 locations or points where the vectors create the 3 result vectors.
The geometry of these 3 result vectors is a triangle with equal sides. This triangle is
located exactly in the middle of the result space. And the triangle creates a geometric plane.
We call this plane the "GROUND", in our case in 3D this is "ground zero".

In the past, a second ground existed in our reality. We call it the dark ground.
All 6 dark groups had deals with each other about using the dark ground. Of course
their construction and ways of using it was completely illegal. They made
much shit against us with it, and many 3D manipulation systems used it.
The dark ground and its injectors have already been removed.

In the last week we installed new injectors for 9 new grounds. Yesterday we
activated them, all the needed vectors have been injected and formed the 9 new grounds.
All of the new grounds are parallel to ground zero.
Each of them has more than 3 points where result vectors are formed, the smallest ground has 5,
the largest has 22 result vectors; all with equal-sided geometry.
Grounds 1 to 4 are located above ground zero, while grounds 5 to 9 are below ground zero.

The grounds have many functions.
The only one I can publish now is for ground 9, which has a healing function.

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