Fractal structures

Here will get all topics collected somehow belonging to the physics and chemistry of our 3D planet. This means, that topics about other areas / dimensions / levels will not be here.
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Fractal structures

Unread postby Frank » 31 Dec 2014 19:29

In this thread I am trying to explain, what (energetic) fractal structure is.

For those of you, who have absolute no idea about fractals, I made 2 short videos in which I try to show a bit of fractals and give you some impression of it.

These videos are based on a very simple formula for fractals, it's z=z2+c. This is also named Mandelbrot.

Here is the link to the first part of the video on youtube.

Here is the link to the second part of the video on youtube.
(you need to turn on your sound, the video sound is a bit low...)

There are many other kinds of fractals, if you are interested in details you get more nice information on wikipedia or on the FractalFoundation. FractalFoundation has amazing things on the website about fractals, also shows in many examples the fractal occurrence in our 3D world.

In the glossary topic about 3D object rules you see that these rules are organized in five layers.

Four of the five layers include fractal rules. Each one a different fractal. This means for 3D that our energies are not only formed by one fractal, they are formed by 4 different. This means we have here a 4 layer fractal environment. So layer II) quantum level is the dominant, but everything is still huge influenced by the 3 fractal layers under it.
This combination of 4 fractals makes it impossible for outside ("higher") beings to calculate or simulate what's going on in 3D. For them it's just a chaotic gray bubble.

In some special situations there are 7 more fractal layers included, so that there are 11 fractal layers which gives the energies the shape and properties. Darks very much like to hide in these very complex fractal areas. We call the MLF for multi level fractals.
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Re: Fractal structures

Unread postby jonas » 02 Jan 2015 10:30

Great information and visualization. I appreciated having your narrative to the videos as the things you comment really makes it more visible and easier to connect to ‘down here 3D reality’. For me at least – this information/videos helped me to better imagine however these fractal layers could apply in 3D.

One thing that I thought was nice was your comment/example of how the leaf of a tree ‘down here’ could be represented by a certain region of the fractal. And while zooming on on that particular fractal region generates new similar patterns but of infinite variations - this could represented by e.g. the tree shedding its leaves in Autumn and then growing new generations of leaves each Spring. Well, I suppose this could apply to anything down here within nature really… The tree-avatars dying and new generations of similar tree’s growing in its place. Ocean waves repeatedly rising and falling etc.

Another thing that struck me was that altough the solution to the fractal exist everywhere where the fractal exist it may not be ‘calculated’ everywhere – I thought this was kinda similar to ourselves whereas our choices made/realized takes us down one path of the fractal region (relevant solutions based on choices being calculated/results from choices made being manifested) while for alternative decisions that are not ‘choosen’ (never realized) the solutions will exist but will never really be calculated since it is not relevant.

Well, I don’t know if this made any sense. And it was probably incorrect imaginations on my part anyway. :-D I guess I just wanted to say :text-goodpost:


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