The Mind (or 3 types of IQ) - (draft)

In this forum we will try to explain the terms we use in the Protoi mind models.
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The Mind (or 3 types of IQ) - (draft)

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Sep 2018 23:10

The first IQ: Brain-mind IQ

This is using the interface (the brain) to think - the interface has a capacity, but it's not very large.
The intelligence ("IQ") of this interface is very low compared to the other 2 kinds of IQ
- on average, the IQ of the brain, as we call it now, "brain-mind" IQ, is 65.

It is a very limited space, and it can be aware of how limited it is; it can know that it has no idea
of what's going on, but still be able to form its own thoughts on things and discuss problems,
albeit with little chance of actually coming up with a good solution purely from this space.

This is the "basis of operation" in 3D, it's the starting point.
The brain-mind part works just like the way an animal "thinks".
Animals have no connected Outer-Core, but they also have a brain-mind.
The brain-mind is not fractal, it is analogue.

Using the 3D-brain-mind is very common (and nothing wrong with it).
It's just not well-equipped to solve problems on its own!

The brain-mind thinks in WORDS. When you think in words, you are using the brain-mind.

I used to call this "conscious thinking", but the consciousness is in the consciousness field (CF)
and is an Outer-Core function, which has NOTHING to do with the "brain-mind".
So "conscious thinking" is not a good term.

Language exists ONLY in the brain-mind! Similarly, most writing (with a pen) is done by the
brain-mind (but not typing). The brain-mind is generally not smart enough to do math!

When you think about what to say, as in, literally thinking about which words to say
(deciding the words individually and deliberately), then you are using the brain-mind.

I was always taught "not to read from the palm cards" when giving a speech,
and I noticed that anyone who gave a speech by literally reading words from a paper
was always disinteresting to listen to. Reading words off a page = using the unintelligent brain-mind!

When you speak without thinking about which words to use,
for example, you start a sentence and have no idea where the sentence will end or how it will end;
in these cases (which make up the majority of speaking) this is NOT coming from the brain-mind,
but rather from the "Outer-Core mind" (OC-mind).

The brain-mind can interact directly with your subconscious (a harmony-function)
without using the rest of the Outer-Core to do so.
The subconscious can work with both the brain-mind and the OC-mind,
but is typically working with the brain-mind and not the OC-mind.
When the subconscious works on a problem, it is does its own thinking/processing,
and then feeds the result back into the brain-mind or the OC-mind.

There exists a direct, inverse relationship between the brain-mind IQ and intuition.
This relationship comes from the biological dominance of the thinking part of the brain (brain-mind)
over the intuition. Therefore, the higher brain-mind IQ you have (not the typical definition of "IQ"),
the stronger the thinking part is, and the less intuition you have; and vice-versa.

Intuition is a harmony function, it does not in any way interact with the OC or the OC-mind.
It can only interact with the brain-mind (of the physical avatar). No physical avatar, no intuition!

The brain-mind is highly impervious to most dark influences, but it can be affected by strong emotions/feelings.

Cognitions occur firstly in the OC-mind and then get passed into the brain-mind by a
synchronisation process (which is often not working well or at all).
What you see with cognitions is ONLY what has been synced.
So you could be having cognitions in the OC-mind, but if none of them get synced to the brain-mind,
you will see nothing and not even be aware that you have any cognitions at all!
This is the main way in which darks disrupt our cognitions, by disrupting the sync
between the OC-mind and the brain-mind.
People who remember their dreams (which occur in the OC-mind) have some degree of sync
between the OC-mind and brain-mind.

When you try to put what you see into words (from a dream/cognition), you are using the brain-mind
to add the words to the synced dream/cognition which was put into the brain-mind by the OC-mind.

The higher the brain-mind IQ, the easier it is for darks to make it "rotate" or "spin in circles",
i.e. when your thoughts spin endlessly around a topic, with no solution, no benefit, and no end;
this is ALWAYS caused by dark shit. The brain-mind NEVER rotates/spins like this on its own.
Another clue that this rotating is happening is that rotating will ALWAYS USE WORDS.

The second IQ: OC-mind IQ

The OC-mind (Outer-Core mind) is fractal, unlike the brain-mind, which is not.
The OC-mind does NOT think in words!
Most of the time when you do your best thinking about a problem, you are NOT thinking in words!

The OC-mind does most speaking. When you speak without thinking of the words to say,
you are using the OC-mind. When you think of the individual words to say, you are not using the OC-mind.

The OC-mind in general has a much higher IQ than the brain-mind, if they could be directly compared.
On average the OC-mind IQ is 700! (A "stupid" OC-mind has 600 IQ!)
(So maybe we should say 'use your OC-mind!' instead of 'use your brain!' but this doesn't sound so punchy.. :lol:)

Listening is ONLY done with the OC-mind, the brain-mind has no part in this at all!
I once tried an experiment whereby I would listen to what someone said (this is done by the OC-mind),
and then I would manually replay every word they used in my head (this is the brain-mind)
in an attempt to "improve my listening skills". Needless to say, this did not work very well! :laughing-rolling:
Least of all, because I was using the unintelligent brain-mind to override the listening work,
which was already done by the much more intelligent OC-mind!

The OC-mind is not susceptible to spinning in circles/rotating (which dark shit can do to the brain-mind).
The OC-mind does not have the ability to rotate, so dark shit cannot make it rotate.

Typing on a keyboard (if done automatically without thinking) is not done by the OC-mind, the brain-mind,
or any mind; rather, it is done by another OC-function which is the same that drives a car (for an experienced driver).
Many people have experienced starting a journey on the road, and then sometime later,
you arrive at your destination without any real recollection of the journey or the time inbetween!

Math is done by the OC-mind, but not language, which exists only in the brain-mind.

Gut-feeling is a harmony function that is not able to interact with the OC or the OC-mind in any way.
It also doesn't use the brain-mind, as it is not a mind-function. It works with the nervous system in the gut
(Enteric nervous system or ENS).

The third IQ: Sync-IQ (the 'normal' IQ)

This is the 'normal' IQ. IQ tests typically test the OC-mind, but they do not give a score of the OC-mind IQ
(700 on average), rather, they give a score of the sync efficiency between the brain-mind and the OC-mind.

On the other hand, the quality of your subconscious (another harmony function), and the amount
of the subconscious that you can use has a direct relation to the sync quality (not efficiency),
and is totally independent from the IQ.
Therefore, someone with a low sync-IQ but having a high quality sync can easily use the subconscious.

The amount of your brain which is activated and working affects only your brain-mind IQ.
This has nothing to do with the sync or the sync-IQ (the score you would get in an IQ test).
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Re: The 3 types of IQ (draft)

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Sep 2018 23:48

I had long wanted to make a post or thread about my experiences with "how I operate", in an attempt to understand myself better. In the past I had operated in strange ways, for example, for a solid week I cleaned the house every single day, all on my own volition. And then after I 'fell into a rut', didn't do any cleaning and was frustrated because I had no idea what happened and wanted to get back to 'that state' :lol:

After years of experiences and doing funny little experiments, along with lots of checking and some discussions with Frank, we have some very interesting information to share! The results so far are posted above, although there could be a lot more subcategories to make it easier to parse. Hopefully more to come soon. For sure there is plenty to talk about even the smallest topics such as gut feeling, intuition, subconscious, and so on.. but the above is just a start.
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Re: The Mind (or 3 types of IQ) - (draft)

Unread postby jonas » 17 Sep 2018 07:15

Very interesting - thank you Grayfox.

Interesting also to consider those medical observations of 'brains incredible adaptability.' Things like, ... sciousness

Does the cleanings, installations, repairs that Protoi are doing currently affect the brain-sync efficiency?

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Re: The Mind (or 3 types of IQ) - (draft)

Unread postby gZo » 18 Sep 2018 22:24

Good read! Unfortunately I read it with the brain mind. :text-lol:
Would love to read more about these topics.
Thanks for sharing! :handgestures-thumbup:
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Re: The Mind (or 3 types of IQ) - (draft)

Unread postby Freedom Fiter » 16 Oct 2018 13:32

Hae jonas
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The video on sciencealert, was astounding 90% damaged. Woe!!! :text-goodpost: :text-goodpost: :handgestures-thumbup:

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Re: The 3 types of IQ (draft)

Unread postby Freedom Fiter » 16 Oct 2018 13:51

Hae Grayfox
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Marvellous :text-goodpost: :text-goodpost: I know what you mean, cleaning the house for the week. Am at home, car getting repaired at the moment.
Am in a rut/ bored. All I do is sleep, watch netflix, apply for jobs in Australia in the process of moving there, Then I get bored doing all that. :text-lol: :text-lol:
Mind you, gives me more time to jump on the forum, never boring :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl: :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl:

Interesting the 3 types of IQ,,I'll read and re-read till it's soaked up. Looking forward to more :text-thankyoublue: Grayfox
Also the battle chats, keep up the Fab work

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Re: The Mind (or 3 types of IQ) - (draft)

Unread postby Anton » 28 Sep 2019 11:56

Maybe there's a dark system that forces us to talk using the brain-mind when talking in another language, even if we are really good at the language... :think: I noticed, that I have no german accent, when reading things out, I have no german accent when talking to myself in english, which has also become natural to me by now, but when I talk to people, I suddenly have a german accent and can't find words as fluently anymore. When writing in english I don't even need to think about it at all. :confusion-scratchheadblue:

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