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The Veil and 3D-Impact Healings

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 18:36
by Grayfox
The Veil

This is about the real Veil, not the bullshit one talked about by 'lightworkers'. This is an enormous superstructure built by LSA2 after the American Civil War, and after the 443 billion Protoi group planets genocide by Orions, Taurus, LSA1 and LSA2. The purpose of the Veil was to lock down all possible energetic manipulation on 3D. Each of the 5 dark groups had an equal share of direct 3D energetic manipulation, which they made deals about. The Veil was constructed to protect the darks' ability to energetically manipulate 3D, and to prevent any and all external attempts at 3D manipulation that was outside of the dark deals.

The Veil had connections to every incarnated being in 3D, some had multiple connections. The Veil also contained every possible kind of dark shit. Using these connections the darks were able to push through whatever shit they wanted to whoever they wanted, such as pains or artificial emotions. More dangerously, they were able to induce, for example, schizophrenia, and even more extreme, were able to produce a massive, intense stroke in a target, which would result in an extremely painful, albeit near-instant death. By these mechanisms, the Veil would attack anyone who attempted to energetically manipulate 3D outside of the dark deals, and would also kill anyone who attempted to attack it. Until now, NO ONE that has launched an attack on the Veil has survived.

The Veil is constructed of 3 parts: Front, middle, and rear.
The frontmost section contains countless numbers of battle clones in separate, secured cells, with each cell locked on every side by four separate locking technologies, one from each of the other dark groups apart from LSA2 (who built the cells and the Veil). These battle clones were not able to leave their cells to defend each other or to escape from the Veil superstructure. The number of battle clones placed inside the Veil far exceeded all other dark armies outside of the Veil by many orders of magnitude.

The middle section of the Veil contains the actual 3D-manipulation machinery. This appeared as complex machinery composed of silver, metallic balls moving around on wires. This machinery extended upwards out through the Veil superstructure and continued all the way to 3D. The machinery had a special kind of energetic protection, and in itself also provided an extremely strong protection on the Earth's surface: an extremely strong metallic mesh-grid, completely enclosing the surface of the Earth, dotted by metallic-silver "nodes". This provided complete energetic protection against outside energetic manipulation. Each node was locked with technology from each of the other four dark groups as well, and this provided them with access to the energetic manipulation abilities of the Veil. As mentioned above, each of the five dark groups made deals to share the energetic manipulation of 3D.

The deals about the Veil were as follows: LSA2 would build the Veil, and to ensure the security of the other four dark groups from the possibility of massive numbers of LSA2 battle clones being released to attack them, they would lock every cell with a unique locking technology. These locking technologies were constantly updated by the other four groups, and the cells and the Veil was strictly monitored by them to ensure that LSA2 held up their side of the deals.

Visually speaking, the Veil appeared as an enormous "hotel structure", with all the dark battle clones in his own cage or "room". Beyond the countless front-line darks and the Veil machinery, was the rear part of the Veil, containing much larger cages or "rooms", each containing a level 1 clone entity. Each of these cages were also secured with four kinds of locking technologies from the other groups, but unbeknownst to them, LSA2 built a secret back door by which the level 1 clones could exit the structure if they so wished.

Another note on the dark deals: in the past, there have been financial manipulation systems in Layer II. Similarly to the Veil deals, the 5 dark groups made deals about how to construct these manipulation systems, and each had an equal share in using these systems to manipulate, for example, Forex and the stock markets. For instance, certain markets would be assigned to Taurus, certain markets to Orions, and so on.

Re: The Veil and 3D-Impact Healings

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 18:36
by Grayfox
3D-Impact Healings

The ability to produce healings with 3D impact was blocked by the Veil. Now that the Veil is down, we classify healings into 2 categories: 3D-Impact Healings (or just "Impact") and Non-Impact Healings. Impact means a direct 3D impact on the 3D body. All other healing works for example on the Layers and the Outer-Core.

We have a good reference point to quantify impact: 1 impact is defined as exactly 100 times greater than the former trigger point of the Veil. This means that before the Veil was destroyed, any external energetic manipulation on 3D with a level of 0.01 or greater impact would cause the Veil to attack.

We can use impact to quantify the natural healing abilities of the body: A healthy body, with optimal food, and no medicine, has 1.3 impact of natural healing ability. A body in worse shape may only have 0.5 impact of natural healing, or less. The global average of the body's natural healing is estimated at 0.7 impact. Our healings work in a different way to the body's natural healing, therefore any healing impact produced by our healings can be directly added to the healing impact of the body itself.

For example: 0.5 impact from Healing Video + 0.7 impact from body's natural healing = 1.2 total healing impact on the body.

See here for more info: 3D Healing Impact on the Protoi-Healing Wiki