Evolution by darkness

In this forum we will try to explain the terms we use in the Protoi mind models.
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Evolution by darkness

Unread postby Frank » 30 Mar 2015 15:38

As we wrote already in a few threads this whole creation has been started as an experiment.

The target of the experiment was to get new steps of evolution. The tool to reach this should be "evolution by darkness".
The "evolution by darkness" failed, but those who started the experiment refused to stop it and try other things.

Many people think about "light against dark". But in fact it was light against "evolution by darkness".
And there was a war going on to stop this experiment, running in 3d for 18.800 years, outside 3d for billions of years.

The military perspective of this war was drawn, no side could beat the other. But step by step the "evolution by darkness" was successful to pull more and more light ones into the dark paths. So sooner or later the "evolution by darkness" would have won the war, not on battle field, but by tricking all light into darkness...

But not so long ago, some other evolution happened. The fractal evolution down here on this 3d planet.
The evolutionary step in this was not the fractal development of 3d minds. The evolutionary step was to combine the non-fractal analogue parts with the new fractal parts, adding the strong parts of both to a new evolutionary step.

Since this analogue/fractal- step was started, the war changed. It is no more "light vs. evolution by darkness".
It's now "evolution by darkness" vs. "evolution by fractal".

On the military perspective "evolution by fractal" is not drawn with "evolution by darkness", until now we won every battle, and we are in cleaning battles 24/7 since we started. And fractals heal darkness....
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Re: Evolution by darkness

Unread postby Rehema » 10 Sep 2017 21:49

I'm so interested...please add more information to this Evolution by Fractals vs Darkness. This is such a hot topic at least to me (I'm new) and I would like to hear more. :happy-sunshine:

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