In this forum we will try to explain the terms we use in the Protoi mind models.
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Unread postby Frank » 08 Nov 2014 12:58

We use the term "entity" in a specific context. In "common spiritual world" it is often used for all "higher" beings.

Our use of the term "entity" is related to one of the base rules, the "rules of beings". These are rules of highest level, similar to "rules of creation".

Here we defined the measurement "BCS" for consciousness size.

A being with a consciousness size bigger than 20 BCS is classified as entity by the rules. To be classified as entity gives the being on the one side rights, but on the other side limitations too.

There are 3 levels of entities:

LvL3: 20+ to 20.000 BCS (e.g. the cores of prime executives are this)
LvL2: 20k+ to 1,500kk BCS
LvL1: 1,500kk+

What we call "dragon" (Junior Prime Executives), are beings with exactly 20 BCS, the biggest non entity size.

The BCS is measured by the ability of the consciousness field. So as consciousness fields of many beings consists of different energies, they can have different energetic size, but same BCS.

Most entities are multi consciousnesses. Meaning their huge consciousness fields are sectioned in many parts, and each part has it's own wagons and belt parts. But all consciousness parts of an entity use the same single personality.

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