Perpetrators, Perpetrator-groups and Dark-groups

In this forum we will try to explain the terms we use in the Protoi mind models.
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Perpetrators, Perpetrator-groups and Dark-groups

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Jan 2024 04:51

Perpetrators, Perpetrator-groups and Dark-groups

We often speak about 'perpetrators' and what exactly is a perpetrator? A perpetrator can be any of
darks, traitors, 'enablers' or active-supporters, ones who cause deliberate harm by inaction, ones who
actively (or passively but knowingly and without doing anything to stop it) support and provide means
and measures for others to cause harm (the ones on the 'front-line' of the dark infrastructure and systems
can only do what they do because of the immense support behind them); in general, one who causes or
allows harm to be caused to others (whether knowingly or not, do not forget that most darks have no clue
who they are or what they did in the past or what deals they made before this current incarnation; none
of these things makes them any less of a perpetrator, in fact it makes them BETTER perpetrators as they
are less likely to develop a conscience with such little memory of their activities and true nature) and has
no intention of seeing the truth of their actions or of the harm they may do. Contrast this with one who
causes harm non-deliberately or who tries by every means available to him to identify and reduce and
prevent the harm he does, this one would NOT generally be classified as a perpetrator. The above complex
definition is mainly for internal purposes, 'darks, traitors, and active supporters' is generally enough to
describe all or most perpetrators.

We have identified a total of 63 perpetrator-groups, a perpetrator-group is defined as a loose or strictly-
defined collection of people or individuals or structures that have some kind of 'working together/
supporting each-other' infrastructure; they may or may not have clearly-defined leaders (or a single leader);
there are many cases where there is no clearly defined leadership structure at all, but very small 'local groups'
that are loosely connected to one another but sharing similar infrastructure and modalities, these would still
be part of the same perpetrator group.

In general, individuals within the same perpetrator group benefit actively or passively from the existence
and/or activities of all other members of the group, whether they know about each other or not (in many
cases, the individuals of a group will never meet 95%+ of the rest of the group, even ones close to their
physical proximity; and in over 99.99% of cases, will never even know that they belong to such a 'group' at all).
None of these 'knowledge limitations' has any bearing or effect on the benefits received by individuals being
part of a particular group, and in general an individual may never leave their group, except if their group is
completely or partially "absorbed" by a different or larger group (this is handled on the non-physical level in
practically all cases).

All dark groups are part of the 63 perpetrator groups, and in general the size of the average perpetrator group
what is not one of the 6 major dark groups is about half the size of any one of the 6 major dark groups if you would
average it all out, this means that the total number of the 63 perpetrator groups very much dwarfs the size of all
6 major dark groups. And actually there are 10 officially-identified major dark groups instead of 6, the last 4 were
never identified officially until very recently. Here is a small description of groups 7-10:

  • Group 7 (considered previously as a 'splinter group' of lsa2), functions primarily and almost exclusively in the USA.
    Prominent members: Schumer, Chuck; McConnell, Mitch; Warren, Elizabeth; Pelosi, Nancy.
    Main objectives: Destruction of stability and creating as much chaos and destruction as possible whilst (and very
    importantly) maintaining a 'veneer of innocence' in doing so.

  • Group 8 (considered as the most powerful part of the isis group before now), functions in 98% of western countries.
    Prominent members: Jackson, Ketanji Brown; Cullors, Patrisse; Lightfoot, Lori; Waters, Maxine.
    Main objectives: Uprooting and destroying the fabric of cultural stability in the west. Due to technical reasons
    all members of this group are dark-skinned.

  • Group 9 (considered as the brains behind lsa2 until now), functions primarily in the USA but also in many european countries.
    Prominent members: Soros, George; Soros, Alexander; Schwab, Klaus; Harari, Yuval Noah (partial member only).
    Main objectives: Directing societal events and providing the resources or "engine" for other groups to achieve their aims,
    has fingers in many pies, plays every side of every conflict.

  • Group 10 (considered as a fringe group of lsa2), functions worldwide, with the specific agenda of global population transformation,
    either through mass-poisoning campaigns, mass-implementation of biometrically-altering digital programming or similar measures,
    creating and supporting the widespread adoption of 'augmented reality' technologies, creating an intentional disconnect of the senses
    from the reality, etc.
    Prominent members: Harari, Yuval Noah (belongs more to this group than to Group 9); Fauci, Anthony; Gates, Bill; Zuckerberg, Mark; Carmack, John.
    Main objectives: Reducing the population to a much smaller number, effecting global changes in the human biostructure/biochemistry,
    experimenting on humankind worldwide 'just to see what happens as a result', 'playing god', etc.

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