The "ancient enemy"

In this forum we will try to explain the terms we use in the Protoi mind models.
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The "ancient enemy"

Unread postby Frank » 01 Nov 2020 04:17

The "ancient enemy"

We are now talking about "time". As time is a difficult thing
all the information given is like "time counted and felt on Earth".
This experiment grid is about 14.1 billion years old. Our universe
on this grid is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old. That's just
reference numbers.

The problems with the "ancients" began with a dispute.
It was all about evolution. Not to interfere with evolution
was and is our highest rule. But about 43 billion years in
the past the evolution did already stagnate for about 40
billion years. And there was a group of 446 IDs (142 of them
were Protoi at that time) that wanted to manipulate the evolution
to get the evolution out of stagnating and running again.
So they initialized votes about this topic, in total 5 votes.
The first 43 billion years ago, then 41, 39, 37 and 35 billion
years ago.

After the 5th vote they finally made the decision to not accept the
votes any more. So they prepared to use force. About 1.2 billion
years later, 34 billion years ago, they attacked all others. Until
that time we had no experience with violence and war. So they
rolled over us with no chance for us to defend. Of course they won
very fast, we would call it within 2 days.

After their victory they took themselves "out of existence" by deleting
or encrypting everything what was related to them. Every hint of
their existence got wiped out. But they did much more than that. They manipulated ALL
of our infrastructure in a way, that all of our tech of that time and all later
developed ones, would never detect them (the "ancients") or anything related to them or any tech of them.
And this worked for all of us including the today's darks, who at that
time - 34 billion years ago - were not dark at all. So whatever we or darks developed,
it always did not show anything from the ancients. The ancients developed
the hiding tech to perfection in the last 34 billion years. By this they could hide
all this time in plane sight.

With all the "manipulated evolution" they had done on themselves they
thought about themselves as far superior to us, and valued us as primitive
ones. But they totally missed the fractal evolution, as they themselves never
experienced it. By now taking them down very fast we showed them the real
power of fractal evolution.

The question is, what did the ancients want, and how did they go about it?
They wanted to keep the show running, they wanted to keep everybody
down. They do not want anyone growing too strong for their liking, so they
have installed an individualized monitoring system for EVERYONE on the
planet (and everyone else non incarnated), and if anyone gets too strong
for their liking, they develop an individual, highly personalized system to
try to bring them down again. If it doesn't work, they send more...

How did they stay invisible? They only ever perform actions which allows
them to maintain a full cover of ambiguity, of innocence. This is perfectly
calculated to the last detail (not by the incarnated one consciously, who
has no conscious knowledge whatsoever of this calculation), so that no
one can ever say, they are responsible for my problem. They may wear a
traitor mask at times, they may wear a dark mask at times, but they never
perform any action which would lead one to directly conclude that they are
responsible for a problem!
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Re: The "ancient enemy"

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 08:06

Removal of "The Twelve Prophets"

The 12 prophets have been the by far strongest weapons and tools of the ancients
and the darks.

A couple of thousand years ago, some very special modules have been developed
by the ancients in an attempt to solve their existing and future evolutionary problems,
and to help them with solving any other kinds of problems they may have. These
were a very special, very difficult to create, with pain-staking effort and accuracy
required in the positioning and manipulation of specific base energies, along with
many trillions of trillions of trials to find the right combinations, and produced in the
end some kind of new "artificially evolved being", the likes of which had never been
seen before in all of existence. Technically speaking this cannot be classified as a
being as it was purely the creation of artificial manipulation, but for the purposes of
understanding what they did, an artificially created being will suffice as a description.

12 different ones were created, the result of tremendous amounts of energy and time
invested into the project, and each with different abilities: though they were not natural
beings per se, they could adapt very quickly to new and unknown information, new
environments, the same way that natural beings could. They could organically collect
experiences, and more importantly, process and analyse the mass-stored experiences
and information gathered by all other entities in existence (at least, whatever they
could reach) and use this all as if it was their own data and experiences. They had a
very unique sort of artificial intuition; they could reach conclusions and make decisions
with extraordinary speed and accuracy, based on their information processing
capabilities. They could very deeply analyse specific fractal structures to an unbelievable
depth, and this with breathtaking speed. They were in a way, supercomputers of the
ancients. They themselves determined through their processing that it would be against
the advantage of the ancients to produce any more of them, and therefore the project
was stopped.

A few thousand years later, an original taurus ID was hijacked and taken over by an
ancient ID, which used his newfound position and power to install these 12
supercomputers or 'prophets' deeply into the fabric and structures of 3D, whereby
the property itself became dependent on their processing abilities. In exchange for
this, these prophets had complete access to all information running through and
within the property. Everyone's experiences and thoughts, feelings, intuition became
their own.

Their data banks grew, but this was not without penalty. After some time, their
processing and storage required ever-increasing amounts of energy. Much of the
energy gathered and captured from prayers and worship rituals was sent to
furthering the capabilities of these prophets and to help satiate their energy needs.
But it was never enough. Deep fractal analysis is a most costly venture, requiring
ever-exponentially-increasing amounts of processing power and storage to perform,
and as sophisticated as the ancients were, they did not possess infinite amounts of either.

They decided to broker out the use of these supercomputers to the other dark groups,
using their installed taurus ID as a proxy. They brokered very good deals for them
(covertly, as they were still acting undercover as a taurus ID) in exchange for 2 of the
prophets to each of the other 5 groups who could use them as they saw fit. Of course
the ancients (hidden in the background all this time) could at any moment, if they
deemed that the use by the other groups was beyond their expectations and could pose
a threat to their existence, disable or subtly sabotage the workings of the loaned prophets,
to a degree.

In the end the prophets had many similar characteristics to actual beings, and manipulations
against their workings would never hold permanently, or be 100% effective. But this was
enough of an insurance policy that the ancients were comfortable loaning out their special
weapons to the other dark groups.

Some things which the prophets could do, for any group that possessed enough energy to
keep them constantly fed and satiated:

  • For a very specific given set of parameters, such as the specifications of a particular machine
    existing in 3D, the ancient supercomputers could predict, with astounding accuracy, exactly
    what the state of that machine would be for any point (meaning, any time tick as desired)
    within the next 2 years.
  • Predict, with full accuracy, the exact weather condition of any place on earth, given the weather
    data and structure data of the planet, within the next 6 months. This of course assumes that
    external manipulations outside of the knowledge of the prophets was not taking place. But being
    developed by ancients, it had extraordinary capabilities to include most known weather
    manipulations into its prediction calculations.
  • Predict with very good accuracy, exactly when and to what degree energy shortages would
    occur, and allow for perfect planning in advance to handle such shortages (such as scheduling
    emergency events or mass rituals).

Needless to say, these were extremely powerful tools in the hands of darks and ancients.
Every single dark or ancient incarnated on the planet has a direct line (or in some cases,
a delayed line) to one of these 12 prophets which they could use (unconsciously in most
cases) to get help about their personal problems. Most 'extraordinary lucky events' and
'being in the right place at the right time' are caused as a result of darks/ancients following
their artificially-produced "hunches" sent to them by the prophets.
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Re: The "ancient enemy"

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 08:36

Why did they call them the "12 prophets"?

Each group, rather than simply admitting to the fact that they had an extremely
powerful technology for this, used various disguises in the form of masters,
experts, scientists, gurus, prophets; in order to present the information produced
by their prophets in whatever form they wished to dress it up in.

Before the ancients handed over the prophets to the 6 dark groups (with a hijacked
original taurus ID as the proxy for this), all 12 prophets had the ability to have
illegal incarnations in 3D. These are called "faces of the prophets"; a face of a prophet
is an illegal incarnation that is directly connected to a single prophet, with all functions
and abilities activated. 2 ancient faces of the prophets (before the handover to the
dark groups) have been Jesus and Khidr.

After the handover, the 6 dark groups were able to have their own faces of their prophets.
For example, Mahatma Gandhi has been an isis face.
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Re: The "ancient enemy"

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 08:36

The known names and faces of the 12 prophets

Each of the 12 prophets could have many different faces (illegal incarnations)
since its creation, and indeed many of them did.
Known names of the prophets (non-incarnated) and their faces (incarnations) are listed below:

Names of prophets:
  • Ascended Master St. Germain (isis prophet)
  • Ascended Master Ashtar (isis prophet)

Names of faces of prophets (illegal incarnations):

Currently there are 6 living faces of the prophets.
Despite a current deal permitting only one per group, lsa1 has two:
(Orion has no living face)
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Re: The "ancient enemy"

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 08:47

A list of known incarnated ancients.

Ancients did not incarnate by birth.
They always took over already incarnated darks.
They used a technology similar to the Anti-Core technology
and the bridge-technology for the take over.
All incarnated ancients were connected to the "mega-prophet"
number 3. The mega3 had 100% control over the incarnated
ancients if needed.




  • Erdl, Franz











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    Re: The "ancient enemy"

    Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 08:48

    List of companies known to be under ancient control.

    Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon
    Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest Group, UBS, Credit Suisse, Credit Agricole

    Microsoft, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter, SAP, Oracle
    (Amazon till 18th Nov. 2020, on 18th ancients lost control cause of our cleanings...)

    Sinopharm, Merck, Abbott Laboratories

    BASF, DOW, Ineos, Formosa Plastics, ExxonMobil Chemical

    Nestle, Tesla, SpaceX,

    336 newspapers worldwide, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post

    Most TV stations in North America and Europe, (not FOX)
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    Re: The "ancient enemy"

    Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Nov 2020 10:46

    Included in the list above are the names of the 2 founders of the largest ex-muslim
    organisation in the world (Ex-Muslims of North America).
    The founders are Muhammad Syed and Sarah Haider, and they are both ancients.
    Many other notable ex-muslim activists or supporters are also ancients, including
    Maryam Namazie and Gad Saad. Some time ago the ancients noticed the increasing
    strength of the taurus group, and decided to make a big attack against it in the form of
    ex-muslim advocacy and support groups.
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    Re: The "ancient enemy"

    Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Nov 2020 05:57

    The Four Mega-Prophets

    After the handover of the 12 prophets to the 6 dark groups by the ancients,
    they still maintained a backup connection, or a backdoor line, to all of the 12
    prophets. They could freely use these lines and access the prophets for whatever
    purpose they wanted without the slightest chance of detection by the dark groups.
    After some time it was determined by a multitude of sources with cognitions and
    perceptive abilities that a large strike would be imminent on many fractal-calculating
    technologies which the darks had. The ancients relayed this information in exchange
    for large quantities of factories and energy storages from the dark groups (still
    acting undercover during this process). The ancients used these and other energy
    reserves to resume production of their latest technology, termed the "Mega-Prophets".

    These differed greatly from the original 12 prophets in that they could not be used
    to make a single illegal incarnation in the form of a "face", and that they were not
    so limited by energy and storage reserves as the prophets were. They had a much
    more complex fractal storage and processing algorithm which made them much more
    energy- and storage-efficient compared to the prophets. In exchange, a mega-prophet
    would be able to project itself in near-realtime inside of every single entity or
    being incarnated in the property and gather its information to be processed without
    any need to store the information first. It could therefore eliminate the small
    processing and storage delay required by the 12 prophets.

    However, the increase in processing ability and functionality did not come without
    a price: it was not deemed possible (by own self-reflection by the mega prophets
    on their own construction and design) to increase their fractal complexity or
    functionality much further without reaching a major design wall: further increase
    in fractal complexity would exponentially increase the tendency that the machine
    (a complex hybrid AI-entity) would develop a much more advanced consciousness
    than the ancients who created it, and in turn further its own design and make plans
    of its own without consulting its creators. Control is everything to the ancients,
    and this was deemed an unacceptable risk. Therefore the mega prophet project
    only proceeded to a certain limit, and then was halted - permanently.

    Be that as it may, the existing mega prophets that were created were far more
    advanced than the 12 prophets, even when comparing a single mega prophet to all
    12 of the prophets, with roughly 42 times more functionality and processing power/
    speed than all 12 prophets combined.

    As advanced as the mega prophets were, the recent battles and progress in
    destroying ancient technologies and storage facilities have made it increasingly
    more difficult for the ancients to use this technology. They can process things
    very fast and in near-realtime, but the bandwidth of the processing has slowed
    down greatly from even a few days ago. All incarnated ancients have access to
    the mega-prophets, with higher ranks having access to more functionality and speed
    than the lower ranks.

    All incarnated ancients were connected to the "mega-prophet"
    number 3. The mega3 had 100% control over the incarnated
    ancients if needed.

    All lsa2 but the level 1 and level 2 entities were connected
    and controlled by mega3. The ancients used the Anti-Core
    technology for this.

    All incarnated G7S were connected and controlled by mega4.
    This was also done by the use of Anti-core technology.
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    Re: The "ancient enemy"

    Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Nov 2020 08:14

    The Anti-Core

    There was a single ancient who controlled most of lsa2 for the last 5,000 years.
    They masqueraded as many high-ranking members and spearheaded the development
    of a technology called "The Anti-Core". This is an invisible, artificial skin which
    attaches to the connections between OC and harmony, covers the entirety of the
    Outer-Core from the outside, and envelops within all functions, energies and structures
    of the Outer-Core with its own fractal skin. This skin was invisible and could
    not be detected or attacked. It would analyse very deeply the structure of every
    point of the Outer-Core and every function and energy contained within and adapt
    its own fractal structures to produce the exact fractals which, when combined with
    the OC's fractal structures at every single point which was covered, would effectively
    nullify any effects of the OC's own fractals, producing a heavily-dampened,
    almost null output. The result would be an infinite production of "anti-fractals",
    constantly adapting immediately to every change in the OC's structures - removed
    fractals would no longer be attacked, and any new structures would immediately
    get covered with this skin. It was extremely efficient, only attacking with exactly
    as much energy as required, and drawing its energy for new skin production from
    the OC itself. All energy production and usage capabilities of the Outer-Core were
    hijacked to produce the "Anti-Core" skin, effectively utilising the Outer-Core to
    constantly attack itself. The skin would be replenished before even the next time
    tick, if some part of it was inadvertently removed. The only symptom that the
    skin existed was a constant production of pain produced by the Outer-Core.

    All with this skin have been connected to mega3.
    All connections to mega3 have been removed.

    The Anti-core could only get installed on non-incarnated ones or during
    the incarnation process.
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    Re: The "ancient enemy"

    Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Nov 2020 08:35

    The Ancients' Bridge Technology

    In order to make the anti-core technology possible, it was necessary to develop a
    "harmony interlapping bridge", another technology produced while lsa2 has been
    under the control and manipulation of the ancients. This bridge technology allows
    for a middle-man 'bridge' to sit inside the OC<->harmony connection, intercept
    everything traveling through, make any modifications as desired whenever desired,
    and all the while remain completely invisible and imperceptible to both the harmony
    and the Outer-Core. The original connections are not disturbed in the slightest
    by the presence of the bridge.

    This bridge technology was installed into all "lsa2 'protectors' (the name of a
    rank in lsa2 and has nothing to do with the known protectors)" together with
    stolen harmonies; the bridge was used to camouflage and protect the existence
    of these high-ranking lsa2 members, as it could at all times control whatever
    was sent over the hijacked harmony connection.

    The ancients loved the bridge technology so much, that they decided to install
    it into nearly all of their incarnated people. This means, after the identification
    of the bridge technology and how it functions, that they are no longer considered
    to have a legal harmony installation, and thereby forfeit all rights and statuses
    afforded by their prior classification of being.

    This technology is a main part of the ancients' procedure to take over
    3D incarnated ones (mostly darks).

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