The Dark Cube-Covers (DCC)

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The Dark Cube-Covers (DCC)

Unread postby Grayfox » 21 Jan 2019 19:36

Dark Cube-Covers (DCC)

The Dark-Cube-Covers is a massive system that was
hidden from our mind-model of the cubes because it was
protected by the orion layer. As the orion layer cleaning
mentioned a few posts above was completed, this protection
was removed, and we found out about the DCC.

It was an extremely vast, multilayered structure with
approximately 23-24 million layers containing billions of
VR structures, among other functions. From here, darks
could make strong effects and attacks on 3D, including
weather manipulation, and many more things.

Detailed information about the DCC

The DCC contains 23.65 million main layers, as well as
many sub- and sub-sub-layers.
Counting the layers from outside in, with "in" meaning
closest to 3D:

  • The first 6 million layers (from the outside) contain
    mostly defenses against outside attacks, there are not
    many VRs here.

  • Next are 5-7 million main layers (the number is dynamic),
    these are the dynamic time layers, they are producing all
    of the time effects for the other layers. This is done in
    the optimal way to produce as much time-pain and emotional
    pressures and stress on the people here as possible.
    Time-pain is something that those in 3D know very well.

  • The next 10 million are the main VR layers. All of the
    infrastructure is here. All of the other layers either
    work directly on these 10 million layers, or they work
    using the data from these 10 million layers to influence 3D.

  • The next 2-3 million layers are the support structures.
    They are directly building the shit for the 10 million,
    this is where the factories are located. This is where the
    ideas come from to "improve" the 10 million. This is where
    data gets fed in from 3D for the same purpose. This is also
    where data from the 10 million main VR layers is brought in,
    to process and feed it into 3D, to make 3D worse. This is
    the `interface layer` between this entire DCC-shit-structure
    and 3D.

Then right at the very bottom of the DCC, there are some
very special few layers. Counting these from the bottom up,
so from the side closest to 3D first, and calling the one
which is closest to 3D as "layer #1":

Layer #1 is a filter layer, as close to 3D as you can
possibly get, the only difference is none of this shit has
to obey 3D rules.

About the filter layers: there are many filters sprinkled
throughout the DCC structure, and all of them are 100% equal.
The only difference is who gets access to them and when, for
how long, and for what previously agreed-upon purpose (which
they didn't always follow).

There are 6 layers immediately above layer 1, this is
where they organise their deals between each other over
who gets access to the filter layer below. They keep and
organise their private data in here, but they sometimes
open the layers up to talk and make deals. The ones who
have the most access to the filter below would be isis
and lsa2.

Then above these 6 layers, there is another filter layer.
This filter layer is filtering all the layers immediately
above it, which are some very interesting 103 layers
designated for religion/spirituality. Layer 9 is for the
highest religious leaders of the 5 religious groups. Isis is
actually not a religious group at all, so they have no direct
access to this layer.

Above layer 9 is layer 10. This is the spirituality "love and
light" department. Everything is dressed up here with bells
and whistles, made to look so nice, with the utmost highest
level of masks that is possible; but the reality is, it's a dark
invention, designed to make as much stresses on you as
possible. The key is, how long can they push it, how far can
they take it before you realise that something's wrong?

Layer 11 is the vedic layer, layer 12 the buddhism layer.
Layer 13 contains all the rest of the religious shit from india.

Layers 14-21: The various sects from christianity and judaism
goes in here.

Layers 22-25: All the various kinds and sects of islamism
goes in here.

Layers 26 to 37/38 (Boundary is not very clear here):
Here you have all the militant religious groups who don't go
by any particular name. They have special access to these
layers so they can make their shit!

Layers 39-67: Very nasty stuff, all the various kinds of
paganism, witchcraft, and voodoo, which are very much
practiced in some parts of the world, all go in here.

Layers 68-111: 68 through the end of this section is all the
various kinds of spirituality and new-age thinking.
This section is very dynamic, it is constantly updated with
whatever they think will be the best to grab those who are
falling out of religion, to grab onto them and make them
believe in some bullshit for the last time before they fall
out of everything. To implant them with as much shit as
possible before they lose control of them totally.
Now, most people that come this far out of religion don't
stay here for too long (some do stay stuck here), but the
general purpose is to fill you with as much dark shit as
possible on your way out of belief systems.
Most that come down to this level, go all the way and come
totally out of all religious and spirituality bullshit

This section contains three significant layers that are
support layers for layer 10. They have been discussed here.
Layer 68 contained the central sun.
Layer 69 contained all the `gridwork structures` for this
Layer 70 contained all the VR structures for other universes,
including most notably, fake nebadon!

That's all for the religion/spirituality section of the DCC.

Having a deeper look into the DCC

No need to look at the filter layers, they're quite
uninteresting. The filters allow a complete pass-through of
energy into 3D, but there's not much to see there.

Looking at the first 6 layers after the filter, so layers 2-7:
"The filter" is referring to the filter closest to 3D (layer 1)

I see what looks like 6 different "compartments". Each has
darks inside, and each is organising their data in different
ways and with different forms and methods of encryption.

All of them are simultaneously attempting to spy on the others
secretly, without being discovered. They are more or less
successful in this. The most successful in this are isis and lsa3.

Within the compartments are also records of their deals between
each other, as well as their drafts for deals they want to make
with each other. They constantly attempt to spy on these drafts
in order to get the best position in the negotiations.

One of the deals is that during periods of intense meditations,
of which there is a maximum of 3 per year allowed, only orion and
isis are allowed to use the bottommost filter. They get full,
unfettered access up to a maximum of 12 hours, and they can use
this how they like, they can split it, or one can use all, that's
between them to figure out.
Generally speaking they split it, or orion uses the most, because
isis doesn't need to send much, their data is much more compressed
than orions'. They do not interfere with each other's data,
generally speaking.
This means that during this period they get access to TWO FULL
FILTERS (this extra one + the regular one) during these periods.

During intense periods of economic negotiation, lsa2, lsa1, and
rarely lsa3, have full access to this filter. During the islamic
holy month of ramadan, taurus gets 30% free access to the filter,
to be shared with whoever else has access during this time.
During christmas celebrations, lsa1 & lsa2 get 50% free access,
to be divided between each other as they see fit & to be shared
with whoever else has access during this time. And so on.. the
groups have very fine deals for nearly every single day of the year.

Generally speaking, these deals are upheld. If they are not upheld,
the other groups vote to kick out the one that broke the deal, and
to split the remaining access amongst themselves instead.

Access to the bottommost filter is coveted, because while using
this filter, you get access to the most accurate information
possible about 3D. It's not about the filter itself, but this
information is only available while you have access to the
bottommost filter. Even if you send no data through, you still
have access to this information.

All the other filters generally work the same way.

Now we get to a very important section: religion and spirituality.

The filter for this section (located at the bottom of it) works
just the others. The groups which have the most access to it are
orion, lsa2, lsa1, taurus and lsa3. Isis has no direct access to
this filter -- however! -- very often orion gives or shares their
access with isis. Isis has no direct access to this filter, and
has no access whatsoever except for what they get through orion.

However, during the scheduled meditations, isis has deals with
orion to give isis full access to the filter, for whatever amount
of access orion has. For example, if orion has 45% access, isis
gets full access to all of this during this scheduled meditations time.

Let's go and visit some of the layers above..

In the first layer above the filter (layer 9). This is the high
religious leaders layer. All the top religious leaders from the
6 groups come here. Isis has no religious people, however, and
therefore has noone here. Sometimes though, isis sends some of
their people here disguised as orion members.

From here, they have very good access to make deals about their
religious ceremonies and to benefit their religious groups, in
terms of access to the filter below.

Now, the next layer we want to have a really good look inside.
This is the 'love and light' spirituality layer.
Generally speaking, spirituality has their own block much higher up,
but as this layer belongs to isis, they have a very prominent
position near the filter below.
This puts them in a great place to make deals with the other groups.
Actually, the only group they are generally interested in making
deals with is orion. They are constantly arranging and trying to
get the best deals for themselves with orion, in terms of sharing/
getting access to the filter when orion has scheduled access times.
Sometimes they try to help orion get a better deal in the discussions
with the other groups too.

You can see that c has a huge area here. There is an avatar of
his here, I have no idea if he has any connection to it or not,
and near to him is a massive collection of energies that are
constantly pouring in, one by one, as they get collected from
the meditations and various activities of his lightworkers group.

These energies are generally stored here, or used by isis to make
weapons, or tools, or to improve the VRs above, or rarely to send
feedback back to earth below, but this is generally not done unless
the meditations reach a certain critical level.
His avatar here is generally tasked with organising and collecting
these energies, and he is dutifully contracted to the isis group
to make sure that sufficient energies are coming in on a regular basis.
If he fails to meet his quota, they take it out on him by taking a
portion of his personal energies. It's possible that he has no idea
about this in 3D.

Now let's take a look at the rest of the c establishment,
which by the way takes up 85% of this layer.

I can see that he has a map of grid points around the earth. Every
time these grid points get updated, I can see that there is a
physical connection made, using the bottommost filter, right next
to - touching 3D! They are creating anchors right next to 3D,
using the bottommost filter to do this. I have no idea what
this is for just yet.

I found a deal about this. It states that if certain conditions
are met, the isis group can get access at anytime to the bottommost
filter to place their anchors. One of the conditions states that
they must get enough people to pay them for it. This is in all
dark deals, that they must receive sufficient payment for their
The second and most important part of the deal, is that isis is
not allowed in any way, shape or form to use or activate their
anchor-grid, unless they have the full permission from all 6 groups.
In case this permission can not be obtained, an alternative is that
they must have at least 2% from each of the other 5 groups
participating in the anchor/grid-points activities. Another part of
this states that should isis ever activate this grid-point anchor
for energy download or information transfer to their people, they
must share whatever energy download or information transfer to the
other 5 groups in equal measure!
These are the most important parts of this contract..

Because the information from isis is so highly compressed compared
to the other groups, should they ever activate this anchor-grid,
they can send 200x-500x more energies and information to their
people without the other dark groups ever finding out about it.
Furthermore, because their data is so compressed, they can activate
the anchor-grid with a very small probability of being discovered
by the other groups. In fact, they have done this many times, and
have not been discovered once yet.

The main purpose of this anchor grid is bolstering the energy of
their people, and also creating 3D contracts, which have the full
permission and power of the DCC layers, and therefore other darks
are very highly influenced to accept these deals. Therefore their
main objective is to create 3D advantages for their people.

In fact, one of the groups they strengthen by making these 3D deals
that have the full backing and support of the DCC layers, is the
chimera group! Rather than fighting them, they are their biggest supporter!

I can see that there are connections to other layers here. One of
them is a transport layer which takes you to the central sun.
Only c and high-ranking isis members have access to this "portal".
One of them takes you to their structures in this universe. These
are energetic structures, most of which are constructed using the
filter layer here, and some of which are created using the
bottommost filter layer. This means they have energetic structures
placed very close to 3D, by which they can create energetic
connections directly to their physical avatars, when they are
close enough to these structures. This is possible at their
`strongholds`, which they are constantly trying to create more of
with their `gridwork` activities.

By this, they can download tremendous amounts of energy into their
bodies, and in some rare cases, even information about 3D, by
virtue of the bottommost filter layer having access to this information.

There is absolutely nothing related to toplet or strangelet bombs here.

The last `portal` takes you to other structures in other universes.
Generally speaking, there are no connections to this from physical 3D.
However, if you connect to this `portal`, you can visit many other
billions of entities, many of which are not even dark.
Most of them are grays, working for the darks, working for the isis
group, without even knowing it. They are totally unaware that they
are living in gigantic VR simulation(s). Should any of them become
aware of the true nature of what they are doing, they are generally
taken to the central sun and crashed. However, the true gruesome
details of the central sun and their other activities here are
totally blocked from entering 3D.
Isis has deals in place to fully prevent such information from
entering the minds of their incarnated people in 3D, even if
it is forced or accidentally sent. In this way, their people
remain carefree and totally ignorant of the true nature of
what they are doing to other entities on an energetic level.

Taking a detailed look into each of these 3 `portals` here:

1. The central sun

This entire ambient is part of the `central sun`.
It is a giant machine, and is totally invisible.
In the center are a few VR projections of friendly-
looking beings, with a few live actors for added
measure. They appear to greet you and wave you over,
on the way you activate a few traps that start to
slowly get a foothold on your energetic signature.
By the time you reach the "friendly beings", a full
match of your energetic signature is obtained, and
the program simply deletes your data off the face of
the ambient. This sends a tremendous energetic
shockwave through your aspect body and into your
Outer-Core, causing irreparable damage if not
destroying it totally.

2. The `gridwork structures`

Let's have a quick look into this ambient. There's
an energetic structure connected to some stonework
in Paris. There's one in London, Moscow, Turkey,
they're everywhere, all over the globe! Egypt,
London again, they even have one in Antarctica!
There's nothing terribly interesting here except
looking at the energy pathways which get activated
when their people activate these `gridpoint
activation points`.

3. The nebadon clone

Let's take a look here.. there is a tremendous
central VR structure here, it is called "nebadon".
However, I can see that this is not the original
nebadon structure. It has been hastily rebuilt,
using low-grade technological methods to make it
seem like the original nebadon. Many of the original
parts have been moved or slightly altered, however
there is a strong pressure on the memories of the
beings here to prevent them from remembering this.

Most of the beings in here are grays, not darks.
The leaders, however, are AIs or darks playing a
role. I can see an extremely complicated
hierarchical structure that makes my head spin.
If we thought that bureaucracy on earth was crazy,
this takes it to 500x the magnitude. Endless
buildings and filing cabinets and empty desks with
AIs sorting out requests and determining when to
send them; which by the way have an extremely high
failure rate, and you MUST get it approved to get
any kind of higher status here, furthermore to get
ANYTHING done, even to step outside on a particular
day, you MUST file a request form.. and if it gets
approved, you must log everything you did that day
and file it before the end of the day!

This is the ultimate `cyberpunk dystopian world`
here. What's more, most of these people -- actually,
ALL of them, looking around, do not realise that
they are slaves to this system. They think that
`it's just the way things are', and that `it has to
be this way'.

I can see very many puppet/figureheads all around,
many of them on TV screens which are all around this
central plaza. Most of the ones on TV are simply
dark AIs, but for the few you can interact with, for
example by sending 5000+ request forms per day,
hoping to get into the extremely rare 0.0002% of
people that are chosen for an audience of 5 minutes;
you're only meeting with a dark actor, playing the
role! What a fucked-up place.

Let's take a quick look to some other place, this is
far from central nebadon but still classified as
"outskirts of nebadon", in fact, most of the VRs in
this entire location are in some way connected to,
or get benefits from Nebadon, such as regular
shipments or deliveries of supplies and energies.

You may accurately call this entire world a "nebadon
clone", as it is not the original nebadon, but tries
very, very hard to be and act like it is.

A deeper inspection of layer 9

Layer 9, the layer reserved for the highest religious leaders
of the dark groups

There's an energetical structure in here that looks like the
kaaba. It's at the same location in physical 3D. This section
is reserved for taurus. They have 30% of this layer. During
the time of hajj, their share is increased to 45%.

So, how does this work? I can see that energies are being
collected in the energetical kaaba structure. They seem to
have many structures very close to 3D here (anchors). It
seems as though the pillars in mecca are where the center
of the anchors are located.

With the help of the anchors, they make energetical
connections to the people who are gathered and praying here,
and use this to channel their energies into the energetical
kaaba structure (located in the same position as the physical
structure). This has nothing to do with the physical
structure, which is only a placeholder for the energetical

There's another interesting note here. The purpose of this
entire place, it's buildings, it's accommodations, seems to
be to get you to stay here as long as possible. The longer
you stay here, the longer the energetical connection stays
open. This improves the quality of the connection and the
strength of the energy flow. In short, the longer you stay
here, the more drained you will become.


It appears that there are two popes. One pope that appears to
always stay inside a small support structure near the
vatican (but still classified as part of the vatican), and
never leaves. He doesn't leave, because it's his job. Lsa1 &
lsa2 don't have as many structures close to 3D like taurus
has, so they use their people to anchor the DCC energies
The job of this pope is simply to keep still and collect the
energies from the DCC, to do nothing more than constantly
collect and anchor these energies. He knows this is his job,
and he is very good at it!
I can see many minor priests coming to him regularly, and he
shares small pieces of this energy with them. They collect
these little parts from it and go and distribute it to other
The other pope has nothing to do with these energies
whatsoever. His job is to leave and run the "PR tour" for the

Looking around the vatican, I can see that the energetic
support structures are quite far away from 3D, at least
compared with the taurus ones I viewed earlier. It seems they
did not get good enough deals compared to taurus, to build
many structures close to 3D. However, sometimes they get the
opportunity to temporarily build or move a structure very
close to 3D, and they use this opportunity by anchoring/
channeling the energies from the DCC layers into one of their
people. This has nasty effects on the health of the person.
But it's their job, they know it, and they do it as well as
they can.

When it comes to christmas time, they get a big boost: they
get many strong structures located very close to 3D, for
example in large churches where masses of people attend. The
energies from these people are very efficiently collected and
taken upwards into the DCC layers for future use. This is in
effect the main purpose of christmas: to top up their
energy supply. It has nothing to do with buying presents,
this is only economic support, and has nothing directly to do
with this kind of energetic support.
Furthermore, the energetic structures in the churches during
this period do not discriminate who you are, as long as you
are there in attendance, your energies will be drained too.

When it comes to prayer, the prayer of a single individual
acts as a petition, a request to the darks to construct an
energetic structure close to 3D, near to that person. The
more people are participating in this prayer activity (around
the globe too), the more weight this petition or request has.

If only one person is doing it, it has a very low chance of
success, but if many hundreds of millions are doing it all
over the globe, it has an extremely high rate of success.
This causes energetic structures to be built very close to 3D
for all of these people at once (so very many structures if
many of them are praying at the same time).

Each request acts for all those who are participating in it
at the same time. If only one is doing it, the chances are
very low than an energetic structure will be built close to
that person in 3D, so the chances are very low that their
energies can be harvested with any efficiency (this is still
attempted, but with extreme inefficiency).

I'm looking now at the individual religion layers.
The taurus one seems mainly used as an energy collection/
storage place. It seems absolutely filled with little white
energy balls. It's collected and sorted here, they send some
of it to develop weapons, or to more advanced factories for
research purposes. Sometimes they send it to improve the VRs
above for their own benefit too, and very rarely they send
some of it down to 3D if their people are in dire need of
energies. But generally speaking it is only stored here for
future use, or to act as a reserve.

The lsa1 layer is also an energy storage location, but it
seems nearly empty compared to the taurus location. It seems
they are in dire need of energies.

Following the 103 religion/spirituality layers is an
economic/industry section. This has its own filter at the
bottom, followed by 336 layers. A brief look:

I can see that it's all divided into different industries,
and within each industry, different dark groups. For example,
the first industry is finance, and I can see that lsa2 has
85% control of this layer. This means that whatever tools,
weapons, attacks, manipulations, energies are gathered by the
darks into this layer to be used for finance purposes, lsa2
automatically gets ownership of 85% of those.

The darks have agreed in advance to only use the specified
section for the purpose it's linked to, for example, the
finance layer for finance purposes. This is technically
speaking not necessary, but it is considered a violation of
the deals to ignore this.

More info about the layers which follow the economic section
will be added later.
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Re: The Dark Cube-Covers (DCC)

Unread postby Jude » 21 Jan 2019 20:47

Wow....thank you so much for this info Grayfox.

The complexity and depth of corruption is totally mind boggling and extremely disturbing.

When this crap finally ends....oh the celebrations we will have!!
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Re: The Dark Cube-Covers (DCC)

Unread postby Anton » 21 Jan 2019 21:02

Jude wrote:Wow....thank you so much for this info Grayfox.

The complexity and depth of corruption is totally mind boggling and extremely disturbing.

When this crap finally ends....oh the celebrations we will have!!

When it's all over we should do a forum meetup (:
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Re: The Dark Cube-Covers (DCC)

Unread postby Goldenmilk » 26 Jan 2019 10:26

This information is absolutely staggering! And, Grayfox, your explanation of such a complex structure is so fluid and easy to read. Thank you for writing it out with such clarity. I did read it a few days ago and had to come back. It is amazing to know the 'what' 'how' and 'where' of all the nonsense...just wow!!! A most intricate and tight trap that you warriors are unravelling - for all our benefit - the changes we will experience will be out of this universe and beyond!

Yaay, the celebrations are coming, one day soon, Jude and Thius :happy-wavemulticolor:

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