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There will soon be some changes in 3D physics.

Posted: 09 Dec 2016 01:34
by Frank
There will soon be some changes in 3D physics.

3 of the 151 elements of the"Reality Mechanic" (RM) will get replaced by completely new ones.
7 total new elements will get added to it.
So after the changes we will have 158 elements in RM.
83 elements will get modified more or less.

Completely new fractals will also get installed.
The new ones will be much more filigree, which will result amongst other things in much faster healings of the consciousness fields.

The changes of physics will have impact on 3D physics.

Two new topics in which there will be changes are radioactivity and magnetism.

On a scale from 0 (no impact) to 12 (strongest impact) radioactivity will be at 12 and magnetism will be at 3.
At 11 are 2 changes in chemistry, which are still unknown to me.
There are for sure much more changes and details, but I don't know them until now.

The changes will start Friday 9th December at 20:50 (CET).

All changes but the fractals will need ~33 minutes.
After they are finished the change of the fractals will start.
The first part is taking out the old fractals.
This will need a minimum of 12 minutes, but depending on blocking things inside the fractals, it maybe needs up-to a few hours.
The first fractal change 11 months ago was not complete, too much dark things blocked the taking out of the old fractals.
So atm. we have since 11 months a hybrid of the ancient fractals and the new fractals, which we installed 11 months ago.
This time we will clean out all parts of old fractals, so that we will get a 100% clean new fractal structure.
After the removal of all old fractals, the new structures will "flow in". This needs ~20 minutes.

The important point here is, that there are maybe physicians who do quantum physics measurements in experiments. While taking out the old fractals, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle will not be valid. It will be valid after the new fractals are installed.
But the probabilities of the old fractal will be different from the probabilities of the new fractals. But I have no clue, if current science is able to measure these things in experiments.

I have no clue of all details of the changes, but this world will be literally not the same after this.
The changes with the bigger impact will need some time to make impact, some of those with smaller impact will have the impact immediately.

Re: There will soon be some changes in 3D physics.

Posted: 23 May 2017 10:57
by Frank
There have been a few more changes in details of the physics since I posted the first post above.
Very slow step by step they made changes get applied to the 3D physics, to the IR (Information Reality).
At this moment ~13% of the changes got applied.
On energetic level the non applied changes are already visible.

Today I found this on the Erdl website:

Neue Atomphysik 22. Mai 2017
Dann folgten eine ganze Reihe von Manipulationen betreffs der Materie, dann der Vorstufe der Materie und der Vor-Vorstufe der Materie. Diese Themen fand ich ganz oben immer häufiger. Ich war natürlich interessiert, was das für Themen sind, die die Materie betreffen. Mit der Zeit fand ich das heraus.
Die weniger wichtigen Themen waren, dass die Menge an Kohlenstoff um den Faktor 16 reduziert wurde. Also ursprünglich war mehr Kohlenstoff für die Erde vorgesehen. Dafür wurde die Menge an Silizium-Oxyd um circa 500 vervielfacht. Ich weiß nicht, wozu das gut oder schlecht war, aber die wichtige Manipulation kommt jetzt:

Uran und Plutonium. Es wurden Varianten geschaffen, mit denen Atombomben gebaut werden können. Interessant zu wissen, dass dies nicht im ursprünglichen Plan war.

Die Manipulationen wurden gelöscht.

Translation (Google):

New Atomphysics May 22, 2017
Then followed a series of manipulations as to matter, then the precursor of matter and the precursor of matter. I found these topics more and more frequent. I was, of course, interested in the subject matter. Over time, I found out.
The less important issues were that the amount of carbon was reduced by a factor of 16. So originally, more carbon was provided for the earth. For this purpose, the amount of silicon oxide was multiplied by about 500. I do not know what was good or bad, but the important manipulation now comes:

Uranium and plutonium. Variants have been created with which atomic bombs can be built. Interesting to know that this was not in the original plan.

The manipulations have been deleted.

This is very interesting.
They write about the changes in the physics, which were done 18.800 years ago by Eartha.
And they also write about the massive changes in radioactivity.

And in the last line of the quote they claim, that they deleted these manipulations... :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:
It is important to remember, that Erdl himself is orion group, and that all Erdl group are lsa1 supporters.

The above has two important meanings:
1. They are first to confirm the coming changes, which we initialized a while ago.
2. They start to prepare their own people for the changes. And of course claim it for themselves...

Erdl Text translation about changes in 3D physics

Posted: 23 May 2017 21:56
by gZo
This is the text Frank found on the Erdl website. I translated it into English.

„The less important topics were that the amount of carbon had been reduced by a factor of 16. Initially there supposed to be a higher amount of carbon on Earth. Instead the amount of silicon oxide had been raised by a factor of about 500. I don’t know if that was good, or bad, but the important manipulation follows now:

Uranium and Plutonium. Varieties have been created so that Nuclear weapons could be built. Interesting to know, that this was not in the initial plan included before.

The manipulations have been deleted.

I hope you understand that I’m careful with my assertions. According to my query I get a confirmation that probably Nuclear Weapons won’t be functioning anymore. In about one or two weeks. It feels very clean, but it could be, that a very professional lie is being played here.

If my statement is correct, then all the nuclear plants should cease working soon. Then this can’t be covered anymore. Nuclear powered submarines and carriers wouldn’t have a power source anymore.

Think about this, that Warships are cruising on the ocean with nuclear engines. Of Corse, there would be some destroyed and sunk in case of a battle. And then definitely the oceans would be contaminated. That’s so unbelievable irresponsible.

As far as I understood, with the disappearing of the radioactive material all the radioactivity will be gone too. Other materials for x rays will stay, but with those materials you can’t build bombs and contaminate oceans or countries.
That would be a very good solution. Nuclear plants could be exchanged through free energy then.
Is it true? Or did they just fool me? I wouldn’t count on it, until I can see results.”

Here you can find the text from Frank, when he announced that there will be changes in 3D physics. That was 6 months ago... Below he posted this text from Erdl today.
Either they are living in the past, or are just plane stupid. I guess both. :laughing-rolling:


Re: There will soon be some changes in 3D physics.

Posted: 23 May 2017 23:19
by Frank
Thx for translation...