The 5 Light rules

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The 5 Light rules

Unread postby Frank » 31 Oct 2015 16:36

The 5 Light rules

- Every being has to be free.
- No being is allowed to do illegal harm on 3rd beings.
- Every being has the right to get the energies which are necessary for its own existence.
- Every being has the unconditional right of own integrity.
- Every being has an unconditional right of individual evolvement.

(Note: All rights must of course always be used only in the context in which they don't violate other rules or rights of others.)

You may ask why I write this here and now.
There are many "false light" people and beings around, who want to spread their "false light" and the rules systems and packages belonging to it.

These 5 simple rules are the base of real Light! Nothing more and nothing less. This is what Protoi stands for.

If you follow any of the false rules, laws etc., check them. In each of them you will find many details which harm the simple 5 base rules!
And then think again about "what is Light?"....

Additional Note:
Don't confuse "being" with person.
This planet is an avatar planet. Humans are avatars, not beings. The beings are connected to the avatars.
For sure you can harm the being by harming the avatar.
But there are also many ways to harm the avatar without harming the being. It's possible to excarnate avatars without harming the being.
On Earth are only 3 avatar kinds which are even able to harm the connected being: Humans, Elephants and Dolphins.


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