Mankind chose light

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Mankind chose light

Unread postby Frank » 07 Aug 2014 16:09

Today at about 16:17 (4:17pm) CET the Protoi made a deal with a huge G2 group.

This G2 group belongs to a sister species of angel species. Atm. about 72% of mankind belongs to this group.

Until now this group was neutral in the 18.800 (48.000 w/o timeloops) years lasting war between light side (Protoi alliance) and dark sides (e.g. Orion, LSA, Taurus and 226 other dark groups), even if they got really bad treated down here by the darks.

Today we got a message from the odigos of this group. The message was attached to the following picture, we got the name "Sign of good will" for it:


Attached to the picture was the request of leaving the neutral status and join the Protoi alliance. After short negotiation the joining deal was done and signed. It's official and registered now.

Welcome :romance-grouphug:
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