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Posted: 20 Jul 2016 00:40
by Rosebelle
全世界4.3億人口,規範於Protoi mission or Protoi Alliance的查可拉chakra一夜之間被我們消除了
如果你不是以上4.3億人口,可是你的靈魂屬於G1, G2,你可以來要求移除chakra
如何測試你是不是屬於4.3億人口?看這個視頻, 如果你可以從視頻充能量你就是我們4.3億人口的一分子

In a few minutes the cleanings will speed up from "prepare speed" to full cleaning speed.

The following is now important for the 4.3 billion people belonging to Protoi mission or Protoi Alliance:

As mentioned often by us, all Outer-Cores (OCs, you may call it soul) on this planet (not the 33 million OIC incarnated ones and not the lsa1 ones) had to agree to an incarnation deal with lsa1 group, which allowed them to take parts of the OC out of it (they split the soul in parts) and to place it into 4 external "higher bodies" (we call them aspects). Many people see these aspects as aura. The remaining parts of the OCs had to stay open, and they still are. This makes people very vulnerable, and many diseases have their origin in this.

This situation will change in the next 12 hours in global scale for the 4.3 billions.
Their external OC parts (soul parts) will get placed back into it's original place.
The remaining "empty" aspect bodies will get replaced by new clean avatars which have the equal functions.
In every case the aura will change more or less by this. Also the people who see others in or with colors, will start to see different ones.

Some other very important change will be, that in all 4.3 billions the chakras will get removed.
For many of you this now may sound horrible, but it is not.
"Chakras" is one of the biggest lies topics.
Their original and hidden function is that they are seals to block you away from your own skills and to limit your own powers and energies in dramatic ways. A lot of our fighters (me too) did this step in the last few years, and it brought no trouble to the ones without chakras in any case.

If you don't belong to the 4.3 billion, but you are G2 or G1, and you don't belong to the 142kk, you can request the above treatment.

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