Born with 362 diseases...

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Born with 362 diseases...

Unread postby Δύναμις » 09 Mar 2017 01:16

...sounds horrible, doesn't it?
Oh, well, I can live with it! :happy-smileyflower: Yes, right! This is me. Born with 362 diseases. It was the present darks gave me, so they can control me. Hard luck for them. I am quite tough. :text-lol:
There are over 22,000 different diseases in total. You can easily figure out that every human has more than just a couple time bombs.

Ok, mates, back to serious: ALL OF YOU OUT THERE have many tiny time bombs hidden in you on every possible layer. Either because you are light and you should obey or because you are dark and darks from other groups fight you or because of certain deals you made before incarnating (for example: you praise the "lord" and get good luck in love or business. If you ignore your deal, you just get a little reminder in form of some disease that will teach you the praying = provide darks with your energy again). This is how this dark world works.

As we know by now, our human avatars are "info" = the result of energy exchanges, but not the energies themselves. (Don't try to perceive this with your human brain, it won't work now, but the day will come and you'll understand).
Diseases are "bugs". They do exactly the same to your body what a bug does to some computer program.
We have created the tools to handle those bugs and we get better day by the day.

What can you do to get rid of your time bombs?
If you are light, our tools could help you.
If you are dark, good luck. Go ask your dark friends for help, you are not welcome here.
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Re: Born with 362 diseases...

Unread postby TenSuns » 09 Mar 2017 19:01

AMAZING clarification Alex! :happy-sunshine:
Now the cause of our pain or illness is clear.
Glad you were so tough and gave darks the lesson! :happy-smileyflower:


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