The "divine" IN you

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The "divine" IN you

Unread postby Δύναμις » 11 Jun 2014 15:27

Well... there is only one reasonable thing to do, if you find the "divine" in you: chase the sh.. out of it! Not more and not less than that! Because THERE IS NO DIVINE in the first place and second there is no divine IN you. Whatever is in you is a dark implant or other rubbish the darks have hidden in your system, but nothing really divine. Therefore you are not only allowed to get rid of it, but rather obliged to do so. The soonest the best!

I honestly don't know what it takes to awaken people but talking about "divinity" "the divine" is a great fairy tale to keep them asleep forever. Most people just don't want to wake up! Why bother? Believing in god(s), believing in divinity, believing in the divine in each human is so much more comfortable than facing the truth. The spiritual world doesn't want anyone to awaken and take responsibility, because the "puppet masters" of the spiritual world know exactly that they will be the first to fall as soon as the majority awakes. They don't want that! No one wants you to be master of yourself! No one wants you to live and develop individuality! They want you to be the sheep that follows, the sheep that praises the "lord", the sheep that "loves" every creature (especially the evil ones!), the sheep that never says "no", the sheep that is prepared to KILL other sheep just to keep the "peace".

I am sorry to repeat myself all the time, but I am going to do it as long as it takes you to understand the game they play on your back. One of the most amazing and stupid things I use to hear is: I don't believe in god, but I do celebrate Christmas for the kids / the family etc. No one believes in anything but everyone does, because the others do it too. Isn't this enough to show you that you ARE sheep? "Well, yes and no" is the answer that follows ... :text-lol: Everyone knows, but no one wants to accept, no one wants to take responsibility for him-/herself.

When you'll finally get rid of the "divine" IN you, you'll find out, that you ARE the divine! It is not just a game with words, don't take me wrong. It is the truth you should never find out, because as soon as you do, you'll chase all the sh.. that kept you slave for centuries and this is going to be quite uncomfortable for them. They prefer to talk about "love and light" than about the crimes they committed and the deals the closed to ensure themselves better lives/conditions. Not only the darks are dark. Some light ones are worse than the darkest dark. Be cautious :wink:

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