I need your help to finish a very important step of our work

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I need your help to finish a very important step of our work

Unread postby Frank » 10 Feb 2014 00:02

Until now I was not very fond of donations and I would have never asked for it, if it wasn't the only possibility to do what needs to be done.

But after all the amazing things we found in the last days I changed my mind, or better I am forced to change it. I want to show you a bit of our work. At this post are 2 drafts of PDF files attached. They give a first impression about how the creation and our space is organized.

The first is a draft of a general explanation "The Construction of Creation 2nd draft", a bigger view.

The second is a draft "Grid Point Config SL2.1"of a chart which explains the construction of a creation grid point. This chart is about the 4 base energies of creation: frequency (f), power (p), color (c) and shape (s). Here is a short cross info to the wiki about the polarity levels. PL1- f, PL2-p, PL3-c, PL4-s, PL5-s, PL6-c, PL7-p, PL8-c-time, PL9-s, PL10-s, PL11-f, PL12-s, PL13-f, PL14-s, PL15-c, PL16-s, PL17-c, PL18-s.

Our physical world is located in Area II. It is a region in Area II, not the whole area. This Area is again split in two parts by rules. We call these parts regions. As you can see in our area only frequencies and colors are legally possible. So in our 3d world are power or shape not legal (allowed) energies, although they belong to the creation and are equal to frequency and color. We call our 3d area "string area". If you have a PL energy set with i.e. 4 quads in it, these quads should have 4 different kind of frequencies in it, in this case PL11-frequencies. Each of the 4 frequency energies has a specific "form". Now there are points in which all 4 energies meet/connect. These connecting points are the only valid parts of the energy set! So not the whole energies are valid, only the meeting points are!!!

These meeting points can have all kinds of shapes and forms. But in our 3d world only the ones who are forming "strings" are valid! These are about 2% of all energies! All others are still here with us, but they do not interact with the strings. If you look back to the above example with the 4 quads in a set with 4 PL11 energies inside. The quads of this example are forming a very special kind of strings. These strings are known as electric energy in our 3d world.

The "string theory" is still a science theory. But as we are able to get all needed and detailed information coming from "the other side", I am sure we can deliver all needed information to the 3d physicians, so that they can calculate it, transfer it to quantum physics, and after this transfer it to common 3d physics!

This would turn our wold upside down! All this "crazy" spiritual things will get scientific proved! Some famous physicians will soon get unmasked as the lairs who the really were...

I already started with changes in 3d. These are simple ones for the first. Right now we are cleaning the strings of 3d from pollution with wrong energies. More complex things will follow after this. We also already upgraded the crystals to work on the string level in 3d.

But my problem is, that I still have to pay our rent for flat and have to buy food for the family! I estimate that I will need about 6 to 8 weeks full time work to finish a wiki upgrade, in which would be enough information included to give all those infos to the physicians in the universities! But as most of you know, we are not rich people. Right now I am forced to do much 3d work (I am installing, administrating and consulting company wikis...) to get the bills paid in 3 weeks! From the current situation I estimate I will need minimum 8 to 10 months to finish this work when I continue to do it beside 3d work!

So right now this is to all who have ideas or can help themselves. We need to solve this effing 3d problem! We need about 5.000€ to get the head and time free to focus on this work! I hope many of you realize what I am talking about! I can not promise 100%. But everyone can get our crystals for free (we will not sell them, not now nor in future...) to see and feel that we are real working on those what I am talking about in the above.

Pls don't ask me in this thread for more information about the above topics! Writing this down in a kind that people can understand it without working with this every day for a long time is exactly my problem!
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