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BE GENEROUS to yourself and to others!!!

Posted: 04 Jan 2014 21:56
by Δύναμις
If someone looks at the number of our forum members and then at my posts, will probably wonder why the hell do I write all these. The answer is easy: because the stats give us much different numbers of what you see on the frontpage. There are many many readers out there and my posts are directed to them as well.

Why do I say to be generous to yourself and to others although I know too well that most of us can't afford to be generous.
Well, generousity is a character attribute, not a question of money.
Being generous doesn't mean being thriftless. Being greedy or extremely frugal means you deprive yourself (and others) of many rights! You have the right to live in abundance with no fears. They (the darks) make you live in anxiety, which produces enormous negative energies that keep their system alive in order to squeeze the last drop blood out of you. They make you think that being frugal is for your own good, but this is one of the biggest lies ever. Austerity for you means superabundance for them. This is THEIR game and not your own decision! Give it a second thought and stop feeding the system :wink:!

We all have been taught that generousity is a question of money, but this is not true. People that have next to nothing are far more generous than people that have more than they need. Poor people have learnt (the hard way) that money means nothing, but being generous to each other may save lives. Those people would share their last piece bread with you, wealthy people would steal your last piece bread and throw it to the dogs (since a piece of bread means nothing to them).

Be thoughtful and generous!