Ambiant healing and more...

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Re: Ambiant healing and more...

Unread postby Δύναμις » 08 Apr 2014 16:17

:text-thankyoublue: so much, dear Kathryn, for the greatly appreciated feedback! Please keep us updated if you notice more positive effects!
Don't forget that you can increase or decrease the power of the healing crystals according to your daily needs.


Re: Ambiant healing and more...

Unread postby Nuross » 08 Apr 2014 22:01

Hi Kathryn :greetings-waveyellow:

It seems known to me... so it's really not placebo! :text-lol:

...and my new neckless with the new Protoi crystals, wow :handgestures-thumbup: should have it, or the card!


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