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Posted: 19 Oct 2013 11:10
by Δύναμις
so much traffic here (more than 360 visitors in less than 2 weeks), but not one person DARES to post something or even accept one of my presents.
Why is this?
What is this that makes you step back?
Is it the fact that you don't like my necklaces?
Are you waiting for a nicer piece?
You are male and can't use them?
You can't believe it is possible to get something unique absolutely free? I am sorry you have to pay the postage, but I can't afford to pay it myself.

It is there for you and FREE! You only have to order it or pick it up!!! I don't care about your skin color, I don't care if others consider you as good or bad, I don't care what your nationality ist, I accept you as you are, because you are who you are. Why can't you accept my present?
Are you afraid to accept the healing?
You rather pay for bad energies than get for free what BELONGS to you?

We are changing the world, but YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF to make the change tangible and visible for everyone!!! Now is the time for you to act and get rid of every bloody god or guru that still has hold of you and doesn't let you breath freely.


Posted: 19 Dec 2013 00:11
by Pegazus
I think all pieces are truly beautiful and thank you for making them.

I am myself would apply to get one of those quickly if i would be female.



Posted: 20 Dec 2013 19:26
by Δύναμις
:text-thankyoublue: very much Teis!
I'll offer some key rings in the next days, so maybe you find something too.



Posted: 21 Dec 2013 01:16
by Frank
This is the key ring she made for me:


And this the necklace she made for me:


:romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating: :romance-heartbeating:

The colors in the necklace have special meanings.

The blue is similar to the Source Energy class 5, which is the communication energy in our Core, and for the communication to higher levels.

The orange is similar to the PL 17 energies, which are used in our Outer Core and our aspects for communication...

Btw. I use the necklace as bracelet...


Posted: 09 Feb 2014 00:15
by Nuross
Neckless is amazing!!! :happy-jumpeveryone:
I got my yesterday, and just can't give it of my neck! What suprised me I could feel it few kms away from home that it came into mailbox, although I didn't know yet...something was different, but the feeling was well-known from long ago, the feeling of "as it should be"! I wore it on all night long and could feel strong healing energy all night. I was aware of being in different realities and timelines at the same time, and also saw some people I've met next day. Woke up few times from sleep in pleasent tingles and full of warm energy runing throu my whole body. The air in room looked like kind of living moving grid.

One of these realities I remember very well:
I found my self in devastated place, ruins of some small hill town, which seemed empty for centuries. Atmosphere was dark, grey...the landscape was dead desert. But I didn't feel it negative or scary, just empty, hollow. I asked myself what am I doing here? Need to do some clearing or what? Then the voice said: "Fly!" Ok, how? "Use your wings!" Wow, let's do it! And I just flew over the devastated town and landscape, I could feel my wings, guys! I had to correct meanwhile some moves but I did it! :angelic-sunshine:

In the morning I felt very rest and energy was still growing, sometimes almost overwhelming, that when I drove the car I needed to stop and just walk...and use the energy for healing the dark, lifeless scenery of imposed reality, which I could feel resisted strongly. At one point the award was beautiful warm sunny day atmosphere for few hours which felt completely different, and I just enjoyed it :happy-sunshine:

I can feel it gives me support to wake me up, to recognize the strenght of my HS and encourage me to use it, to clean, to heal, to create. I wish I could create these healing crystals which are in. Those of you who can, please do this as much and wherever you can. That would make changes much more faster.

Please take this opportunity and get yourself one neckless/keyring if you haven't yet! This is very precious free gift!
It can help you to learn again to fly, and fly away from the OIC, I'm sure! :handgestures-thumbup:

And I'm sure anyone else can share her/his experience too. Don't hesitate!

Dynamis :text-thankyoublue: for this!



Posted: 09 Feb 2014 15:45
by Frank
Hi Nu,

all the crystals which we placed until now will get upgraded now!
Until now they where located in what we call "3rd floor", and from there they drop energies down to us on 2nd floor.

Now with the upgrade the crystals will get replaced down to us in the 2nd floor, in what we call "non string region". What we call "our physical world" is the "string region" of the 2nd floor.

From this location the crystals will be able to do their work on 3d level.

And they will get upgraded to multi level crystals. They will get extensions to all other levels of our "space", so that they can do the healings and cleanings in all levels same time and coordinated.


Posted: 09 Feb 2014 18:25
by Δύναμις
@ Nuross

:text-thankyoublue: so much for your excellent feedback, dear Nu, and also for sharing your experiences with us! :text-goodpost:

I hope your necklace will keep supplying you with the necessary energy night and day for as long as you need it.

We are working on global cleaning every day. Well not our 3d bodies, neither any kind of "prayers" or "meditations" like many people love to believe, but our Ellies with their huge crews. We clean and hope people will finally realize what goes on. Our crystals may speed up awakening (I don't really like this word, but I don't know a better one right now). I would gladly give every person in the world one of those crystals, but many people are not prepared to accept it yet. They probably instinctively know that this kind of power is just too much for them at the moment.

Let's hope the best!



Posted: 11 Feb 2014 09:29
by Nuross
Hi Theresa and Δύναμις! :greetings-wavingyellow:
I'm very glad for news about the crystals and the clearings which are going on other levels, please keep us updated with such news and details. That's very interesting and inspiring for us who mostly face repeating Groundhog's Day here, and can help to get some ideas how to contribute as well.