Junk email

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Junk email

Unread postby minglyn » 22 Dec 2012 00:48

I have already notified Tsriel about this, but I wanted to mention that there has been alot of Google Bots come on this site, and I assume that is the people trying to sell stuff. Since I gave my email to join here, I have noticed very much junk mail coming to me, and i emailed Tsriel (I forget how to spell that I think), and asked if I could change it to a bogus one. I tried to find that place to do it myself, but could not. One thing I especially hate about the net is junk mail. BIG PET PEEVE! Thank you.
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Re: Junk email

Unread postby Frank » 22 Dec 2012 00:54

I will look for this tomorrow.

Hm, i don't have a sinlge spam in my mailbox... maybe they know that i don't have money.... :D :D :D

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