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Unread postby minglyn » 03 Jan 2013 02:16

i was wondering if i could change my emotional healing topic subject line to something like any healing changes. i havent thought of the right wording, but there have been some other positive changes I wanted to post about, but didnt really want to start another topic, really. Just a general one for anybody noticing changes in their healings. I went to change my Emotional Healing topic, but wanted to get an ok from you first.

what i want to talk about is the fact that i have NOT noticed that any airplanes flying over have given me the static, electric feelings in my legs. That is huge because we get many planes outside Seattle area. Thank you.

Re: topics

Unread postby Mes » 03 Jan 2013 09:37

If you can change it, do it, of course. But I didn't see if you have the right for it. If you don't have, just tell me and I will modify the topic subject the way as you want.

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