How to post a new topic

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How to post a new topic

Unread postby juu » 03 Jul 2014 23:27

hello Δύναμις, i do not know where else to post this... but i cant find a way to post a topic in this forum.. ive been looking everywhere.. i dont know if maybe i dont have the permission, o something like that... as i would like to post some thoughts, and read others opinion.. :)

hope im not bothering anybody :greetings-waveyellow:

Re: How to post a new topic

Unread postby Mes » 04 Jul 2014 00:31

Hello :)

On the main page of the forum, you will see topics, these are the main topics. Try to find one which fits the best for your need, and under that topic you will find the "Post new topic" button.
In case you think that none of the main topics covers the subject with what you would share, please contact with Frank or Δύναμις to discuss about starting a new main topic.

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