Free from Chakras

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Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby minglyn » 20 Dec 2012 11:51

Thank you for this post. It`s odd, but I have no attachment to the chakras. I get a sense they were/are a bit smothering. One thing that is amazing is the idea that darks can get in easier thru a chakra system. Wow!
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Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby zoozoom » 20 Dec 2012 14:14

well, i have never knew much about chakras. and i have no some healing or spiritual experience. so, i dont know shuld I let go those beleifs, because i dont have it.

anyway, i wull be thankfull if someone give me some hints how to do it. how , even , found if I have some powers, or how to use it.
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Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby minglyn » 21 Dec 2012 03:23

I am looking for the original post from Gabriel about copper cables. He mentions connections to OIC in the chart, and there is something about ingrown connections another time, but the copper cables, no I cant find that. If we are in this group, it all gets done anyway, correct? The connection too? Just to make sure, I asked to have it done. Covering my bases. Thanks.
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Re: Karma

Unread postby Δύναμις » 21 Dec 2012 22:57

Kathryn wrote:... I believe that Karma is no more except maybe some residual in etheric bodies. The new energy is resonance. Much, much more powerful and instantaneous. ....

You are right, dear Kathryn! There is no Karma anymore as it used to be. Gabriel changed that over three months ago. No one is accumulating Karma like it used to be. Every human being is free from old Karma. That system didn't work at all and it made people struggle life after life. This shouldn't be. We think it was a kind of experiment regarding earth, but it failed badly (maybe we can explain that further sometime).

Now there is no Karma, but there is resonance. It means, that each one of us is fully responsible for his/her own actions and good or bad actions will be "paid back" in time with no delays, like it used to be. Remember "do not do unto others what you don't want to have done to you", otherwise you may not like your life anymore ;).
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Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby Rosebelle » 23 Dec 2012 05:12

Kathryn wrote:Thank you Rhea for welcoming me back.

Frank mentioned that in addition to the removal of the chakras, there are copper cables that need to be cut before you can leave the OIC. Please request this and be FREE.

Love to all of you.

Where are the copper cables?

Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby ttrasea » 24 Dec 2012 20:05

hi thankyou,for this post, and help, after i read, this, yesterday and had cleansed, i mingled, my chakras, within, my energy bodies and field, and have felt so much better since. smiles. and so happy now to i dont have to keep working through them, which was becoming monotomus, hard work and boring. smiles. x

Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby schwarz » 25 Apr 2013 09:31

not sure if its the same. i read somewhere abt these chakras its like hole for you to receive external energy into your body thru the crown chakra. with these 'openings', it is vulnerable to attacks from the dark. apparently we dont need external energy as we can produce our own energy too. not sure if its true.
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Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby Pegazus » 11 Jun 2013 02:24

Before reading this,i heard about the chakras negative effect on us,and i heard that originally it wasnt like this.

However,i cant recall about hearing how to unite the chakras.

Is it something that everybody must do alone by imagination experiments,or is it happening as we ascend further,and can be triggered by anything?

Or maybe both?

How is it possible?

Re: Free from Chakras

Unread postby Caroline » 20 Feb 2014 06:26

Having grown up in a Calvinist community, ideas like "chakras" were quite foreign to me as a young person. As I started to encounter other ways of doing things, I was fortunate to first receive training in meridian and whole-system methodologies before I was taught to work with chakras. In learning to work with them, I found the process fairly tedious, since calibrating energy can be done more easily with intent than by routing it through a chakra, but it did allow me to learn the 'flavours' of the various energy calibrations as the chakras conduct them.

My uncle (a greybeard psychologist and specialist in altered states of consciousness) also pointed out that the traditional sites of the chakras correspond to the locations of ganglions in the body (concentrations of nerves): The cerebral cortex, the pineal gland, the base of the skull, the heart, the pancreas, the gut (which operates almost as many neuropeptides as the pituitary), and the groin. Additional chakras have also existed, and I have used them sometimes, but I prefer to work in other ways with the energy calibrations which these chakras correspond with.

I have also noticed, over the past 20 years of learning, that lower orders tend to use chakra activation as part of their protocols, and less so amongst higher orders. I have found that interesting.

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