Seeing moving particles

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Re: Seeing moving particles

Unread postby Jude » 24 Feb 2017 21:48

I am very familiar with the floaters in the eyes.
I just generally ignore them and I am not bothered by them too much.

I have also noticed the Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon in the skies as well as what appears to be a very fast moving curtain of what I will describe as water. Or more like a waterfall of moving energy? It is hard to accurately describe something one has no context for or if it is related to the blue field.

I have seen a purple flower glowing with a green aura to which I at first I tried to blink away by removing my focus on it, but it continued to glow when I turned back to look at it. That was a very pretty sight.

...and like I said in my previous post I just take note and file it all away.
Plus people just think you are crazy if you share this with them anyways.
My son and my hubby are the ones I share this with and now here on this forum with you wonderful people. :happy-smileyflower:
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Re: Seeing moving particles

Unread postby Allison » 24 Feb 2017 23:47

I've also seen those floaters and stars in the sky. They can be annoying but I don't see them too often :)

But I do see the static if I pay attention to it

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