Cognition about testing the bodies


Cognition about testing the bodies

Unread postby Mes » 10 Jan 2013 11:59

I had a 1.5 hour bodies test with Tsuriel. I had cognitions with quick shiftings.

What I remember from these: orth forest, I felt the sun on my skin, but Tsur already wanted to move to the next - we had a little quarrel about it as Tsur tried to switch but I didn't want to let :D
I was sometimes on Orth but I think on Earth too, I have pictures about old houses, one I started to paint to blue - I just wanted to try out if I can and I could (I'm sure there were some other modification what I was able to do just I don't remember) :) I lifted up somewhere over the sea and then down lots of times, fortunatelly this one Tsuriel let me do for a while, I saw somewhere huge electric posts.

I had 4-5 cognition about getting up at the same place on Orth (or somewhere in an unknown house) and I have 4-5 getting up here in my home, last time with a ladybug on my bed. :) (it was a cognition ladybug of course there are none of them here, because the weather is too cold)

Through the overall dream (better say cognition), between the shifts I had a strong uplifting feeling with some short prolapse feeling, I always felt the lift up started with my chest area (I lift up with my heart :) - this one always makes me feeling like go toward the light) and the prolapse was like I would immerse in myself (this one is always dark - but not in the term what we usually think about dark :)).

Dreams and cognitions are not the same thing, though my cognitions usually comes in sleep-state.

Re: Cognition about testing the bodies

Unread postby Vera » 17 Jan 2013 16:19

Thanks Tsuriel, for your explanation. I have had a cognition of orth too.

On 12-12-12, I laid down to go to sleep and realized I could easily move into anther plane. I arrived to the new place and found myself on a small peninsula looking over the ocean. The first thing i noticed about the ocean was that i could move the water back and forth like the tide. I moved the water a few times and revealed all the plant and animal life on the ocean floor below. Everything growing in the ocean was incredibly complex.

I then moved into the forest behind me. There were large rock outcroppings with redwood trees all around. As I walked up to the forest, the thing I noticed most was the ferns and small plants growing underneath. There were no large bushes in the forest, just very very small plants. I realized that I could become the size of the plants or the size of the trees if i wanted to. At any size, there was the same amount of complexity in the vegetation around me.

Re: Cognition about testing the bodies

Unread postby Mes » 20 Jan 2013 14:03

Thank you to telling here your experiences. :) This is a really nice cognition, I think if once we will arrive there we will find a lot to explore. Till that time, it's always a nice feeling to remembering on our experiences. :)

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