Left side telepathy and plants


Re: Left side telepathy and plants

Unread postby ttrasea » 25 Dec 2012 10:19

hi Thankyou, i did hear, a voice, call, me, on my left, side, at the beginning of this year. i was asleep at the time, and it woke me, up, but only, heard it once, then, after that the being, only communcated, through vibrations, teaching me, how to feel my, way, smiles, another time,a few months ago, i heard the voice, of my male me,or twinflame, but again, just my name, though cant remember what he called me, as i was asleep, and just waking up. I just recognised the sound, and energy, vibration. smiles

Re: Left side telepathy and plants

Unread postby Noojah » 26 Dec 2012 10:21

Hi, I am very new here and I would search and read more before talking, but this really called my attention since I'm having some different sensation on my left side of the body. Now it's better, but until a month ago I'd feel a lot dissociated from it, physically and beyond, I also would noticed that I could direct energy into the left part of my brain and make it go down all the left part, even the colors would get brighter and more vivid.

I wonder why this happens. What happened that had my left side this way?

Re: Left side telepathy and plants

Unread postby skywalker » 06 Jan 2013 05:48

ttrasea wrote:hi i have been communcating, with my crystals, my cat and trees, now for a few years, but i am, not able to hear, any noises, i feel their energies, and vibrations, more, than, hear a noise.i havent been able to find any information, online much about telepathy, so really, only have my own experiance, to go, by. to me its more like sonar, like bats and dolphins, have, feeling the vibrations and the energy, the emotions, to, of the soul i am communcating, with. one thing with this , is i am, able to, recognise, someones, energy, signiture online, and vibrational voice, even if they use another name or avatar, picture. so very rarely, get tricked, by online, users. have, experianced, that serevel, times. smiles

hi all, it draw my interest on above parts about communicating with animals..
Has anyone has experience with communicating with lizards ? those small little ones crawling around at ceiling or roof or walls at night ..

Re: Left side telepathy and plants

Unread postby ttrasea » 06 Jan 2013 11:52

hi skywalker, i have communcated, or attempted to with wasps, and hornets if that counts, lol, the wasp, just got angry, well he was in a jar at the time, but im very allergic to them, so didnt want to risk, letting him, out, so tried to negociate, but the more i sent my thoughts to him, the angrier he got, trying to sting the jar, so had to get my neighbour in to alleviate the problem. The communcation with a hornet was alot better, he was injured and walking, near my feet, well limping, cos he had lost some legs, and i felt his pain, im not able to kill, anything myself, as it hurts, as i feel the energy, so again, called, my neighbour, to end the poor hornets pains, still felt it tho, when, he left his little, body. but this time, was, a release.

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