Emotional Healing

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Emotional Healing

Unread postby minglyn » 30 Dec 2012 00:29

Something WONderful has happened that is important to share, at least I feel that way.
In the past, I have always stood by the axiom that there is 'no competition in spirituality", but could never actually attain that freedom.
I tried many concepts, therapies, etc, all my life. Oh well.
However, yesterday a friend confided in me that something incredibly wonderful had occurred in his life.
Instantaneously that emotion of "less that you" popped up, but as I brushed it away, it DID NOT COME BACK!
that has never happened before, and it felt really good to experience a celebration with another soul like that.
And then, in that exchange we both felt good, as it is certain that he would have felt the other emotion too, being a sensitive.
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Re: Emotional Healing

Unread postby Rosebelle » 01 Jan 2013 14:38

congrats to u! :)

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