If someone gives you a cake...

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If someone gives you a cake...

Unread postby Δύναμις » 20 Feb 2013 18:44

don't give him/her a cake and a biscuit back!

I heard from a friend that Krishna says, if someone gives you a cake, you should give him/her a biscuit and a cake back. I don't know if this really comes from Krishna or not, I only mention this here because this was the incentive to my thoughts.

The main idea of such an action is, to pay back more than you ever got, to show your appreciation. But in my opinion this is the wrong way to show appreciation. Imagine playing this game with the same person a few times: you get a cake and give a cake and a biscuit back, he/she gets a cake and a biscuit and he/she gives a cake and two biscuits back to you, you get a cake and two biscuits and you give a cake and three biscuits back and so on. What is the use of it? Why should you give this person a cake and a biscuit back? This person has given the cake to you, because he/she wanted to show you how he/she likes you or to do you a favor because you can't afford such a cake or whatsoever. We assume this person succeded in finding something to make you happy. Great, enjoy it, say thank you and keep in mind that someone has been nice to you. Whenever you see there is something you can do for another person just do it, without expecting anything in return. Remember the cake you got and that made you happy and forward this piece of happiness to someone else in need. This doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything good to the person that gave you the cake, but you shouldn't give things back just to pay back the favor one did to you. You should FEEL like giving anyone anything you can afford when you realize that the other person really needs that something you can afford to give. The point isn't keep giving back to the same person again and again but keep the circle = love going! Important: never give more than you can afford to, because this will cause lack of something to you.
You can only share what you don't need for yourself.
You have to stand on your own feet to be able to help others. There is abudance of everything as long as we learn to share! We pass along everything we don't necessarily need for ourselves and keep the circle going. What goes around, comes around.

Re: If someone gives you a cake...

Unread postby Massimo » 20 Feb 2013 19:40

I totally agree and I whish to add
to be good, to be fair it is not an effort or a work...BUT A NATURAL STATE OF BEING
you have not to push or struggle to be good, fair, sensitive and human
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Re: If someone gives you a cake...

Unread postby zoozoom » 20 Feb 2013 22:49

If you got something and you should give it back, than it is not gift, it is credit. And credits made most of bad things that happens

Re: If someone gives you a cake...

Unread postby Massimo » 20 Feb 2013 22:58

I think that concepts deriving from economy will not help us...
credit...debit...balance are polluted concept
I'm sure that exist the concept of fairness, but the exchange, the sharing relay on your will
and it's not a mean of judgement
that's my opinion
and it's open to further discussion :)


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