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Learn to say: no

Unread postby Mes » 21 Feb 2015 00:04

I never had a clue about how it will be like when we really will start to fight for our freedom in 3d. Epic fights? Do I have to go to the end of my capabilities? Do I have to stand alone in the crowd and convince all of them, that this is a trap and they have to get out of it? Do I have to be for example like Jeanne D'arc?. Definitely these things are not really working well with me.

I tried several ways to "awake" my environment, talking how bad that state is in what we are in, how unfair, and ridiculous. That we should stand together and do something against it. It never worked. Sometimes I was able to see the darks' hands in it, or my own influences acting against the good will.

I had a long way to find out how to fight the best way, in my way.

I got into a new community, new environment. Much different from what I had known before. They expected me to act by their rules, rules what weren't set by them, but the possibilities, the situation and simply by how the life goes there. When I brought up, that I am not really happy about this set-up, they admitted that they don't either, but two options here: taking the "I don't give a sh*t" pill or leave. Somehow I didn't like either of the options and I didn't understand how is that possible that we cannot have other solution, just these two poor thing?

And since I wanted to stay in the community, but I wasn't able to bow my head, out from simple selfishness (I always said that being selfish teached me how to be selfless), I said no on those rules or expectations what was beyond my acceptance. With this in the first round I put myself on the edge of the community and none of them actually liked me too much after this. Probably thinking about me, like someone who is better be out, than in. They didn't even ask anything from me anymore from that point. Then slowly I worked myself back into the community, by helping them where I could, but on my way, and always remaining loyal to myself. I set my own rules inside that community and I sticked to it (These are not real rules, but going by the guts, since our gut feelings is still something quite trustable things). Changes were coming almost unvisible, but they realized that I can be used for something at least :D. Slowly they started to grumble about how the things are not ok, how bad is that everyone is taking advantage on them, etc., so slowly they were out of the pills too. And without even realizing they started to stand up for themselves, by saying no. And we not saying it only once, but saying it all the time, on daily basis. With this we widened our possibilities, the community possibilities, we earned respect, and we were able to show our true strength, because we get place for it, by saying: no.

I am not telling that just saying a no and watching what will turn out of it is everyone's way to change the things. But it is definitely a way too.

This is how with a simple small wave, you can make moving the whole lake.

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