A little clarification regarding our "neverending" work

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A little clarification regarding our "neverending" work

Unread postby Δύναμις » 14 Sep 2014 23:24


Things get clearer for me day by the day. I am usually too busy or too tired to sit down and start writing about everything, but tonight I decided to start a new topic, where I can explain a little bit about our work and where you can post your questions.

All of us are very impatient and want things to happen in a blink of an eye which is impossible. Protoi had to learn this the hard way unfortunately, but I think we managed ok up to date :happy-smileyflower:
If you check some of our older posts you'll see that we have claimed at least twice that the darks are finally gone, but in our newer posts we still fight against them on different levels. Why is this? What went wrong? Why are there still more than enough darks around and why can they still do damage although defeated according older posts.

It took me very long to find sensible answers to those questions. Many others before us have been claiming all sorts of things that never ever happened. They never gave an explanation as for why things are not working the way they say they do. The most you can get from them is some silly explanation and that's it. Well, those people have no idea what they are doing and that's why they can't explain anything to you. They don't have any explanations themselves, how should they give you any? Not possible.

Protoi are different and although they can't give very precise explanations at this moment, they can still give you the reasons why things didn't turn out to be "true".

Whatever we claimed was true! At the time we claimed it and for a certain period until we realized that there is more to do.
How could this be?
Easily! Take for example yourself (no matter who you are, what you are etc.). Your whole life is a queue of levels. You were newborn, child, teenager, adult. You stay adult for many many years and you pass through many many stages/levels without even noticing it. You only realize it when you look back. The things you believed to be true at a time, were true at that time. Things didn't change, you changed. You went on, through similar situations each time with another reality, each time with other truths.
Exactly the same happens here too with the tiny difference that the Protoi work creates/enables the next level. I'll use imaginary numbers to make it understandable. Please don't take the numbers as real levels. This matter is extremely complicated and we only know a little bit about it right now. It may also sound like a game to you, but it isn't. It is the mere truth. This is what happens but since can't "see" or "touch" it, we are reluctant to accept it.
When we first started we were a level *1. This was a quite simple level with own regulations and further levels within it. It was very hard work to clear this level. When we finished the cleaning there was not one dark left and we were happy, very happy about it.
The cleaning of level *1 unblocked some things, took away some veils and all of a sudden we find ourselves on level *2 :scared-eek: with much more darks sh.... and gray and so on. After a long cleaning and even more fighting we got rid of all the darks and dark grays on level *2. And we were happy, very happy again.
The cleaning of level *2 unblocked more things, we changed some rules that became illegal after the huge cleaning, we cancelled deals that were tying us etc. We have been looking forward to tangible changes. Hard luck! The next hidden or from level *2 not accessible darks came along with even more greys and some traitors. Welcome to level *3 :scared-shocked: . We started work again, cleaning, fighting, discovering, changing etc. With every level we became more careful and were prepared for the worst. After a while darks were finished again. Everything clean and shiny and we happy, very happy again.
New things got unblocked, more veils removed, people seem to awaken slowly (very slowly). One side effect of our cleanings is that people start to awaken (well, at least the ones that never ever had to do with spiritual things in their lives). We happy again, very happy.
BUT... all of a sudden we find ourselves on level *4 and then level *5 and then level *6 ... and so on.

We have no idea on what level we are right now, but we have a long long way behind us. Incredible details and huge numbers of unblocking, removing, cleaning, exchanging or rules, fractals and ... and ... and...

There were many many steps necessary to be able to develop healing methods and crystals. Both are unique and powerful. Every light person can take advantage of them.

Each one of our steps is written in our akashas and when the time comes those files will be accessible to everyone. This is when everyone will understand what was going on down here on the blue planet.

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Re: A little clarification regarding our "neverending" work

Unread postby alc » 15 Sep 2014 07:43

This means u clean in every space all floors?
what about times? i mean when i look back (in my life) or further i cannot see details but can see colours i mean light grey or dark so somehow i try to inject light in all non light parts and how far i understood untill all parts will be light and light only there is shit spreading even form smallest dark part from my childhood to now or future.
I don't understand clearely all spaces floors polarities etc. even if you described very clearely i mean theoretically i can understand till some point but i need my own realization to know on deeper level, so my question is when u cleaning all those shit on levels do you at same time clean it also in different times here in this reality?
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Re: A little clarification regarding our "neverending" work

Unread postby Δύναμις » 15 Sep 2014 09:43

:greetings-waveyellow: alc

yes, we are cleaning every space on every floor belonging to the level we are at a time, otherwise we wouldn't be able to move to the next level at all. We clear and seal every level. Imagine this planet as a balloon kept down because of the ballast it is carrying. The more you throw off, the higher you get. We threw off huge ballast a couple of weeks ago and we moved a huge step forwards. Many of you sensed this change.

Time... Frank will have more to say on it, but time travels are in general "common spiritual business" and not necessary. You can't change what happened by intervening in the past. The different colors you see when you look back is your way to work on your own past. Each one of us works on the own past experiences all the time. This is only ballast and we need to learn to get rid of it. Even if there is some positive change by doing this kind of work, the effect is far too small, so it won't help to speed up things on global level. Personal level yes, it is a kind of therapy, but not on global level.

That you don't understand spaces, floors etc. is a general problem. We don't have a map of all those floors, levels, whatsoever yet and this is why it is so difficult to understand. Wait for your akasha access :-D

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Re: A little clarification regarding our "neverending" work

Unread postby juu » 15 Sep 2014 19:18

:text-goodpost: . Keep the good work. Even if its in a small scale, even i have felt the changes in the last years. :) i guess the more you keep the cleanings, The more help will come. (people awakening). Thank u for the tremendous things you are doing for mankind. Keep it up. And hoping to join and help someday in the freedom of earth. :) lots of hugs
the hague

Re: A little clarification regarding our "neverending" work

Unread postby the hague » 04 May 2016 09:22

Δύναμις wrote:Things get clearer for me day by the day

You don't have to stress, darks manage this blue ball since 26.000 earthly years, as you said us, so I/we are aware that things are much more complex that a "starwar movie full of ETs with nice light speedy gonzales ships", the only frusrtating thing is that I/we can't do much to help cause of dark took care to not allow us to know/remember who/what we really are, nevertheless we are roughly on tying to awake, so don't stress Protoi, we are very thankful to you.


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