STOP feeding the system! Cancel Christmas!!!

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STOP feeding the system! Cancel Christmas!!!

Unread postby Δύναμις » 19 Nov 2013 10:14

We are finally at the point that everyone should have understood the ugly game they have been playing on our backs and that this HAD TO STOP!
WE did stop it at every possible level (yes, there were many many layers that most of you out there was not aware of). The darks or rather the dark IDs have been taken to prison. They are gone forever (don't expect physical mass arrests as this is a well made dark BS-strategy to make you believe in what rubbish soever). Sure, their bodies are still among us down here on earthy level, but those bodies are EMPTY! You see many of them being in charge, but in fact they are only muppets. They don't have any real power left. This is something you all need to understand and start acting accordingly.

What keeps making your life difficult is your own "mind loops" = attitude, way of thinking or whatever you want to call it. I have been always stating that the change has to be done by each one of us, by YOU too! Stop being sheep or you'll be slaughted :-D. What's the point us cleaning the place for years now and you keep leaving your "dirt" everywhere? If you don't change your habits you will never find yourself in a nice, clean place. Do you get the point? If you do, then you better cancel Christmas forever. Stop feeding the old, ill, "god guided" system. There is NO GOD! Finished. This chapter is closed. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! Not god, not anybody else. Take your responsibility and change your world!
Christmas was and still is a money machine. Money machine for them. But they are gone!!! What remained is the old system, the old attitudes, which is very well hidden in each one of you out there. YOU are feeding the system. You were taught to do it and they enjoyed sucking your energy every year again and again and again. Keep your energy to yourself and get your rights back!

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