Protoi History Timeline

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Protoi History Timeline

Unread postby eternalullaby » 10 Oct 2017 05:45

Hey y'all :greetings-wavingyellow:

So this thing has been sitting idle in my laptop for eons, and although it's not quite finished yet (there are still a few more events to add and other details to update), I thought I might as well post it anyway, since I don't know when I'll be able to fully complete it. Hopefully you guys can get more of a visual idea of some of the important events mentioned throughout the forum with this timeline, all in one place.

P.S.: Special thanks to Oni for his visualizations and input on some of these :lol:


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Re: Protoi History Timeline

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Oct 2017 14:09

This looks really good! Awesome work; thanks to you and whoever helped work on this :handgestures-thumbup: :text-goodpost:


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