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Re: 144,000

Unread postby Δύναμις » 30 Dec 2012 11:06

Dear Kathryn,

you started this thread with the number 144,000 and you continue with another subject. I answered to your first question regarding the number and then you came up with genetic changes, DNA etc. These are different subjects and have nothing to do with the number mentioned, even if they may be connected in your opinion.
If you want to talk about history or genetic changes or projects or whatever, please open a new thread and try to put an order into your thoughts, so everyone reading what you wrote will be able to understand, what you are talking about. If you want to spread the truth, that you believe to have found, you have to break it down to its single parts and make it "chewable" for everyone. If you can't do that, what you believe can't be the truth. The truth is explainable and understandable. There are still many parts missing, so I don't deny that there are some parts that can't be explained right now, but at least the biggest part could be explained, so everybody gets the chance to think about it, not only a few "eligible" ones. We can't force anyone to accept what we say, but we can give him/her the chance to think about it, if we make it understandable enough. No one has to follow, no one has to believe, but everyone has to have the same chance to understand. Each one, who understands, may contribute a further piece to the truth.

Whenever you try to explain something, consider that there are many different people out there, many different backgrounds, many different cultures. If you want them to understand, you need to make it easy for them. Most of the channelers and spiritualists don't want anyone to think independently, but to follow. I am a researcher, not a spiritualist and I want everyone to use his/her own brain. There is no need to mystify the truth to protect it from the darks anymore.

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