astral problems.


astral problems.

Unread postby ttrasea » 29 Dec 2012 09:02


yesterday not sure what happened, was a bit scary, i was connected to a friend,online, and was on his astral ship looking for some information, for him, when i suddenly, went really dizzy, and started to spin, round and round, really fast, in my, head, i was spinning so fast, i could nt move my body, or open, my eyes, nor it seemed was i breathing, i seemed to go numb all over. i had my music on playing and could still hear that well,so with my hearing i was able to focus on the music, and ground. bringing myself back to physical consciousness. the spinning lasted for a couple of minutes, where then, i was able to will myself to open, my eyes, so i could type to my friend, to help, me to stabalise, gradually, the spinning sensation, stopped, it was like being in a whirlpool, but i didnt feel i was being pulled up or down, or that i was going anywhere, and i could nt see anything, sept flashing coloured lights. im used to astral travel, im always travelling through tunnels, portals, and such, so am used to that, that never makes me dizzy, just wondered if anyone has any ideas, what i may have experianced, with this spinning sensation. has happened, once, before, when i was connected to a guy, but not as bad as this, time.

oh also, i have a really bad cough, and cough really hard, lately when i have a coughing fit, my body goes numb and tingly, and eye site, goes weird, and it seems, to me, that i actually go wavy, and my colours swirl, like im messing up my frequency, and signal, like im a hologram, when i had, stabalised, again, i asked my pendulum, if i am, a hologram, and it told me yes. o.o i know for a couple of years now, i have been able to bi locate, ie, am able to be in more than, one place at, once, consciously, tho , my physical, body is still in my home, aware, and active, while my etheric, body is half way across the world or the galaxy or elsewhere, though i dont understand, how im doing, that, or why i am.

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