re dimentions, timeloops, timelines,


re dimentions, timeloops, timelines,

Unread postby ttrasea » 25 Dec 2012 11:05

In the last year, i have been noticing subtle differences, in my life, and myself,and family, i sometimes, feel, slightly disorientated, and have been, noticing, changed, in my area, ie, signs, and bus stop changes, when i never have seen them being renewed, also slight changes, in my husband, ie, one day come down, and he was sitting in the kitchen, doing accounts, and wearing reading glasses, o.o he is has never, ever in 18 years of marrage ever attempted to do, accounts, as he hates maths, and has to still use his fingers to count,also doenst like to were glassess, another time, i found him, reading a book, and again surpised me, as he is severly dyslexic, and a very slow, reader, so doesnt, read, when i asked him, about it he told me he has always read, and done accounts, :? giggles, i feel i am maybe, jumping, dimentions, my own personel, ones, a friend once, told me he jumps, all the time, and best way for him, is using mirrors.

Yesterday i was at a friends house, and a strange thing happened, i was in a room, with two mirrors, and found myself standing inbetween, them, noticing, that i could see 8 of me in one mirror,so was looking down the tunnel of mirrors, to my 8th me reflected in them, when i waved, at me, and smiled, cant recollect the others me reflections, waved, back, and at the same time, the dog, who was asleep, on the floor, lifted up her head and growled, at me, as that happened, i felt dizzy, and felt vibrations, in my body, and felt like my body had shifted. even though i wasnt moving. then, when i felt less dizzy a split second, after, the dog repeated her actions, lifted her head, and growled at, me, then, saw it was me, and settled again. on the way home, i noticed, diference,s in the scenery, on the way out, the roads, had seemed cleaner, fresher lines, pianted and cleaner, newer looking signs, but on the way back home, the roads, signs, building s all looked dirty, and old, worn, looking, and faded, felt like i had gone, back, to a previouse dimention, of mine, where i was more grounded. so whether this was all my imagination, or whether i really did, cause, myself to jump into another dimention of mine, im not sure, still keeping my, eye, on, my surrounding,s to see if theres any subtle changes,. smiles. not sure if ive places, this in the right catorgory,
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Re: re dimentions, timeloops, timelines,

Unread postby Rosebelle » 25 Dec 2012 15:03

There are many many timelines

Re: re dimentions, timeloops, timelines,

Unread postby ttrasea » 25 Dec 2012 22:43

just wondered, what had actually, happend, to me, my sons, been theorising, that it was a timeloop,( he has been theorising, on timetravel, teleportation, dimentions, ect since, he was, six,) where i have been wondering, if, i actually, had merged, back, with 8 of myselves, (dont know how but ive always known, i was 9d, nine of me), and then, taken, myself back in time, a split second, thats why , the dog , seemed to repeat his actions, the same as the first time. but jake,my son, thinks, that if we merged, back, into ourselves all at once, that would create, a paradox, and i would inplode, well then, i said, well thats why i would have taken, myself, back, a few seconds, in time, so that would nt happen. but i would, still have merged,or jumped, but i am feeling, like i have actualy, merged, my other, dimentional selves, back into me. just theorising, smiles, wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on this, at the time, i felt, my body shifting, and vibrating. as well as disoriantated and dizzy, though i was standing still.smiles.

Re: re dimentions, timeloops, timelines,

Unread postby Caroline » 14 Feb 2014 07:26

:smile: I have been noticing differences in time also. And I sometimes fear for the version of me who carried on in a timeline with a dubious trajectory. But I am usually grateful to be in whichever timeline I find myself in. A fundamental contribution to this has been DNA clearing (which I found here some weeks ago). Cancelling contracts has taken me onto clearer and more elective paths.

With respect to that, I find now that my (very clear) memories of childhood begin to differ from the memories of my siblings. And that bits of family history which has been lost to us is being restored spontaneously. Global events and trends seem to be diverted from certain disaster even as I watch them.

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