Who are we?

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Who are we?

Unread postby root » 03 Dec 2012 16:08

In this thread some of us will introduce ourselves.
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Protoi Frank

Unread postby Frank » 03 Dec 2012 18:56

Hello, I'm Frank.

Many of you may know me from Cobra's blog as Hamourapi2012.
I'm living in Germany. My age is 46.

I changed my Nickname from Gabriel to Theresa to Frank. Theresa is the Prime Creator Part belong to my function as Protoi and who is in my main incarnation connection now. Some of you may now her under the name Lucas, this is the same entity.

In this forum you can read a lot of things about fractal energies and fractal evolution of the mind which happens in 3D.
Our 3D Earth is the first and still only existing place which makes fractal evolution possible. You can read about the different parts of consciousness here.

As most of humans I belong to the angel species consisting of a Core and an Outer Core (OC), the 92 part not activated since thousands of years.
As the future evolution is the fractal evolution, things start to change.
My 92 got activated again. He is now sharing the OC with me (me=Frank, the fractal part). This sharing is working as an analogue-fractal hybrid of a new kind. His name is Freemind (official: Protoi Frank Freemind...). The analogue-fractal hybrid structure is a complete new one, and I am very curious to see and feel the progress of it...

I'm communicating with Theresa and Freemind using dowsing rods and thought communication (similar to telepathy).

Please don't mistake these communications with channeling. In normal case I never allow someone else to use me as a channel. All infos I am publishing are communicated from my Ellies. I can not guarantee that all infos the Ellies are giving are correct, but I will never change the infos I got from the Ellies.

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