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Posted: 06 Feb 2016 23:41
by Δύναμις
We have far more readers than members. Our members are precious to us and we want to use the chance for privacy too. Certain areas are only available to members and many members prefer to write their problems or their opinions in our private area. We are not just a forum but a community and feel responsible for each other (at least the majority of us).

Nothing against curiosity though, the public areas of the forum should be enough, unless you really want to post, ask questions, contribute to the community in what way ever. The precondition to stay in the forum is to comply with the rules.
Please remember to introduce yourself within 3 days from registering!


Posted: 30 Jan 2019 13:34
by Δύναμις
Once more, hoping it is clear enough: newcomers have to introduce themselves to our members within 3 days after activation of their account. I'll delete every account with 0 posts, a few days after registration. We have a very simple rule and we expect you to follow it if you want to be a member of this forum.
We don't need dormant or fake accounts. We are not interested in quantity but in quality.