Another aspect of the real JOB for the mission

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Another aspect of the real JOB for the mission

Unread postby Δύναμις » 14 May 2020 16:10

Even years later I keep getting messages from people that want to help and would love to have skills to be able to contribute to the mission although we have explained many times that this is impossible. Mainly for security reasons, a) because none of us is clean from dark influences, so info leakage would threaten the mission (once more), or b) because the side effects or the attacks you'll experience when you get more involved into it may even cost your life. As simple as that.
I know it sounded exaggerated in the past when we were stating how hard things are for us/the team involved in the battles but nowadays that many of you out there experience quite a lot of side effects from the cleanings, you can probably understand this much better.

I must admit that in my first 45 earthy life years I had some pride issues and would have never ever allowed myself to ask for any kind of help and surely not for donations. I would rather die than ask. It took me a very long while to overcome myself and do what I had to do. And this is the point: what I had to do, what the job was demanding from me. Part of my 3d job was/is to provide the necessary for the surviving of the ones that put all their energy into the war and are not able to do most of the everyday things themselves. This includes begging (asking for help/donations) to pay what needs to be paid to have a somehow safe place to live and work, going for groceries even with strong pains if there is no way to avoid it, cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning (a little bit, as much as I can) the place and the toilette etc. None of them is the kind of job everyone dreams of when they say that they want to help the mission. There is nothing "glorious" in cleaning and cooking, yet I am happy to be able to do this little bit in my not so good 3d state (I do have some good days now and then though and lately more often than in the last years). I do what it takes without moaning because I know that I do it for the sake of all lights that put all their hopes in us when this whole thing started. Many of them didn't make it, others became traitors or dark supporters :crying-yellow: but the rest is still there doing whatever needed as long as needed.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about myself here, I only want to show you that the contribution to the mission is not always what we would like it to be. Once you are in the job you simply don't have a "life" or to put it better: the job IS your life. This doesn't make your 3d life better straight away, it rather makes it more difficult. Still, you shouldn't ignore yourself totally and you should do something for yourself/your 3d avatar too (at least try to).

Your job is not what you want it to be. Your job is to do what needs to be done either you like it or not. You can choose what to do when you'll be free from dark influences and no longer slave of the dark system. For the time being you "only" have to survive as good as possible and do for the mission whatever you CAN do. Whatever you do, you don't do it for us (our physical avatars down here) but for the mission. This was a point that I couldn't really get in the past. I thought I was doing whatever I was doing for someone because I wanted to do it. Sure, I did want to do it but I only wanted it because it was my real job (I was only unaware of it :lol: ).

Remember whatever you spend on the mission is lost for the darks and darks are always after every little bit they can get from you, energy, money, attention, simply everything. Maybe they do need it nowadays after all the battles :text-lol: I wouldn't give them anything willingly but they do take much from me/us in order to survive down here.

Last but not least, I want to THANK all our members and the couple non-members that have donated in the past and especially the ones that keep donating every month. Also big THANKS to everyone that translated and spread our posts in any way. Without your support we wouldn't have made it so far! :text-thankyoublue: I never forget the ones that did me/us good.
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Re: Another aspect of the real JOB for the mission

Unread postby Flow » 15 May 2020 11:28

Thx for this topic, Alex.
I always think that I can't do anything, or could do more, or sitting here and waiting for the cleanings to finish and feel useless. But a lot of this thoughts are influences and you are absolutely right about this. The way of helping the mission IS to spend, and be active in the forum, heal yourself, etc, till the cleanings are finished I think.
It happens a lot, that I want to spend, and in the next second I'm so distracted from something that happened that I'm miles away in my head and later think: "Oh man, forgotten to spend..".

Remember whatever you spend on the mission is lost for the darks

Oh yes! A good motivation to do the right things.
Since your last posts I'm happy to have no cognitions.
Idk what to say more, you pointed everything out.
It's everytime a motivation boost for me, to see a new perspective, especially from you all, that fight directly in the war.

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Re: Another aspect of the real JOB for the mission

Unread postby 009bliss » 15 May 2020 20:30

Thank you Alex. That was a beautiful post to read and just what I needed to read right now. :obscene-drinkingcheers: To cooking and cleaning for job mission and surviving and supporting.
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Re: Another aspect of the real JOB for the mission

Unread postby Azra » 17 May 2020 22:43

I mentioned past work I'd done at the end of my introductory post (when I joined PP), thinking the skills might be useful in some way...haha! That was arriving here not fully knowing what the mission was about (but, in my defence, I had only discovered the forum two days before signing up!). And I'm someone who found being asked what I did for a living unsavoury, when I was young especially, feeling that a 'label' isn't how to know someone.( But defining myself wasn't easy either!) :laughing-rolling:

Although you viewed it as begging for money, you needed to find a solution to a dilemma you were facing - Frank was needed to end the war, the reason HE is here, as Commander. So that made sense, as otherwise things were progressing at a much slower pace (if either of you had to do 3d work aswell). It was part of the bigger overall goal and you did your job to support it. But I can imagine it being difficult to have to put such a request in a public space, asking people you (mostly) haven't met in person, not knowing what the reaction might be and if we really could grasp that it is our 'real' role to support the mission. Those of us who have 3D jobs and can make a contribution, even if this feels like a passive way, have to be mature and accept this. It's money well spent if it's not spent on them (darks)!

Fighting in the battles is another thing, Light is not about warring. Your perspective is to preserve us so that we can assist once hijacked dark rule comes to an end. So we need to endure our (often difficult) situations until change comes around, is what I understand. That is our way of battling through the last days of darkness and being a team - much of it is mental/emotional endurance aswell. Also, I personally thought testing our cognitions and getting them up and running was useful to prepare us for the post-war situation, as it's clear the battles are in hand.

Thank you for sharing with us Alexandra :romance-heartsthree: . Your commitment, endurance and suffering are more than what you express here, this is just a small glimpse. You give SO much. Thank you for doing the mundane, energy-sapping jobs and everything else to keep the mission on track. :romance-grouphug:

And it is about time that we are able to define who we really are by knowing it ourselves - beyond this avatar, once the war is done. There is so much to look forward to. :banana-angel:

Re: Another aspect of the real JOB for the mission

Unread postby weiiiii » 19 May 2020 02:58

Thank you for sharing this perspective with us, Alexandra! :happy-sunshine:

I guess it is always easier to see the more glamorous, "flashy" side of things than the more mundane and even daunting side, the heavy burdens that come with any "privilege". I'm sure many of us have good intentions wanting to help, but it's hard to realize that good intentions will not always land as productive as intended, especially when we don't have a good grasp of what the job involves exactly.

Still, being one of those who want to help, I can't resist thinking about (or rather "fantasizing") the roles I can possibly play in the mission. I guess to have an active part in the mission will give me a great sense of purpose, and make my everyday life more meaningful (and maybe less unbearable). But my logic mind also reminds me that this is not about my personal gratifications. I'd like to be a good "soldier" that listens to my commander's orders in this war. If they say it's not time to move yet, I'll stand still. After all, there are still many things to do by "standing still", like donation, healing oneself and others, contributing to the forum, etc.

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