Such meanness! We don't accept BRIBES!

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Such meanness! We don't accept BRIBES!

Unread postby Δύναμις » 04 Dec 2019 17:31

Last night we got a donation from a former member that was found to be a traitor about a year ago (if I remember correctly) and I simply refunded her the donation minus the Paypal transaction fee that I also have to pay in case I return money to someone.
After that she got crazy once more and sent me the following email. She has been pestering us now and then with some nonsense messages, claiming she was not a traitor, asking for reasons, blaming us and also declaring herself a Protoi member either we like it or not :text-lol:


Why are you so mean to me?
It is not us being mean to you. It was YOU that betrayed the mission. You chose your position and we respect it. We treat you as you deserve it :happy-smileyflower:

There are millions of traitors out here and yet I get treated the worst!
Yes, there are and they will get what they deserve too. Luckily they are not in our forum and we don't know them personally. You keep pestering us, this is why we want to keep you at a distance.

What's wrong with my money? You took it once, didn't have a problem with it then, and I was just as much a traitor then as I am now.
Your money is traitor money and we will never ever accept it again. At the time you were registered here you were not classified as traitor and therefore we were accepting your support. Nothing wrong or false there. You think that money rules the world and you use your money to manipulate people, good ones get it, bad ones don't. I remember exactly when you asked to have your account deleted that you were emphasizing a lot that we are not going to get your support anymore. Well, who cares? Money may rule the world, but it can never ever rule a Protector!

Stop trying to prove a point to me.
We don't, you keep coming back with new ideas/excuses all the time. We only do the right thing at the right time. We don't want to have anything to do with you, so we returned your money.

I'm not trying to "buy" you (as if I can!).
No one ever could and no one ever will be able to buy a Protector.

It is so unbecoming of a PROTECTOR of the highest order who is supposed to be highly evolved than me.
Who are you to judge this? We never claimed that we are highly evolved. We are not dark masters or other trash to believe ourselves better than anyone else.

How are you supposed to help us evolve when you're dishing out punishments?!
Wrong accusation. Returning your money is not punishing you. It is the consequence of your own behaviour. Don't put the blame on us. We don't need to "punish" anyone.

I said I was sorry for being "traitor" (even if I don't know what I did wrong).
Even if you don't consciously know details, you were fully aware of it, when you asked me "am I a traitor?"

Saying that the darks should be crushed is a thought, not an action.
Oh, you have a crush on darks? :text-lol: (sorry to take advantage of your typo, but I couldn't resist :happy-smileyflower:)

Having thoughts does not make me a traitor.
Mostly not, sometimes, yes.

I'm scared of darks because of their "supernatural" attacks me. Numerous of them sense me out of a crowd and plan attacks. I am defenseless, how am I supposed to react to that shit?!
AND THIS IS THE REAL REASON FOR YOUR DONATION: you need protection. Sorry, this is your cup of tea and not our job. You decided to go that way, live with it!

You are being mean to me just to be mean because I am angry with you.
As if I/we would care about you being angry with me/us! :text-lol: Who/what do you think you are?

All of this senseless boycott of my donations and membership cancellation is just overkill. My donations might have a little anger-shit attached to them but they are well intended, I am crazy like that. Maybe I am insane, most times I feel like my mind is not holding.
You twist facts. YOU started blaming our programs as useless and asked to have your account deleted. I said, fine, no problem, I knew it will come down to this. This is where you asked if you are a traitor and I said yes.

Yes, you are insane, but this is not my/our problem. Good luck and keep your money to yourself!

Normally I am not revengeful and I try to put myself into others' shoes to understand their position. I do my best to keep calm, solve misunderstandings and help where I can, BUT if you give me a reason to take action against you, remember that I can strike back much harder than anyone else. I never attack, but I do protect with all my known and unknown power what needs to be protected.
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Re: Such meanness! We don't accept BRIBES!

Unread postby Anton » 04 Dec 2019 20:02

You big meanie! :laughing-rolling:
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Re: Such meanness! We don't accept BRIBES!

Unread postby Evo » 05 Dec 2019 01:29

This is why you are the best , but I am sorry you have to put up with this :(
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Re: Such meanness! We don't accept BRIBES!

Unread postby Evo » 05 Dec 2019 01:33

Technically I guess you don't put up with it, but I'm sure it's tedious, and a waste of time :lol: To act innocent and put blame on the millions of other traitors.. I did not like that one -_-

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