Typical dark TRUTHSEEKERS ...

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Typical dark TRUTHSEEKERS ...

Unread postby Δύναμις » 05 Jan 2018 14:31

can get lost :happy-smileyflower:
They won't be missed here, because
a) they love their BS
b) they believe their BS
c) they spread their BS
and they get personal if they have no arguments left :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Darks will never keep their bloody mouth shut. But as usual "the revenge is mine" although I am not revengeful but in this case I do enjoy it and I hope you do too!

1. First message through the forum contact form (fully unnecessary bragging with useless knowledge, believing to do a great performance :text-lol: )
Hello! I just registered and wanted to introduce myself. :) First of all,
like wow, wild times y'all. The dark is running scared, and the energies of
the planet are getting WILD. Holy crap things are shifting fast and hard,
even since December and even on the physical plane alone (politicians
resigning, CEOs resigning such as Eric Schmidt, saudi princes being
arrested, Q anon hype, sealed indictments, etc.)

Been following Cobras blog for 5-6 years, in which I think I saw the word
Protoi thrown around there maybe, cant remember. I saw yall questioning
Cobras info and exposing the light on command PB stardust and ive always
wondered if cobra was the real deal or a very very very smart disinfo
agent. If hes is truly not of the light and not what he seems then holy
crap hes doing a darn good job at fooling people. Thoughts on David
wilcock? He seems like a legit earth human truly fighting for the light.

Anywho, had a very MASSIVE HEALING (Reiki) session yesterday from my master
and dear friend (I am attuned to Usui and Sekhem Reiki as well), and had
one of the most powerful healings ive ever had.Throughout my life all signs
have pointed that I am some type of incarnated dragon being...one of the 8%
matter beings I guess described on y'alls site (not one of the angel
species..or maybe I am who knows lol)??

I read up on who the Protoi are and how our reality is created via grids,
and how this grid failed and the experiment went in the wrong direction.
This info just clicked for me like wow, 100% resonated with that. Ive
always heard Earth was an "experiment" but that was always a vague subject.
Your info has "filled the gaps" for a lot of knowledge I've been searching
for for awhile, so thanks so much for that. :)

Quick question, on this:

"About 730 thousand "Earth-experienced years" ago, the Protoi in Prime
Creation decided to send a bigger group of Protoi into this creation,"....
is that number 144,000? Always wondered what that number was really about
too if that info is even real. Or maybe im making no sense at all :)

I read the most recent updates on the earth feeling like a "pressure
cooker" due to all the massive clearing going on right now in the higher
dimensions or whatever the proper term is. After clearing out tons of
"gunk" energy after my Reiki session yesterday, something BIG has shifted
in me and my reiki master who did the session stated some type of positive
ET replaced something in me, and I have felt more connected to my true
authentic and the light since then.

Maybe an big/important implant of the dark was removed from my physical,
emotional or mental field/body?? I feel great!

I have now stumbled upon yalls site and forum and feel like I was guided
here to start learning more about everything you guys talk about. I believe
this info is somehow going to me help liberating the planet and heal
myself. I dont know what my true path is but something big is around the
corner for me (and the planet) and I am now walking that path to see where
it will lead me.
Thanks for reading all this! :)

No problem, dear! I am sure our members (and also non members) enjoyed reading that trash :happy-smileyflower:

2. My first reply to that "intro":
Hi there,

not sure our forum is the right place for you, because of all the (sorry) spiritual nonsense you already wrote about in your email.

Reiki is dark stuff and does more damage than good.
You are talking about a "reiki master". We despise gods, saints, lords, masters of any kind. If you are happy with your master, better stay there.

The number 144000 is spiritual trash as well.

I don't think we had much in common. Maybe you should rethink your registration and let me know.

3. Their reply to that a week later:
Hello! Please dont throw me away so quickly, I am sorry at first glance I dont seem up to par to chat on your forum :)

You are assuming everything I chatted about is all I 100% believe and that I will not budge from those ideals. I am not so tied to my beliefs that I will disregard everything you just told me out of pure blindless. How can I not learn if you wont even give me a chance in the first place?

I 100% control my own fate and ideals here, I threw away the notion of "giving your power away" to a higher entity or another person long ago .

Yes I have a spiritual master, but by no means does he dictate what I believe or my path, he simply "got me started" on this journey. "Role model" and someone I look up to is a better term, for the great accomplishments he has overcome on the physical plane. :) If you can intelligently talk to me about some of the points you just brought up, then I will gladly listen and discuss these topics on your forum.

I do think we have much in common ironically enough. :)

What a wonderful person! Still wants to "give us a chance" :angelic-green:

4. My reply to that wonderful offer:
Well, dear, you needed over a week to get back to me. I deleted your account yesterday after waiting so long for a response (shows me actually that you are rather interested in making points than really learn anything).

No, I won't talk intelligently to you a) because it is not my job, b) I am not interested in endless discussions. Once you read enough in our forum and really have decent questions, I would gladly answer them. As long as you don't know what our = neutral perspective on reality and things is, we both speak 2 different languages and it is waste of time. We have been working over 6 years on that topic now. It is up to you to catch up or not.

Once you understand that you have a fractal consciousness and that your "spiritual master" is a dark idiot (not to say bastard) then you'll be prepared to live your old life and beliefs behind and move on. The truth is here. Take it or leave it. We had quite a few in the forum that wanted to teach us their truths. They didn't last long.

If you want to re-register is up to you. All I expect is a short intro within 3 days from registration. Everything else is up to you.

5. And there it comes their response:
Apologies for my delayed response during the holidays, I was traveling. I am here to learn not preach. I am willing to look past my current/temporary practices to find a greater truth but I am getting a very solid feeling I am not welcome here. I will not waste any more of your time, good day. :)

Nice person! Apologize too.

6. Well, last sensible word is always mine :happy-smileyflower:
After that response you are definitely no longer welcome and rather a waste of energy and time. Thanks for not joining :D

7. Now guess what the dark's response was! Here we go:
lol I had my decision at your first response you bitch. I figured out quickly you in particular are a big ol Bitch. I know i know I get it, you are "above me" and I am not "on your level". Not allowed in your "elitist" group. heard it a million times before, lmao.

All hail Alexandra who has figured out everything while a poor human like me is suffering and ignorant :( Tell me more how your truth is awesome and my life is of the dark and all wrong (3 crying smilies)

Correct! Call me names because they have nothing else to say. Thanks for the compliment! :happy-smileyflower:
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Re: Typical dark TRUTHSEEKERS ...

Unread postby Kira » 05 Jan 2018 15:08

:confusion-seeingstars: i`ve couldn't read his trash,dont have such patience for arrogant mind sets anymore.I could only imagine if i answered to him what compliments i would get :laughing-rolling:
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Re: Typical dark TRUTHSEEKERS ...

Unread postby Lau » 05 Jan 2018 20:58

What the..."elitist group". The bragging part hurted my eyes. Alexandra is by no means a b...., no one can help others if they are not willing to change.
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Re: Typical dark TRUTHSEEKERS ...

Unread postby Δύναμις » 06 Jan 2018 01:52

Kira wrote:I could only imagine if i answered to him what compliments i would get :laughing-rolling:

You are probably right :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:
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Re: Typical dark TRUTHSEEKERS ...

Unread postby Liv » 06 Jan 2018 17:30

This dude is contradicting himself so much in his emails. :laughing-rolling:
I bet afterwards he went to complain to his master about the whole thing - 'These Protoi guys were so mean to me! I tried very hard to appear nice to them in the most calculative manner I could, but they still rejected me from their elitist forum! Me! Rejected!' :crying-yellow:

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