Saturday 20th May 2017

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Saturday 20th May 2017

Unread postby Δύναμις » 20 May 2017 16:11

Layer 0):
I see an enormous "pipe" network. They are perfectly circular-shaped, hence 'pipes' and not 'tunnels'. They are significantly larger than previous pipes. Our guys have split into teams, one for each pipe - they fill the width of the pipe (more accurately, they fill the bottom edge of the pipe; it's a tight fit, but I am seeing this arrangement everywhere). Each team is proceeding forward on some kind of vehicles, they look like bikes, and moving forward in their respective pipe.
Inside the pipes, there is a layer of "crust" along the walls. This is getting cleaned off as the guys move forward. It seems that this layer is made up of dead beings.
Nasty little mechanical insects begin to fill the pipe and attack our guys moving forward. They are small, nearly transparent, and have very sharp claws. In the distance behind them, at the end of this particular pipe branch, is some kind of bright, orange light. Maybe a furnace room?
It seems that at a particular point of progress through the pipes, the pipes are cut open just behind our guys, which allows all of the cleaned mess behind them to be emptied out, and also allows other guys to easily climb into the pipe at the same point of progress, for reinforcement.
All of these pipes appear to connect to a gigantic "chamber room", it looks like an enormous cauldron, but with an exhaust pipe attached to the top which lets steam out way up above.
There's a circular arrangement of pipes connected to the "cauldron/chamber room" on each vertical level of it, and there are several vertical levels. It's some kind of "processing station"..

It seems that we attach more and more small connections to it, in every available space left, possibly to pump out the harmful gas inside (and there's a lot of it) which appears orange in colour. However, not just harmful orange gas is being extracted, but also with it, dead beings..
Layer 0) update, ~2 hours later:
It appears that our guys have reached the cauldron-chamber, although some of them remain in the pipes. There's a lot of guys inside it, scrubbing shit off of the floor, the walls.. there's some very stuck shit here, everywhere, and it takes some time to clean..

Layer I):
I'm seeing a gigantic desert battlefield in the background, and in the foreground, a very large, spinning laser weapon which produces a powerful vertical laser. There are many others of these, sprinkled around the place. They produce very powerful lasers that reach all the way into the clouds and cause much electrical sparking up there.
The desert itself appears to be made up of countless small "trenches", in each a battle is raging on. These trenches are located above each other (so many of them go underground), and also adjacent to each other.

Layer II):
There is an enormous pit here, it reminds me of looking off the edge of a dam. It's a semicircle, and there is a very heavy mounted gun turret positioned on the edge of the "drop". There are some kind of airships above, and the gun is firing at them; the bullets also fall down into the pit below, where there are countless angry guys, and shit. There appears to be several of these gun turrets, all firing constantly. The guys in the pit down below are starting to climb up the walls of the "dam" and toward the gun turrets. Many of our guys start to swarm down to meet them and open fire on their way down.
It appears as though some reinforcements for the guys in the pit have arrived, in the form of a large airship army, made up of ships of all different kinds, at different heights from the ground. They're advancing on this position..
In response, many additional guns of ours are brought into the battle, and also set up along the cliff-edge. They begin to fire at the advancing air forces..

Layer III):
There is a "beach" with a jungle right next to it, on its left. On the right, in the ocean, dark ships approach also. Many crazy guys flood out of the jungle at our position along the beach. The ships seem to have some kind of shielding preventing immediate fire on them at this time, however, they also seem to be firing into the jungle. From the sky, countless tiny bugs descend, like incredibly tiny mosquitoes or flies, and there's millions of them. They fill the air so thickly that it greatly impairs visibility. And now, it appears that the dark ships are also firing on our position as well. Their forcefield is being quickly examined for weaknesses, it appears to stretch very high into the ambient, and very wide also. A couple of our ninjas leap into the air and throw "ninja star"-like weapons in all directions, simultaneously toward the jungle and also at the ships' forcefield. We regroup underground (underneath the beach sands) and discover a large piece of machinery which appears connected to both the jungle and the ships.
Now, two things are happening at the same time: the ships are scanning our underground position with laser-scanners, and we are also starting to dissolve their forcefield.
Our own heavy artillery weapons are shelling the entrance to the jungle very heavily, preventing a focused attack from this angle for now.

Layer III.0):
The ambient is filled with small blue "crystals". They appear very unstable and nearly destroyed. However, they are now sparking unpredictably, and firing small laser shots in random directions. It appears that these small blue crystals were inside the "sharp rocks" from previous observations. So, the outer layer of the rocks has been removed, revealing the crystals inside. One-by-one, I am seeing a crystal explode - and it produces a terrific, enormous explosion, from such a small crystal. However, although the explosion radius covers many of the other crystals, they appear completely unaffected and impervious to the explosions. Various crystals from different sections of the "grid" are continuing to explode, each with enormous fanfare.
We are sprinkling some kind of "red dust" from above, all over the crystal structures, and this in some way affects them internally, and catalyses their exploding. Similar to causing them to "sneeze", although the red dust itself is inert. Explosions are now everywhere, are continuing to get larger and larger.
The explosions become so large that they climb upwards toward our guys sprinkling the red dust, but are also starting to deal damage to some invisible "platforms" that just so happen to be located nearly exactly overlaid on our guys' position. These platforms seem to be finally becoming visible due to the destruction of the ambient crystals, and there seems to be something very important up here above these platforms. Probably some really big guys that were extremely well-hidden up here for a very long time. Now that their position is revealed and the way to access them is opening up rapidly, it appears as though they are in a mad panic. Chaos above the platforms.. I can't see perfectly up there just yet, but it looks like a massive swirl of dust.. a "dust-storm".

Layer IV):
I see a peculiar battle in space. There is a large, complex "pocket station" which has some protective shielding, such that the only way currently to interact with it is to fire lasers at it from a distance. But it is well designed to defend itself against laser-fire. If you fire "willy-nilly" at it, without careful strategy, it will absorb/redirect your laser fire and use it against you. So, the shots against it are methodical and slow, with many different types of lasers used (different thicknesses and colours). The laser fire is carefully planned to systematically dismantle the station's key points.
Around the structure's shielding, there are a large number of "guards". They are under sustained, heavy red laser fire.
Now, a large blimp has appeared, it appears to be one of ours; and it is firing heavy blue lasers against the "seams" of the station's shield-barrier.

Layer V):
There is an enormous structure here, at the base of a deep cliff. There seems to be a river running through the middle, and some base-platforms on either side of it, probably protecting the underground entrance to the base. Our guys have parachuted in to the bottom of the cliff, and are met with stiff resistance from the base guards, who open fire immediately on us. A massive drilling-machine of ours bursts through the base of the cliff behind our guys and backs them up with powerful cannon fire. Soon, the guards are cleared out and an assault on the base begins. There are also smaller, secondary structures beyond the base platforms, they appear as guard-towers or similar. There may also be more to find in the jungles that lay beyond the guard-towers, or further along the river's path.
The base appears to take the form of a very deep spiral underground, that twists endlessly, all the way down. Our guys have begun to infiltrate this underground base and are clearing the way with grenades.
There appears to be something important down below..

Layer VI):
I appear directly in the path of many oncoming trains, approaching on many adjacent tracks, maybe 5 or 6. Me and many other guys are standing in their path, finally starting to deal with these trains (that move extremely rapidly) and beginning to bring them down. This is all taking place in some underground "subway station". We start to slow down the trains and then inflict massive damage to them, and some of them burst into flames. When this occurs, some highly dangerous "dark ninjas" hop off the train, and quickly advance on our position. Almost immediately in response, our own ninjas in countless numbers flood in from behind us to back us up. Soon, there is chaotic ninja warfare everywhere, filling every inch of this subway station.
However, the air is beginning to fill with an orange, flammable gas; I see it coming in from a vent below, and maybe other gases are flooding in from other vents above. This is making the situation even more intense.
It seems as though some extra guys try to bring matches down into the subway station, to ignite a massive explosion, but the ninjas (I think our ones, although everything is absolute chaos) immediately prevent them from doing so, every time.

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