Monday 15th May 2017

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Monday 15th May 2017

Unread postby Δύναμις » 15 May 2017 19:57

Battles-checking (been wanting to do one of these for a while..)

Layer 0) only:
Very powerful laser fire everywhere.. I hear loud laser firing sounds..

Countless amounts of targeting and fire of lasers..

Plenty of smoke and dust caused by all the firing, too.. just plenty of chaos. It's difficult to see exactly what is going on, clearly.. but there's many large battlefields here. They look like very long football fields..enemy forces are very far off in the distance, but are also firing lasers in this direction. The laser fire reaches here very quickly..

The battles continue..

Layer I) only:

Plenty of laser fire once again, but it seems more vertically focused, the shots are more up and down.. and the laser fire itself seems a bit different, like a different kind of lasers.. where the lasers on layer 0) appeared as "solid physical lasers", the ones here seem more "frequency-based and less-solid". In other words, they act differently/burn in a different way..

Some blimps are flying above, not very far away, they're now being targeted and fired upon.. meanwhile, they're dropping a "payload" of some toxic blobs/bombs..

actually seems to be many blimps, all around..
the firing increases immensely. The battles are extremely intense..

Layer II) only:
There's many thin tubes everywhere.. we are inserting long "metal" probes inside, to push out some invisible shit that was laying dormant in the tubes.. there's many, many tubes.. all of them are being cleared in this fashion..

Some of the shit, when cleared out of the tube, gets violent and starts to attack.. goes on flames.. it looks like "sleeping beings" or such. But as soon as they're out, they are targeted and fired upon..

Layer III) only:
Guys ascending a very large warehouse..going up some kind of diagonal sets of stairs..
There seem to be some tubes suspended above, maybe attached to the ceiling.. but they're out of reach for now. To clean them, we need to ascend to the upper levels of the warehouse.. but there's many guys waiting up here, on each level, to slow our progress and try to prevent us from reaching the tubes above.. a wild firefight breaks out..

Systematically, each floor is cleared and the guys move higher and higher in the warehouse... there's lots of fires everywhere, during and after the battles..

Layer III.0) only:
Some very sharp "rocks" in the ambient, probably millions and millions of them, scattered throughout the ambient, with small gaps between them. They are as sharp as glass and cut you just the same.. they're fairly dangerous to navigate through. They need to be cleaned by a methodical process.. step-by-step. Firstly, burned, which causes a lot of crackling inside the "rock".. and then sliced open.. releasing a lot of toxins from the inside. These are then cleaned .. overall, the cleaning of these rocks is a necessarily slow process.. they have many layers..

The arrays of "rocks" get worked on from many angles..

Layer IV) only:
The ambient looks way, way cleaner than before. But there's still some nearly-invisible toxins in the air, like toxin clouds that float around. Since they're practically invisible, they're difficult to detect before they reach you. Flamethrowers are used to try and detoxify the atmosphere.. It seems there are a number of invisible factories that are producing these invisible toxic clouds. One of them, is currently 'position unknown'. Some of the others have been located and are being revealed and starting to get attacked..

Layer V) only:
Plenty of flames flying around everywhere here....
It's some kind of "monkey jungle temple" .. it's green, very green.. thick vines are used to get across and reach the temple. I think there's millions of monkeys here, all throwing some kind of primitive "brown nut" weapons..
Now I think I see some "flying monkeys" (with jetpacks) that are equipped with laser weapons.. This is only the very beginning of the temple structure.. it appears to also go quite deep "underground" (although the structure itself may be floating high in the air, a "sky island", so 'underground' would be 'beneath the surface'). A large firefight breaks out against the monkey-forces..

Layer VI) only:
This place seems to be divided into countless numbers of small "rooms", divided by mirrors or such. The guys seem to have split up to tackle all the rooms, but each one is separated from all the others. Each one seems to have a significant amount of shit/attacking guys to clean and deal with. And it's pretty tight spaces. Since there's so many rooms, this will probably take a while to clean them all..

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