Tuesday 9th May 2017

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Tuesday 9th May 2017

Unread postby Δύναμις » 09 May 2017 20:07

new battles-report:
L. 0) only:
The birds seem to be all down now. I see massive flying beasts now, not that many of them, but they are HUGE, Leviathans?

There's massive firing on them, but they are very durable. As they get shot, smaller beasts fly out of them.. smaller pieces of shit. All is fired upon massively.. including by many heavy artillery stations.

Okay, looking above, there's actually a huge incoming wave of Leviathans, there's quite a lot of them.

L. I) only:
I see countless horizontal pipes above, like in some kind of warehouse or something, maybe an underground sewer network with large steel/metal walls on the sides, and our guys are firing very heavily on these pipes. Countless numbers of rats and other shit are dropping out.. the sky is absolutely peppered with bullets.

There's numerous other similar "warehouses/sewer stations" which seem to all connect to one BIG one in the middle, and there seems to be some giant rats hiding there..

L. II) only:
Interesting, I see now some blimps here {there were blimps in layer III) previously}, but they look smaller than the other blimps. There's a kind of "hangar", and the blimps are entering it, and we are firing on them..as they explode, great bright fireworks light up the whole place.. things go crazy as the blimps get destroyed.. everything gets lit up, sparks flying everywhere..

Also seems to be waves of guys descending upon the hangar, from both sides (left and right)..

And even more waves of guys descending upon the hangar.. from more sides..

There seems to be a locked door inside the hangar, we are firing on it now to get it open..

L. III) only:
There's crazy amounts of blimps above, and they go crazy, too, they're spiralling around and shooting flames in wild patterns. They're more "vicious" than before. The hostage situation or whatever it was seems to be cleared, this now appears to be a regular "clearing" situation.

There are also very vicious "birds" or "rocs" which are now dive-bombing the building we are in, they are literally plunging straight into it, and trying to destroy it with their faces.. crazy firing starts on them now too, all around..

L. IV) only:
small "gaps" are now opening up in the smoke! The cleaning process is clearly progressing, a step at a time.. I think all those canister-rooms have been defused/taken care of.. there is some kind of massive circular "forcefield shield" above, our guys are firing on it now to clear it.. it's fairly resilient but we should break through shortly.. as it gets fired on, tons of jelly-shit falls through below to our guys.. strange morphing jelly-monsters.. like octopuses. They're quite dangerous and "electrical" ..

The area starts to get flooded/swarmed with these type of small monsters.. flamethrowers getting equipped to deal with the flood..

I think when they get destroyed, the octopus remains react with the smoke cloud and cause explosions.. there's now explosions all around, that I can hear.

L. V) only:
In the library, countless numbers of small "portals" have been discovered (and also, the area now looks to have taken on a dark blue tinge). I'm not 100% sure, but I think most of these portals only lead to small "pocket" hiding-places. In any case, all is getting traced and cleaned..

One guy gets dragged out, kicking and screaming, from his cozy hiding-place.. he's very upset.

L. VI) only:
The ambient looks very different (and much more visible than before). The place looks very bright green, as though some kind of "ultraviolet light" or similar has been switched on, and we can now see a lot more than we could before. This has revealed something previously invisible: the air is very thick, and FILLED with a kind of "green toxic slime/ooze".. it's literally everywhere, in just about every single pocket of air-space. It causes some real nasty effects when it gets onto you .. MASSIVE flaming of the entire ambient begins, to try to start clearing this thing, as a "first pass" ... it slowly starts to bubble and melt.. it's extremely corrosive stuff. Since it's basically everywhere, cleaning up of this place will probably take some time..

Also, there seems to be a "cubbyhole hiding place" where a bunch of guys were hiding, all squashed together, beneath the ooze ... and it seems to lead underground to a big underground tunnel network..it's extremely dark down here, again..

oh, I missed one layer..
L. III.0) only:
those squishy particles in the ambient get fired upon, and when they get destroyed, they "splatter" and pollute the ambient. Soon, the ambient is filled with a thick layer of some "thin, black, tar-like substance".. this needs a special cleaning process on its own .. some spraying with some kind of vapour, and some vacuuming.. since there's many different stages to go here, this will take a while to clean everything..

Meanwhile, some very tiny, microscopic, bacterial-kind of bugs are attacking.. I think I can feel them in 3D, quite nasty and tiny, under the skin..

We need to focus our fire in a very tiny way to take them out, as they're so tiny..
I can feel tons of shit, around both my legs..

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