Monday 8th May 2017

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Monday 8th May 2017

Unread postby Δύναμις » 09 May 2017 20:05

L. 0) only:
So much going on, a powerful loud screeching noise, painful to hear, I turned down the volume to 5%, I couldn't focus otherwise.. and it's still quite loud and noticeable at this level.

I see countless "birds" flying around, dropping shit everywhere. I think these birds are the ones making the awful screeching. I don't think the birds are literally shitting, but they are dropping packages of shit; so it may as well be the same thing.

Our guys are scattered all around the ground, firing upwards at these birds.. there's tons of them. They're not happy.. they're going down fast, but there's countless numbers of them. This could take a small while to clean them all up..

The shit they drop onto the ground seems to "spawn" some kind of "slime guys". These also need to be cleaned up, of course..

There is a heavy artillery station (PHQ) which is also firing on the birds, from some distance away.

L. I) only:
This place is extremely strange. I can "hear" and "feel" and "sense" plenty of action, plenty of movement all around. I'm sure that plenty is going on!! But, I can't see any of it clearly. It seems, my vision is obstructed by something. Some kind of veiling. So instead, I ask one of the guys in the battle, to give me a radio report; he tells me, "We're kicking some ass, don't worry".

It's like, you have many "people" and "things going on" underneath a blanket. You can see the blanket moving, you can see that there's plenty of movement behind, and yet, you can't get a clear picture of any of it. You can just roughly tell where it's coming from..

L. II) only:
There is a very orderly, and seemingly quite durable "pipe-station structure" here, in some kind of ordered pattern of construction. Guys are firing on it in a stable firing pattern, and also, I can see 3 heavy artillery platforms (PHQ) firing on it from 3 different sides, as well.

Periodically, the firing on the station causes it to "exhaust" or "exhale out" some shit/some "cloud guys"; all the firing patterns change temporarily to clean up all these cloud idiots/cloud shit, and then the firing pattern on the station resumes.. it's kind of a "1-2" cleaning process.

There are other similar stations, and other artillery platforms firing on them too.

L. III) only:
I see a line of guys, firing at some blimps which are arranged in a formation in the sky. As the blimps crash and burn, something important goes on below. The "fire" from the destroyed blimps puts a situation at risk below; there is something important in a thin tube/pipe network below, and the fire risks damaging this. We must carefully shield this pipe from damage while the blimps are cleaned up. I have no idea what's in this pipe that's so important..

some kind of hostage situation? guys in there? not really guys, but "clones"?

there are a significant number of similar thin pipes located above and around the first-observed one. They are very delicate, we must be careful with handling them..

L. III.0) only:
Again, looks like a "grid of particles" in the ambient, but they look different, now they look square-shaped. They look like little square bombs.. quite dangerous to come into contact with them. They're being frozen and cleaned as I watch..

There's millions, maybe billions of them..

L. IV) only:
The smoke cloud has cleared significantly from before. The air is nearly breathable! Still, it's poisonous, but much less than before. The factories above are smouldering and have taken significant damage. They are pumping out hardly any smoke now.

A hidden "cluster" of smoke-canister bombs has been revealed, there's tons of these clusters, they were located in some kind of hidden "pocket caves/alcoves", and they're starting to go off.. we need to contain all of these, or the ambient will be a thick pile of shit again..

Some kind of shielding "glue" is used to contain the blast areas, so that they can then be dealt with safely.. As this goes on, more hidden clusters become revealed (above, in the ambient)

L. V) only:
This place is like the most confusing "library maze" ever. The place looks like one giant library, there's massive elevators, and everything is a confusing mess. I think it's real easy to get lost in here! The guys spread out, and are searching all around, aiming to cover every nook and cranny, to find all hidden guys, and take them all to prison. It seems that certain tools such as smoke grenades are being used to "smoke out" some of the hidden bastards.

L. VI) only:
This place looks extremely strange. Firstly, it's very dark, like a disco, and there's "flashing fluorescent lights and colours", which is quite disorienting. Visibility is not normal/good in here. There's plenty of those "wavy vines" all around, and I think there's some kind of monkey creatures clambering up and down them, all around, and there's plenty of other activity going on in the "disco". But it's so dark and disorienting and flashing beyond the vines, that it's difficult to see exactly what's going on. You need some kind of special technology or special equipment or something to see clearly in here and to function properly. The guys are spreading out and storming the place.. they're "switching on the lights as they go", to flush out any shit that was hiding in the darkness.. and the dark corners..

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